Cameron’s immigration talk is baloney. We have to get out. That’s it.

Brussels slaps down British threats to rewrite immigration rules

President of European parliament says UK has ‘no chance of curbing basic principle of free movement’
Does anyone really believe that We the People are to be ALLOWED an in/out referendum?   correct me if i am wrong but wasn’t that supposed to happen in 2015 and now it is “scheduled’ for 2017! 
Never mind what cast-iron dave or any other trough guzzling traitor says…..unless we force an exit OURSELVES then we are in for the duration and subsequent sovereign nation/nationality eradication/disappearance.

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2 Responses to “Cameron’s immigration talk is baloney. We have to get out. That’s it.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the truth is the government want all these people here, if they didnt they would puta stop to it
    Phil Woolas a New labour criminal had his breifcase stolen it was all in there, these people are criminals who should be killed in their beds, which is what our army does to suspected terrorists

  2. Anonymous says:

    To me your all arguing the wrong points.
    1/If you want to stop immigration into the UK all the government has to do is apply the SCHENGEN AGREEMENT, for which the UK and Ireland have an opt out given originaly in 1985 and passed through law into the EU around 1995. Check it out in Wikipedia.
    2/The problem with immigration is not one of black/white muslim/christian but one of numbers. There is too many people in Britain and we have a massive pollution problem. Basically every time you go to the tpilet it is all washed down the rivers into the seas. The rivers are polluted and we have the most polluted beaches in the EU, if not in the world. There is no weed in the rivers anymore and we are banned from eating shell fish from a good part of our coastal regions.

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