Communists and homosexuals. What’s the connection?

By Mike King 

Have you ever wondered why virtually all Globo-Marxist Elites support homosexuality (and all indecency) as passionately as they do? After all, what does the political/economic doctrine of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” have to do with pro-homosexuality?
At first glance, the Satanic abomination known as “same sex marriage” has about as much to do with “economic justice” (Marxism) as football has to do with fishing. Obviously, not all football players are recreational fisherman, yet virtually all economic Marxists are rabidly pro-homosexual. What’s the link?
The connection is not coincidental. These destructive doctrines actually complement each other very well. You see, a nation that abandons its moral foundation, and cheapens the institution of family, will degenerate to the point where it becomes “easy pickings” for the tyrant. Broken down, self indulgent, materialistic, sex crazed, alcohol guzzling, drug addicted, homosexualized, morally depraved (or even just morally neutral) people will never resist evil with the red hot passion necessary to overcome it. To the contrary, the hedonistic rabble will embrace the evil doers because the “good guys” actually trigger an inferiority complex within them. 
A nation that has been so corrupted in its judgement and its morals, that it can no longer differentiate between Picasso’s crap and Rembrandt’s masterpieces, or between the love story of Romeo & Juliet and the lustful sodomy of two rest stop queers in anal heat, or between the poetry of Kipling and the incoherent rantings of Maya Angelou, or between the angelic chords of Julie Andrews and the breathless panting of Beyonce the glorified go-go girl – is a nation that will never be able to distinguish between the high ideals of good men and the deceitful demagoguery of tyrants.
Moreover, if a few are indeed able to discern the difference, they will likely be too cowardly and morally neutral to do or say anything about it. Samuel Adams summed it best:  “it is always observable,  that those who are combined to destroy the People’s Liberties, practice every Art to poison their Morals.”
THAT is why the economic Left / Globalists / Zionists promote moral degeneracy and “relativism” of all sorts. And that is why we can expect the pro-queer drumbeat to continue until the sickness of homosexuality is totally “normalized”. Once that is achieved (and we’re almost  there), the sympathetic portrayals of the child molesters will begin. Within 10-15 years, perverted pedophilia will also be accepted as an “alternative lifestyle”, and woe to those who dare to express a view that is “pedophobic”. That’s what’s coming folks.  Bet on it!

TAP –  People who seek total power over other human beings, such as Marxists, who desire a totalitarian world government are motivated by having the need to achieve such control to satisfy their desires.  Without such powers they could not acquire the victims they crave to satisfy theor desires.  Paedophiles have to be very very powerful indeed to be able to get what they want and get away with it.  The crime of destroying the freedom of the majority is driven by a determination to rape and kill their children.  In a democracy such behaviour would never be permitted.

That’s why One World Government is inevitably government by perverts, sadists and murderers…in a word pedophiles.  War is required to feed the needs of the perverted, who of necessity lurk in the shadows, and indulge their disgusting cruelties in private.

julie said…
Tap – you may want to remind people of your blog from 2009 “Lisbon Treaty Legalises paedophilia”
TAP – It fails to appear on a search.  I’ll try to look for it.  Any dates available?

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8 Responses to “Communists and homosexuals. What’s the connection?”

  1. julie says:

    Tap – you may want to remind people of your blog from 2009 “Lisbon Treaty Legalises paedophilia”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Open your eyes Barry. It isn’t bollocks atall. You just need to look around you to see that the type of thing described in this article, is prevalent in society nowadays. If you meant “Oh Bollocks” well then that would be different.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As an anarchist I believe in NO authoritarianism and I left a website recently for advocating paedophilia.


    Simply because anything that bans anything in life is authoritarian and I’d be a complete hypocrite were I to jump on the bandwagon of slapping down authority on paedophiles.

    HOWEVER (and this is exceptionally important, something people miss in their anger) I completely advocate any retaliation, by parents whose children have been abused by paedophiles. Were it to happen to my child, said culprit would be hanging from a tree after the deed was done.

    Moreso, in an anarchy there would be no rule of law. Therefore unlike today’s society where they are pushing for paedophilia and when they do they will allow paedophiles to abuse and be protected by the law (because most judges would be buggering young boys) from any parental retaliation, in an anarchy there would be NO PROTECTION for paedophiles and although it would be perfectly legal/lawful to be a paedophile (as there is no illegal/unlawful), there would be no police to stop a year round hunting season on paedophiles. In a nutshell, my society (anarchy) would see an end to paedophilia as those caught would face instant death at the hands of the ‘mob’. Those who have the most to fear (in an anarchy) are those who live immoral, unnatural and abnormal existences. I would imagine the wrath of a majority would see an end to paedophiles, homo/bi/transexuals, necrophiliacs, bestialists and of course the Jews who have been promoting their totalitarianism over all, by actively promoting all the aforementioned as acceptable practices within modern society in order to destroy it, the indigenous majority, the family, tradition, culture and nation on an international level.

    By legalising paedophilia you bring it out in the open. Then you simply remove them one by one.

    Bottom line; paedophiles will always be there. Whether they’re hidden through it being illegal or exposed if legal. At least with the latter you’ll know who they are. Moreso, it’s testament to the society on how they’d behave were parents to act physically on paedophiles who’ve abused their children. If there’s an outcry by the public to not prosecute retaliatory parents, then at least society is on the right path showing some morality. If however there’s an overall apathy (constant paedophilia in the msm leads to overall desensatisation of the public as was planned) then society has no morals, is on the road to rack and ruin (if not there already) and really, it’s time those with any morality and goodness got the hell out of Dodge asap.

    The people deserve the society they live in. Their actions (and inactions) sculpt its very shape and essence.



    • Anonymous says:

      Its already going on and has been for years…if the law don’t protect Children sure their are some that will …Protect Children …but very small in numbers ….we live in a world where Children are not aloud to be Children ..Lookat the teaching of children …it starts ..first in schools …..

  4. John Bull says:

    Mike King forgot the race that’s responsible for Bolshevik Marxism – The Canaanite Jew.

    The blame for much of the decadence and debauchery of pre-war 1920’s Germany, especially in Berlin, can clearly be laid at the front doors of German Canaanite Jews.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow Harbinger, I really like the sound of the hunting season on paedophiles, I’m definately up for that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whats the connection between Communism and Homosexuality?..

    Askenazi Khazar dual nationals.

    Known fact, in the German transit camps it was common for the yellow star and the pink star to be seen together on the same individual.

    John Lennon summed it up when he fell out with Brian Epstein.

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