Is Britain about to be tsunamied Filipino-style?

‘Brigid’ gathering strength out in the Atlantic will hit Britain on Saturday causing massive problems.

See Is South East Britain being hit with the weather weapon?

Forecasters warned the entire country faces yet another day of heavy rain tomorrow before the full force of the Atlantic storm hits on Saturday.
A deep low pressure system off the coast is timed to coincide with high tides sparking warnings of colossal coastal storm surges.

(TAP – ‘Storm surges’ are the exact same warning that accompanied Haiyan.  Then in the midst of the typhoon hitting Leyte, a tsunami crashed ashore killing tens of thousands.  Is this the weather weapon being deployed once more, this time to inflict misery on coastal and other Britons?)

Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said ferocious storms threaten to hold out until the end of next week.
He said a deep area of low pressure currently hurtling towards the UK will unleash 90mph gales and bring inches of rain in a mater of hours.
He said: “A very intense low pressure system is coming in from the Atlantic which is going to affect the whole of the country.
“The weekend and into Monday and Tuesday is looking very bad with another battering due at the end of next week.
“Fierce winds along the coast will whip up large waves capable of breaching defences, in colder parts of the north the rain will turn to snow.”
Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “By the start of Friday, the snow risk is only really for Scotland.  
“Friday night rush hour will be miserable with strong southerly winds and heavy rain and sleet. Conditions on the roads will be difficult.
“As that clears there could be some stormy weather for southern Britain on Saturday as another low pressure moves in, bringing westerly gales  through the Channel.”

Dutchsinse on Haiyan –

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7 Responses to “Is Britain about to be tsunamied Filipino-style?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tsunami ? the isrealis tried to run the iranian nuclear projects by sodding up the computers but the stuxnet virus went wild and caused the japanese meltdown.
    Mossad claimed they had 80 suitcase nulear wepons around the USA and if the USA dis not fight Iran, the isrealis would bomb them
    similar threats to the UK were discounted, but who knows ?

  2. Paul says:

    You have just seen the news about elevated radiation levels at Sellafield. I know it’s not on the south coast, its on the Cumbrian coast, but just making you aware of it:–

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article as several of us here in Derbyshire have been discussing current weather over the last week as being unnatural and deliberately man created.
    We had a thunder storm last week which came out of the blue, totally unexpected with the strangest colour lightening, both sheet and fork lightening at the same time. It only lasted a few minutes but did quite some damage in Leicester. Immediately after the short storm the temperature outside dropped dramatically not by just 1 0r 2 degrees but by several degrees. Our TV weather reporters are giving incorrect temperature figures. Saying it’s colder or warmer than it actually is.
    We had snow yesterday which is normal for January but prior to the storm the weather was extremely mild for the time of year as it has been the last few winters.
    We are constantly chemtrailed every day here year in year out and prone to frequent flash flooding and I could not understand why as we have nothing in this area of much consequence that any establishment would want to destroy until a colleague pointed out recently the nuclear plants near by.
    I have no idea what else is around the bases but it’s the only reason we can come up with.
    Who is responsible for manipulating our weather we still can’t work it out but if anyone has any ideas to share they will be most welcome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have written to NATO, not even a reply.
    I have written to my MP, just fobbed off.
    Nobody wants to say who is doing the Chemtrailing.

  5. soverigntea says:

    lots of sustained flooding & rain too ….. = bigger problem should there be a tidal surge

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Storm brewing ! Looks like it will hit Ireland 1st

    Europe: Infrared satellite animation

    View visible satellite image sequence

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