We haven’t had Dr Stan Monteith on here for a while. That’s an oversight.

TAP – I wrote a synopsis on the first twenty minutes on this which has disappeared.  Oh well.  That’s Google for you.  It starts at the French Revolution, saying since then revolution has been ongoing worldwide.  He explains The Parable of the Cave. At about 19 minutes Stan gives a brilliant explanation of Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan.  The CIA funds the Pakistani intelligence which funds the Taliban.  Like in Vietnam, the US funded the Vietcong.  These wars are engaged in not to be won.

Paul Bremer fired the Iraqi Army, fired the Iraqi Police and privatised all Iraqi industry, leading to a complete disintegration of Iraq, as intended from the beginning.  The operation to liberate Kuwait had 650,000 troops, while the invasion to capture Saddam Hussein (A CIA asset, put in power by the CIA) had only 150,000.  There was no intention to outright win the war in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

He covers Plato and how the elites are given a higher level of knowledge to the common people.  I want to watch more but kids are everywhere.  I’ll get up in the night to catch up on the rest as it’s fascinating stuff.

Hidden knowledge.  Pythagoras.  The Colossus of Rhodes.  The pyramids.  Where did the knowledge come from?  Pythagoras taught The Mysteries, which he learned in the East.  Socrates.  Aristotle. Alexander The Great defeated 1 million Persians with 35,000 Macedonians.  The Mysteries tell how you can tap into the hidden power, but as Aristotle said to Alexander, they are not for the average student, only the elite.

Thomas Jefferson.  Alfred Pike referred to The Mysteries in his book, which is incomprehensible if you don’t know The Mysteries.

After the Great Flood, Nimrod set out to create a one world society under his control in Babylon.  He tried to build the tower, but it was never completed.  The EU is the reconstitution of Nimrod’s ancient plan to create a one world government under an elite, as are all the other unions.  Once national sovereignty is surrendered into trade blocks, one world religion, one world currency.  What energises them to do this?

Nimrod’s empire broke up.  The pyramids are perfectly aligned north/south.  Stonehenge aligns its vertical stone with the spring equinox.  Same in South America.  Where did the knowledge come from?  When the Jews were captured and held in Babylon, the rabbis were taught the Mysteries.  That’s when the kabbala began.

Knights Templar were founded as an order of the Catholic Church in 1218.  They were there to gain the secret knowledge and gain the secret knowledge.  They became the first international bankers in the world, until Friday 13th October ..13.  when Jacques de Mole was arrested and burned.  Then the Rosacrucians.  The secret history of the beginnings of America –  3 hour documentary on the influence of Rosacrucians in England in the time of Elizabeth.

Dr Dee, the leader of the Rosacrucians, who signed his name 007, was runner of British intelligence in the 15th Century.  The secret societies came to America and undermined society.  The Masons arrived 1730 in the USA.  The US became a depraved nation by 1740.  John Wesley carried out religious crusades and persuaded people to turn back to God.  The Declaration of Independence.  The Occultists were here while the Christians battled to set up a free country.

The Illuminati was a continuation of the Ancient Mysteries.  Read Fire In The Minds Of Men by James H Billington.  he explains what’s going on in Europe, the structure of power, but he leaves out all mention of America.  He explains that the continuation of the world revolution starting with the French revolution, began when the aristocrats moved their loyalties from Christian altars and moved them to the altars of the secret societies.  The book ends with Cuba, but the story continues beyond then.

The average Mason has no idea what Masonry is all about – the Lucis Trust, Rosacrucians, all other secret societies are the same.  Taped interview with Professor Quigley.  He called ordinary people the ‘petit bourgois’.  He knew masses of things but missed the meaning of what he knew, as he didn’t understand God.

See the back of the Dollar, the all-seeing eye and the pyramid.  That’s not the emblem of the Illuminati.  That emblem has been around for 6000 years.  The capstone is hovering over the top of the pyramid.  It is not yet complete.  Only when world control has been established will the ancient plan of world government be complete.

The new order of the ages – Novus ordo seclorum.  1791 Mason planned Washington DC.  A thousand signs of the Zodiac are placed in government buildings.  Two forces are involved in America – the Christian and the occult.  Wars in the Middle East are under the control of the occultists.  Bush said the wars are the decisive ideological struggle of our time – to bring about ww3, new world order.

