Death by dentistry

By now, most people are aware of
the dangers – and the total insanity –
of putting mercury (a neurotoxin)
in people’s mouths.

Less well knows are the very serious
dangers of root canals.

The same guy who blew the whistle
on mercury in dentistry is trying
to get the word out.

From our friends at The Real Food


– Brasscheck

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4 Responses to “Death by dentistry”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous, this has been mooted for quite some time and now its becoming mainstream.
    Good real news here with no mention of jesuits
    absolutely ideal

  2. Anonymous says:

    cant agree more, more of this please and less about jesuits taking over the world nonsence.
    Brian P

  3. colin says:

    Read “Root Canal Cover-up” by George E Meinig, a founder member of the U.S.Root Canal Speciaists Association.Dr Hal A Huggins book is called “It’s all in your Head”.Both books were first published in 1993.

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