Anger with politics takes over Britain

It’s quite a thing to see Labour are worried about UKIP.  They used to see UKIP as their ally, the party that divided the right wing into two.  As this article makes clear, UKIP’s appealing to people who are not bored with politics, but with people who are angry with politics.  Make that the majority of people.  Can UKIP keep up the run?  The economy is being artificially lifted in an attempt to head off the anger, but maybe it’s too late already for the traditional parties.  The voters are ready to sweep the lot of them right out of power.  The trend gets more powerful with every passing week.


Labour has been warned by one of its senior backbenchers that it risks losing seats to the UK Independence party and a sudden erosion of confidence unless it does more to combat Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage.
Labour has moved to hold a snap by-election in Sale and Wythenshawe in Greater Manchester on 13 February – following the death of Paul Goggins earlier this month – where it will test anti-Ukip leaflets warning that Farage is not on the side of the working class. The leaflets are being piloted to see if they should be used in the local elections in May.
John Healey, the former shadow cabinet member and MP for Wentworth, said: “Ukip could be seen as the big winner of the local elections and then we could see a sudden loss of confidence in Labour about Ukip squeezing our vote and the Tories’ in many of the critical marginal constituencies. Ukip is drawing on those people not bored, but angered by politics.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap
    Am I really supposed to believe that the party of a former tory is going to be any different from the other 3 parties? It’s just something to get us all excited thinking that change is coming if we elect them (I’ve heard that before somewhere) but then they’ll be no different. Liars, cheats, fraudsters, criminals and paedophiles. That’s who gets elected in this system.

    “Don’t despair, just sit tight and we can all elect UKIP in a couple of years”

    Meanwhile the fascist police state avoids riots (not a revolution. Not in the UK) and strengthens its hold.

    I hope I’m wrong but electing anyone is this system is pointless. It’s the system that needs to change before anyone worthwhile can get into power, otherwise they’ll just have an “accident” or decide to commit suicide.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing s we dont have any choise, its simple with the likes of Toerag Blair David Cameroon and libdemcons, all jewish lobby controlled and giving us more spoon fed taxes homosexuality and wars, we have no choice its a chance on UKIP or roll over and be trampled by more foreigners

  3. Anonymous says:

    that settles it then its UKIP all the way, and down with the racists,

  4. Anonymous says:

    I trust UKIP about as far as I can throw a BUS! They are politicians & cannot EVER be trusted on anything, if you see one of them talking & their lips are moving they’re lying about something.

  5. Anonymous says:

    More controlled opposition, any real threat to the cartel running the show would be removed, it really is as simple as that.

    Reading some of the comments on other sites, people are still fiercely debating the merits of each individual party as if it made any difference.

    The only way the cartel will ever be ousted is by force, again an unpalateable fact maybe to those of us who have been fed peaceful non compliance, asking then waiting for permission to protest etc.

    This is why all gangster controlled countries have disarmed their populations.

    We need to start seeing the wood for the trees.

    UKIP are the new BNP, built up to be villified and discredited to give the impression that the establishment are against them. And just as the BNP imploded as they were getting real following, so will UKIP. Another deadend street where only disillusionment and despair lie at the end.

  6. Tapestry says:

    UKIP was designed to stop the Conservatives from becoming too strong, and bring in the age of hung parliaments, emasculating the democratic system.

    The party is of course MI5 controlled as the top. Many constituencies have had MI5-approved candidates parachuted in from regional/national control. Nothing will be left to chance by the people who believe themselves entitled to control everything that breathes.

    Except in a new party the control is only partial, and there is some chance that the independent-minded might for awhile delay our total enslavement. It’s worth a shot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tap you are right ..i stood for them in 06 …ukip… i know what ya sayin is true ..NF nice bloke!!! But a ..sorry i wasn’t MI5 control…..maybe now because no real people will stand ? They are many things that go on in ukip i for one know what they are about ..people will vote for them …because they think that it will change things for the better ….Don’t be Mugged off !!! vote for independent …people. it would really cause a stink ……Ukip don’t make me laugh …..

  7. stedra rulz says:

    All you can really achieve in the democratic system is to plant some shoeleather on the derrieres of incumbent politicians.

    That’s the only way to hurt them at the ballot box.

  8. Anonymous says:

    we don’t need any of em! get rid of the lot. just have local council,bring them into line remind them who they represent “Us” not themselves get our communities back with local candidates not affiliated to any party just a party of the people for the people!!!!

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    The bottom line is that the main parties are so tainted with hate and racism, there is only UKIP as BNP are suspectedly controlled,
    we all know the EDL is MI5/Mossad
    so if you hate racism there is only UKIP to vote for

  11. Anonymous says:

    9.18 am..You are living in a country that demands papers in the old Communazi way, has posters telling you that total surveillance is for your own good.

    There are NO mainstream parties, regardless of how they are spun as good cop/bad cop, that arent controlled.

    Any that did come along would be nipped in the bud by the all seeing gangster eye.

    If mankind is to survive the beast of zions’ psychotic grip it will be through underground resistance, and that isnt very likely with the zombie nations obsessed with sport and soaps.

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