Become ‘The Informed Parent’, not the next vaccination victim.

I picked up a leaflet today at the alternative health centre I go to, published by The Informed Parent ‘formed in September 1992 to counter frustration and isolation experienced by parents in their efforts to seek information about immunisation, following uncertainty about its safety and effectiveness’.


1.  To promote awareness and understanding about vaccinations in order to preserve the freedom of an informed choice.

2.  To offer support to parents regardless of the decisions they make.

3.  To inform parents of the alternatives to vaccination.

They give an address of P.O.Box 870, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 7UW with telephone number 0181 (0208 now) 861 1022.  It might help some readers to get better information when facing pressure from doctors and home visitors.

Doctors who achieve between a 70% and a 90% vaccination take-up rate, qualify for a financial bonus. Below that they get nothing.  They of course often skip the vaccinations for themselves and their own children.

Doctors are under a lot of pressure to quiet any doubts they may have, and toe the official line.  Those who raise doubts about vaccination effects, face official censure, or worse, from their official bodies.

The leaflet’s titled –

Shouldn’t the after effects of childhood vaccination be discussed before?

Good point.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris Spivey. site Down again !!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Spivey still down. All I get is a 403 (forbidden). Someone doesn’t like him!

  3. Mindtourer says:

    Still waiting for Prof David Salisbury (Head of Immunisation & advisor to govt)to take up the challenge of a TV debate with Andrew Wakefield (made by the latter in May 2013). Silence leads me to think David’s not keen on the idea…umm, wonder why ?

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