Why the sudden rush of Western ‘leaders’ to Afghanistan (a year ago!)?

A Vimana has been discovered – an ancient flying machine, space vehicle, according to these sources.  Coast to Coast George Noory interviews Steven Quayle.

How will this news be spun to the rest of the world?

Hillary Clinton called back all US ambassadors to Washington to be briefed on this.  Is this news about to be released?  The world is going to be told all about ancient astronauts, people coming here from other planets with highly advanced technology.  Everyone is vying for the ancient technologies.

Space ships are firing laser beams at each other.  Saturn events.  CERN is a stargate.

Soldiers have disappeared trying to remove the Vimana.  India has scientists trying to recreate the technology.  Red mercury.  Graphite rods.

Whenever you find this kind of technology, you find giants.  Iran has access to the same technology.

The Pentagon refers to these as The Gods of The Sumerians.  The Illuminati bloodlines refer back to these entities.  See the book, Forbidden Archaeology.  Anti-gravity propulsion systems.  Ancient pictures of jet fighters, other flying machines.

The Nazis were aware.  Von Braun knew about aliens and star travel.  The world of black physics is going to be revealed.  There’s preparation  being made for a major revelation.  The Chinese, the Russians, the Egyptians are all wanting to get the truth out.

The reason we went into Iraq wasn’t WMD.  The landing port for the aliens was there.

Military UFOs are being seen by millions of people all over the world.  They can release a new wave of fear to reimpose their power and control over the world.  A world government will be announced.

Question 1 – Project Bluebeam.  They can project images with holographs.  They can project images into your head.  Earthquakes.  Martial Law.

Answer –  They want to bring about a major crisis.  Control and destroy.  They’re loading the faults to ready earthquakes.  Giant locusts are plaguing Australia, following floods and fires.  They’re ramping up the disaster environment.

Question 2 – Aliens?

Answer – Order out of chaos.  They have to destroy the old to bring in the new.  Nuclear weapons were planned to be used on US cities this year, but some very brave individuals managed to stop the attacks.  www.stevequayle.com


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Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa

by Preston James

Anunnaki_imageNumerous top world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa on December 4, 2013. Some reports estimate that 91 different world leaders and celebrities attended.
Certainly this became a major world event from anyone’s perspective.
Could there have been more, much more than meets they eye to this funeral of Nelson Mandela?
Was something going on in the background of this event event that was far more important than the funeral, perhaps a major turning point in world affairs?
Those that know about current Secret Space War matters understand that there is a deep secret hidden in the background of world political realities that has been kept from the masses, the presence and involvement of alien ETs and alien/human hybrids at the highest levels of the USG as advisers and controllers.
Unless the reality of Secret Space War phenomena is openly revealed and corroborated with hard evidence in public and admitted by all world governments, this knowledge cannot be yet be received or processed by the masses.
For those that are not aware of the basic realities of the current ongoing Secret Space War, reading this article is probably a waste of time.
Yes, as strange as it may seem, it appears that the Mandela Funeral appears to to have been used as a cover-story to assemble the world’s top leaders for another purpose.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate your work, but this article is over year old. it was on beforeitsnew.com in oct ’12

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the 1960s an author called Lobsang Rampa told the story that he was taken by tibetan monks to a remote cave to see this vimana flying machine.
    After his revelations, he was harrassed and ridiculed and said to be a fake and a liar, he moved home several times and like many whistleblowers had to fake his death to slip away.
    But this proves his story even to where the machine was hidden

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hitler wanted to share technology with the world, but the jews wanted to earn money from it and they murdered telsa and several others
    to protect their investments.
    looking back experts and now seeing Hitler was actually a good man and the holocuast is just nonsense
    Brian P

  4. Anonymous says:


    This article shows an MP gven 6 months in jail.
    MP Ian Mc shane was blackmailed by child abuse accusations to work excusivley for jews, he covered up for Greville Janner among others.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy! The numpties have been allowed out to play again, this is total BS & designed to distract & make you look silly in the eyes of people who could be reading & taking the other more important stuff seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear hear! Well said that man. I believe Tap’s Masonic agenda requires him to promote this rubbish. Watch ‘Ancient Aliens de-bunked’ a film by Christian researcher Chris White, all about ‘flying machines’ and ‘fighter jets’..!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stalin knew the Germans were in touch with ancient knowledges, this was why the comunists told Churchill to let them come in and take the country where millions were then murdered.
    Churchill was in the grip of the jew/communists and will always be remembered as an appeaser to comunist mass murder.
    The chinese invaded Tibet to gain these knowledges and steal the mineral wealth for rothschild, exactly as is going on in palestine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tap you mailigned and libelled a good man Dr Patel
    is currently in Africa as you probably know, why did you put up this hate mail accusation piece back in october ? I know this man well and it was uncalled for.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Al Goldstein the jewish pornographer
    who did so much to popularize boy-buggery in care homes has died .
    See his glowing obituary


  9. Tapestry says:

    We hear loads of stuff about a Dr Patel and Doctors against racism. Never a link. Never a picture. Just words. Is this person real?

  10. Anonymous says:

    well if it’s true and the aliens come to spring clean the planet it’s a sure bet the murdering elites will also become slaves to them or be wiped out so it won’t all be bad, perhaps there is a god after all!

    As jesus said..He who is first will be last and he who is last will be first.

    I hope they make it the evil scum that is 1st to go

  11. Tapestry says:

    The comments are also filled every day (shills presumably) with ‘Hitler was a good man’ – always anonymous. Always brief. No links. Same things for the anonymous commenter that writes ‘boy-nobbing, boy-buggery’ etc. They all look like shill stuff. They complain like mad when I delete them!

  12. TMWKTM says:

    Aliens will ‘arrive’ soon. Ask The Vatican, they have a telescope which they’ve named ‘Lucifer’ on Mount Graham in USA. They talk about baptising aliens..! See Tom Horn and Chris Putnum researchers who have interviewed Jesuits about this, and they were given access to observatory on Mt Graham. ‘Aliens’ are not physical, they extra-dimensional entities, most UFO researchers now agree on this point. In short, they are demons. TMWKTM

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree i hate the terms boy nobbers, spunk monkeys etc call it what it is child abuse.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I also hate the terms everybody is using now like bumboys, boy nobbers and rent boys etc its so wrong to use these terms and people should call it abuse of kids, nothing else
    has anyone seen the website
    I am the witness.com
    its a must see

  15. Anonymous says:

    I work at Addenbrookes hospital, the Dr Patel you mention is alsways fundraising to send medical teams to Serbia Palestine Gaza etc, then wonder why they get shot at.
    Several of them have been killed going to the worlds trouble spots. The website is regularly taken down they beleive by Mossad

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9:16am, If I could correct you.
    The MP for Rotherham was Denis MacShane, before that he was Mr Denis Matyjaszek.
    He got done for claiming 19 false invoices.
    He was not from Rotherham and stood for Solihull in 1984, another fly by night.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused.. Was Hitler not a good one then? I thought Churchill started the war along with the jews and that the holocaust never happened?
    Help! someone please clarify this for me, I’m totally confused now.

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