Does Britain need 10,000 American military personnel permanently based here?

The standard procedure used to ensure military occupation from outside, is to foment warfare – WW1, WW2, The Cold War but also terror – things like the IRA, who were funded by the CIA.  In the Philippines they have exactly the same system.  Fund a few terrorists to carry out some attacks, then it’s easy to persuade the people that military occupation by foreigners is a helpful addition to the country’s security.   Presidents can be persuaded to toe the line with the threat of a terror attack.

Gord Logan when he was writing here two years ago, assured us that the Trident deal had a secret clause that Britain has to go to war at the command of the POTUS.  It would explain why we went along with every single US attack since 911, without hardly a murmur, in the face of massive public opposition.  The craven support for every war by every British Prime Minister is the reason for the collapse in support for the main political parties, as well as opposition to immigration.

The rest of the world is breaking away from NATO and the USA, and attaching to the SCO, which includes the world’s rising powers, the BRICS.  The EU is in rapid decline.  Britain is locked into the EU just as powerfully by her status as a US colony, as by the signing of The Treaty Of Rome.

Voting for UKIP could be just the start of a long drawn out battle to get free of the collapsing power of the US and the EU in combination, and get into position to trade freely with the rising powers of the world.  Independence will require the ending of our military occupation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said that man.
    Even the Trident missile system is a scam, the ministry of defence only has two of the three keys needed to launch the missiles.
    An American airman was involved in the Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells murder.
    Ian Huntley was the fall guy, who was drugged for 5 days to get a confession, never mentioned that in the MSM did they.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Before W W II Hitlers agreemen with Neville Chamberlian was that the soviet menace would be tackled for Britian and the USA,
    Chambelian agreed. But was peplaced by the jews man Churchill who wanted a war with germany for tiping the jewish bankers out.
    The Germans wanted a strong Britian and said Britian must keep its commonwealth, the USA wanted it broken up which is why the CIA helped the IRA to break up ireland,
    the commie plan was the UK broken into pieces and England in 8 regional zones.
    The USA bankers stripped Britian of every penny in W W II and we paid back the loans to the US jewish banks in 2006, remember we fought the war for the jewish banks and they charged us heavily for it.
    The USA demanded bases in the UK and all British comonwealth countries to be paid for by money stolen from us for the duarion of W W II, then they wanted it extended for the cold war, then in perpetuity.
    We dont need war criminals on our land, and its time they went home.
    Viktor Slobovotni the russian mafia boss was getting huge amounts of info from brothels near US bases, which is why chief constable Julie Spence closed them, this info was taken by Chris Cooper securities and given to Britians intell.
    Which to date they have just sat on
    * the old promise of rothschild to see the USA and Britian communist by the year 2000 was only slightly out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let me explain something, the service of any government is first and foremost to its people, if it breaks that remit, by lets says serving say israel first, then it is committing trason, for which the penalty is still death.
    We were tricked into the iraq war, W W 1 and 2, and others.
    The government has set itself against its people, it has even trained the publics police force to act against the public,
    therefore it is the duty of each and every citizen to whistleblow and do all it can to return toa legitemate government
    what say you harbinger ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please let’s abandon this idea that voting for anyone is ever going to get us anywhere at all. I have reached the age of 67 without ever having voted, and all that I have discovered over the last decade or so, with the aid of the internet, has only served to convince me that I was right all along.

    It may well be, as Tap argued a few weeks ago, that Nigel Farage was a major factor in keeping this country out of an open war against Syria. But he’s just another politician, much more forthright than most, but still a representative of the same system. And it wasn’t very long ago that he even said he would be willing to join the Conservative party, if David Cameron were no longer prime minister.

    In ancient China, anyone who actively sought public office was automatically excluded from consideration, as that person’s motivation was deemed to be suspect. One had to wait until one was invited to take up an office.

    I think one could stroll down the High Street of any town in the country, pick out the first couple of dozen sensible-looking people that one passed, make a government out of them, and produce a result that would be a vast improvement on the current system.

    Larken Rose has created a whole series of videos on the subject of what he calls statism, i.e. the belief that there is such an entity as the state, and that people need to have a government at all. He argues that there is no such entity, and that people can quite easily organise their own affairs, in communities of varying sizes, once they get the hang of the idea that they don’t have to wait for someone else to tell them what they must or must not do.

