Eric Pickles in pedo-pickle


Teresa Cooper Author@Teresacooper

@TheTapBlog since that incident i received this in the post. Its now with forensics & waiting results.
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The letter doesn’t identify Eric Pickles properly which is a bit odd.  Is that why it’s in forensics.

Eric Pickles tells child abuse survivor to ‘change her medication’ – 28 Dec
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@Teresacooper The letter doesn’t give his full name, which is a bit odd.
Hence forensics? To prove it’s from Eric Pickles? – 01 Jan
Teresa Cooper Author@Teresacooper
@TheTapBlog No one has accused my MP of it but who ever it is, does have information that was accessed from within the system.
11:56 AM – 01 Jan 14

Eric Pickles tells child abuse survivor and author to ‘change her medication’. Not another bloody paedophile protector.

Published on Sep 14, 2013

Conservative Minster/MP Eric Pickles tells author of shocking historic child abuse book Trust No One, to ‘adjust her medication’ in public today 14/09/2103 at the Ongar Wildlife event.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That Pickles, is he Quare.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tap
    had to share this
    the men in Pentonville prison
    have petitioned the prison governor, to make sure Greville Janner gets sent there,
    we understand they have a nice welcome committee waiting for him
    e g some of the biggest homosexual sadists in the country
    want to personally welcome him.

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