Weatherspace forecasts two huge storms over Britain and Ireland this week.

(The Weather – A massive storm system is moving out of the United States today, which went through Canada yesterday … carries with it the strongest jet stream now ever recorded that will cause two super storms in the United Kingdom region this week.
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As if engineered, this never before seen jet stream of 275 mph in the upper levels is exiting Canada. This jet stream will move across the Northern Atlantic and deepen a surface low that is only 1004mb at this moment. This jet stream will act as a vacuum, sucking the air from the center of the storm and dropping the pressure within it to an impressive 930mb low. This is a pressure fall over over 50mb by Tuesday morning for the United Kingdom region. It will cause problems, with the initial concern will be the amount of rain for Wales, Central and Southern England where 20-40mm of rainfall will fall. Double that over the hills. The rain will fall on already saturated ground which will lead to flooding.
Very windy on Monday with the system, about 70 mph gusts likely in the South. On Christmas Eve expect 70-80 mph wind gusts in Northern Ireland and Western Scotland … with heavy snow in the Scottish Mountains. Weakening winds across Northern Scotland on Christmas day with winds relaxing … for the most part it looks nice on Christmas.
But we’re not done yet. This powerful jet will deepen yet another low pressure system on Friday and this warm front will sweep across Ireland with tornadic dynamics. It’s very likely that with this surface low being much further south than the first one that shear and warm air advection through Ireland will cause a tornado scenario there so be exceptionally alert.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, On the ‘Chemtrail soup’ tag, I reported heavy 60 degree matrix Chemtrailing over Doncaster on 20th December.
    I’ve only seen this configuration twice over our area, this was with the’very quick acting’ Chemtrail formula.
    The direction was also unusual, in a SE to NW path.
    They also managed to blot out the Sun on a daily basis.
    The planes could come from America because they are at 35,000 feet.
    They are setting us up for something !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a met office weather warning for Scotland and North Ireland for Tommorrow Tuesday about this wind and rain, possible floods.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yep i noticed the chemtrailing was heavy in doncaster on the 20th

  4. Anonymous says:

    maybe they are setting doncaster up for project blue beam

    all hail the aliens

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beware the 26th:

    26/12/2003 Bam earthquake. 30,000 dead.

    26/12/2004 Sumatra earthquake. 300,000 dead.

  6. really heavy trailing over the south west of england, grid patterns and then very heavy hail/rain and wind.
    Tis pretty shitty out there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    a grim haarp holiday thanks to edwyne rothschild and his weather machine

  8. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrailing strikes me odd!

    Those in higher ranks that admit to chemtrailing say that it’s to combat the effects of global warming by spraying nanoparticles at high altitudes so that the sun’s rays reflect back to the stratosphere. Then, how come they continue to chemtrail the northern hemesphere in winter when it experiences subzero temperatures at ground level and -60c at high altitude?

    Geoengineering is the same thing which undoubtedly has a more scientific tone to it and is used to spray clouds to induce rain as and where required.

    The effects of both geoengineering and chemtrailing are the same. What goes up must come down! Therefore, nanoparticles from both geoengineering and chemtrailing used to deflect the suns rays or induce rain fall back to the earth and is leached into all our food chain. But before it gets that far it is breathed by every living creature.
    Little wonder then there’s so much illness.

  9. Anonymous says:

    An USAF airman confessed to me and apologised about chemtrails, i had not heard of them to this time and so did some reasearch and was horrified
    PS have you noticed no one now gives their name but signs as “anonnymous ” ?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Boxes HAVE to go Dark Brothers

    You got yourselve into quite a pickle, now didn’t you? You did not heed what was placed Wednesday. Beloveds and we do love you,,, you have to give up your boxes and let those from the Celestial Realms assist you with the planet… You cannot go it alone and especially with all your infighting…

    I ask now and then,,, do you know what glory is? Its NOT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! and IT NEVER WILL BE. Surrender please,, to the HIGHER WAY, because the Way of the Dungeons and Wars has NEVER WORKED FOR YOU… Has it? NO, if it had, you wouldn’t still be on this planet!!!!! PLEASE ALLOW THE ASSISTANCE OF THOSE WHO KNOW….and see further than you do.

    As has been posted you are not going to get anywhere by continuing to use that which is in your boxes….. You will TOSS the boxes. God has NO LIMITS. YOU DO.

    You cannot handle the huge population anymore… We CAN…. You cannot handle the Pollution anymore…. We CAN…. You cannot overcome the earth changes upon you,, but we can provide assistance thru them. In fact this assistance has been provided since well, the end of World War 2 and you know this. You know this because you are still here!

    You have dug yourselves into a big sucking sink hole….with your fake money system. How much bigger can you make that sink hole? At some point in time the bottomless pit must hit the bottom. It has done so in all ways now. There is no place but up and its up to each of you whether you move up or out.

    You cannot make anything permament that is not of God and its not of God and it cannot stand, that which you are doing, or have been trying to do is the better terminology. The only way out of the mass poverty is to do away with the stuff, completely.. You have no other options.. It seems your printing presses so to speak are dried up.

    You have your cyborg Obama out there today speaking about how its going to be ok to increase to debt limit, in the United States anyway. Because of spending already done… is the excuse. Well, why did you spend that which you do not have? The miserable little man out there learns this when he can’t pay his credit bills…. why have not you? USURY and Fake money do not work.

    Its time to let US help you out of this mess, isn’t it? Whether you like of it or not,,,,, Fleet is going to show up and remove you if you do not engage our help…and engage it OPENLY and Very Quickly. The planet will not be lost. So you can come into glory or go out in disgrace.. Its but your own choice. You have no right now at this point to deny the people what they must KNOW.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Why global warming science is nothing but fraud
    By Gary Novak

    There is no real science to be found in the subject of global warming. Modern studies of global warming could be traced back to Charney et all, 1979 ( This paper was produced by a study group created by the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Climate Research Board, USA, charged with the task of producing an assessment of the “carbon dioxide/climate issue”.

    The paper of Charney et al , 1979, consists of nothing but modeling. It’s exactly the same as dozens of other modeling studies on the complexities of the atmosphere, each having its own peculiarities on minutia. Such modeling is nothing resembling science. Numerous factors are admitted to be too vague to be included. The factors which are included are so complex that the numbers used are nothing but guesses. If politicians want the best guess possible, that doesn’t make it science.

    Modeling is the opposite of science, as it is a method of imposing subjective motives onto people. Science has the purpose of putting an end to that fraud.

    The most significant fact about these studies, and hence the rest of global warming science, is that there is no valid starting point. Before a model can be created, a number must be used to represent the heat produced by carbon dioxide. That number is not even mentioned in the papers describing the models including Charney et all, 1979. To not mention it is scientific fraud.

    Read more:


  12. Anonymous says:

    ancient txts of the Celts speak of these conditions you forecast, they called it ‘the weather’, most often its during a period known as ‘Winter’.
    – the end.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9:45, try and keep on topic, give facts not hearsay.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Today’s barometer reading 24/12/13 958 and falling. Can’t say I’ve ever seen it this low. interesting!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Bottomed out at 946, starting to rise slowly.
    Never seen it this low. Checkout –
    Some scary high alt windage going on. Now tell me that’s natural…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Gordon shows a good weather site and Anon 4:47 is probably correct.
    It’s about time we found out when the HAARP machines are being used.
    If people are being killed compensation should be paid out to next of kin.
    Our MP’s are next to no good at all, Miliband has been in South Africa instead of finding out about Chemtrails and HAARP rays.

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