    The political system is just one aspect of the entire false structure within which we live, a structure which I think is probably going to come to an end in the rather near future.

    So a radical reformulation of what we consider to be a viable reality is required, not just a different party, which happens to be popular at the moment, because of its outspoken leader.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh people won’t Listen …to sheep like ..they think they know better than anyone else you see……and you know !!!! Yeah TXU …Ex ukip candidate …LOL…..Don’t let them Mug U of …Pedophiles Gatekeeper …the lot of them ….

  5. Anonymous says:

    What gets me is these cabinet
    re-shuffles, if a minister say Gove for instance, is totally usles in the job, they move him to another job which he is equally untrined for and usually hopless in too.
    Why dont we have an expert on economics in finance, an expert in domestic affairs for the home office
    ect etc joined up thinking is not what we get from politicians
    the man everyone in the country wanted was Enoch Powell
    for prime minister, instead we got a homosexual pervert of the worst sort who was blackmailed ito seling us into europe for mr rothschild

  6. TMWKTMBNE says:

    The Anglo-Saxons organised themselves into groups of 100 households, which is where we get place names like the Chiltern Hundreds. There is also the interesting difference between a Republic, a nation ruled by set laws and civil rights that cannot be broken by the ruling powers, and Plato’s concept of an ‘enlightened democracy’, what we have now, where dictators are voted into power and there are no laws or citizens rights ‘set in stone’, so anything goes, they do just whatever they like. Plato was an initiate of the Babylonian Mystery religions, via Egypt, where the Greeks travelled to aquire ‘ancient knowledge’, as Pythagoros did. For further info on Mystery Babylon see the books of Revelation, Corinthians and Isaiah.

  7. Tapestry says:

    1.11 pm I don’t think Farage did say that quite. He said he wouldn’t form an electoral pact with the Conservatives while David Cameron was the leader of the party. He said he might form one with a different Conservative leader, but made no definite offer. Since then UKIP has made strong headway with Labour supporters, and might well prefer to travel alone, pulling votes from al over the place, the Liblabcon and former non-voters.

    UKIP is no doubt penetrated by MI5, and will not be able to pull off a British withdrawal from the EU, but it would be fun to watch garage try. And who knows? Once politics moves, it moves.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Henry,
    I have been a member of this site for some time and am currently campaigning to save Edward Snowden from American government you can help get him asylum in brazil by following this link on the site
    plase do so

  9. Anonymous says:

    1.11 pm here. Thanks for that correction, Tap.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t “Avaaz” the organisation behind those faked “Syrian gov. atrocities” photos? I suggest you regard this petition with the gravest of suspicion.

  11. Tapestry says:

    Stay free of any organisation.
    Avaaz has been suspect before.
    Create your own structures and beliefs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, in our Tap archive there is quite a lot of info on Snowden.
    He was a full American hero, joined the Special forces in 2004, fell out of an aircraft and broke two legs.
    Joined the CIA in 2007, then NSA in 20012.
    All this action and never took any photographs or had any friends.
    Followed the same format as Julian Assange, another man with no photographs.
    In fact Julians assistant Sarah Harrison, is now helping Snowden in Russia.
    Snowden looks very much like a Greenberg actor.

  13. Tapestry says:

    I saw pictures of Assange as a child and his mother has been quite vocal on occasions. Snowden I have no idea about. All characters that are big in the media could be true, false or a mixture of the two.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I am not saying he was not a child or never had a Mother.
    There is nothing in between, no life history, no connections.
    All my life has photographs.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tap – This is what the Telegraph wrote last April.
    Nigel Farage: ‘I could work with Labour or Boris’ Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, has said he would be prepared to work with Labour if Ed Miliband’s party wins the next General Election. Mr Farage also identified Boris Johnson as a future Tory leader he would be willing to work with, raising the prospect of a so-called “Borage” partnership. The Ukip frontman has previously ruled out any deal with the Conservatives while they are led by David Cameron. Asked in an interview with The Telegraph if his eurosceptic party could work with Labour, Mr Farage said: “If we found ourselves in the position post 2015 where we could do a deal that could usher this country’s exit from political union in Brussels, we’d do a deal with the devil.”

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