Austerity brings new hatred of MPs

http://www.mirror.cConservative Philip Davies demonised welfare claimants in the Commons while a man died waiting for benefit payments a mile from the MP’s constituency

Gloating: Philip Davies
Gloating: Philip Davies

On Monday, in the House of Commons, the Conservative MP Philip Davies gloated over the portrayal of welfare claimants in Channel 4’s Benefits Street.
Esther McVey’s flatmate asked her boss Iain Duncan Smith: “Have you, like me, been struck by the number of people on there who manage to combine complaining about welfare reforms whilst being able to afford to buy copious amounts of cigarettes, have lots of tattoos done and watch Sky TV on the obligatory widescreen television?”
All the while, on real-life Benefits Street, a mile or so from Davies’s West Yorkshire constituency, a man lay dead.
He died alone in a freezing cold flat, wearing several layers of clothes and two dressing gowns – waiting for benefits that had been stopped for months by the DWP.
Next week, the man will be buried in the Nab Wood Crematorium in Shipley, the constituency Philip Davies ­represents.  More details –

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11 Responses to “Austerity brings new hatred of MPs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He needs to work on that dreadful wig, and get back into the real world where MPs favour foreign incomers over their own people who pay their wages

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another non Brit telling us we are all spongers while he and his kind, including his masters at Buck House fleece the taxpayer in a real benefits rip off.

    Good to see that the article mentions “The real Benefits Street”..its obvious that propaganda piece is all bit actors, yet another false flag of sorts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cannt belive how much the government hates its own people,
    just remember to never vote tory or new labour or the lib.cons for that matter
    toerags all of them
    Brian P

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would like to put all these crooked MPs who protected all the queers who had sex with our kids
    and lock them in a cell with the biggest bunch of twisted poofs we can find, and as for that MP who wants to give asylum to homosexuals, he should be double birched on his bare arse before handing him over

  5. Anonymous says:

    People like Philip Davies live in an alternate reality. They grow up in upper middle class families, good schools, straight off to university where the indoctrination continues and then into the world of politics. These people are never jobless and because they never experience it they have nothing but contempt for the unemployed.

    For every immigrant working in any land it’s taking away work from the indigenous. This is a fact.

    I do laugh though at the masochism of the British people. They vote for complete arseholes, like Philip Davies, to be in their positions of ridiculing others, while doing exactly those things they do themselves. Someone on benefits receives around £150 a week to live on (rent and Job Seekers Allowance). This makes a yearly total of £7,200. Politicians also take money from the state in the form of expenses. They’e hypocrites.



  6. Anonymous says:

    I ran into a guy and got talking while i was walking my dog, hes the grandson of the gardener who was at Vange hall in Essex in W W II, they had a huge luxury bunker built underneath where Winston Churchill spent most of the war pissed out of his head, while doubles lived in London, if the war had gone badly Churchill had yet another bunker in canada
    to sod off to while the people fought his war for him.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think they get that much Harbinger,

  8. Anonymous says:

    @anon (4:48),

    Those over 21 (18?) get £63 JSA + housing & council tax benefit. Rent varies on location. Here in Dundee, the maximum for housing is around £77 a week for a single rented accommodation. I know in London it’s around £180 and for immigrants, well, you’ve read the stories of being put up in expensive Georgian town houses at something ridiculous at a couple of grand + a week!

    The thing is, once you take off gas & electric, council tax, paying rent from your JSA to cover what housing won’t pay and having a communication device, unemployed people are left with £20- a week to live on before buying food, travel, clothing etc etc.

    I know people will say “well they should just go out and get a job”, that’s true but sadly, many cities around the UK are ghost towns, mere shadows of what they were. Here, where I live, there are empty properties on the high street. Twenty years ago, there were none. People don’t realise that, courtesy of Mandelson, people are expected to work well outside their area. The problem with this is everyone from a 200 mile catchment area will be seeking work in the city. Absolutely great for business owners as it will keep wages low, due to high demand for work but really shit for the locals who will be expected to look within a certain radius, trying to find work in the cities people have fled to work in theirs.

    Politicians see this but know that it’s yet another Pavlovian control measure. They are creating a society of two classes – uber rich and uber poor. They are building a world where the poor will have just enough, after a full week’s work, to pay their bills and food. And that’s it. They will build an even bigger police force and pay them far better than the poor, in order to keep them sweet to implement their control. And they will staff their security with the minorities and immigrants, only too happy to oppress the indigenous, as they carve their Nu-Britain, by removing the indigenous’ majority.



  9. Anonymous says:

    They want the english in workhouses like they did back in the day ..they want you to be hungry ..cold ..and dead …that’s if they don’t give ya cancer first ……

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I can remember when Philip Davis’s father was elected as Doncaster Mayor.
    He said he would have regular meetings with the group that helped get him elected, he never had any.
    He hardly did anything for the people of Doncaster.
    At he end of his 4 year term, he shot himself in the foot by jumping ship, and going independent.
    Just another faceless politician.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Corrupt lawyers working for the Upper Tribunal of the DWP get Circa £150,000 to destroy benefit appellants targeted by DWP scum criminals:

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