Freedom is not the ability to do what you want to do.  It’s the ability to live by the word of God.  You can only have a democratic people if the population is moral.  When liberty leads to a loss of order, then the demands for order will lead to a loss of liberty.  Masons controlled the US Supreme Court.  They threw God out of our schools.

Plato wrote in The Republic that the tyrant when he’s defeated the enemy needs a new enemy.  1984 Big Brother had an enemy to get support for the leader.  The ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled is the new world order – an ancient plan.

Plato’s parable of the cave is that there are two dimensions to the world – the material and the spiritual. The shadows on the walls of the cave show the spiritual side, glimpsed occasionally.  The occult worship a different God.  The age of reason, the age of foolishness.  There are always two meaning to everything.  There is another dimension.  If you can tap into that dimension, you can acquire supernatural power.  The angel is Lucifer and not God.  The other God is Satan.  He gives us enormous power, makes no restrictions on what we do, and gives you total freedom.  The problem is it leads to moral anarchy.

The OWG people are waiting for the antiChrist to rule the world.  They are tapping into the power from the other side.  Beings from another dimension.   5000 reported alien abductions.  They are demonic manifestations, not aliens.  Everything in the occult is the mirror image of Christianity.  They believe in the scriptures.  They believe in the Bible.  They just hate what it says.

Satanic Crime is a new book covering Skull And Bones.  They worship Lucifer.  by William H Kennedy.  Jimmy Carter was the first Trilateral Commission President.  Barrie Goldwater ‘the trilateral commission is an attempt to seize control of the USA by a consolidation of financial and commercial interests of the world’.  They want to seize control of the four elements, financial, intellectual and ecclesiastical.  Freedom is denied any importance.  The creation of international power superior to the nations over which they will rule.  David Rockefeller’s daughters are great friends of Castro’s daughters.  Castro was put in by the CIA.  The World Revolution video of Stan should be watched.

The spiritual forces aligned against us today will never be defeated without the help of Lord God Almighty.  Monteith trusts Ron Paul.  Alex Jones is doing very well reaching millions of people.  People all across America understand the spiritual battle we are involved with.  There is a God and there is a Devil.  You need to get involved.  Understand the bible.  Finishes with a good poem. Questions begin.

The Moslem faith is a Satanic religion.  There is a demonic element in the Moslem faith.

Witchcraft is the most rapidly growing religion in the world today.  Human sacrifice.  Paedophiles.  The Harry Potter books are truly demonic.  We’re losing a whole generation of our kids to the wrong side.  This is a spiritual battle.  We need a third awakening and people returning to Our Lord.

Published on Nov 23, 2012

This is Dr. Stanley Monteith’s mindblowing video lecture The Forbidden Secret, which reveals the source of the power that has been utilized by sages, adepts, witch doctors, shamans, priests, prophets, wise men, diviners, and mediums down through the ages.
Secret societies have existed since the dawn of civilization, and they exist today. 
What is their purpose? Adepts claim they possess secret knowledge that provides fame, power, and prosperity. Is that true? 
Why are some people fabulously wealthy while most people struggle to make a living? 
Why do almost half of the people in the word live in abject poverty? 
Where does the secret knowledge come from? Can you access the secret knowledge? Is it costly? Do you want to learn The Forbidden Secret? The information will change your life, and hopefully draw you to the only truly reliable source of hope, knowledge, wisdom, and power.  Masonry is the demonic force working at the highest level of the USA.

Karl Marx was working for a secret society.  Rhodes attended John Ruskin lectures at Oxford, who told the aristocrats in Britain to create a one world government.  Blavatsky created the Theosophical Society, fronted by Lucis Trust, formerly the Lucifer publishing house financed by the richest corporations in the USA.

No win wars are run over and over, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and on and on.

Fire in the Minds of Men – Origins of the Revolutionary Faith
written by James H. Billington (1980)

Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time
written by Carroll Quigley, Volumes 1-8 (1966)

If you have time 
Podcast 041 : Interview : Dr. Stanley Monteith : The Population Control Agenda

This week our guest is once again Dr. Stanley Monteith, retired orthopaedic surgeon, veteran Christian researcher and radio host, who joins us to discuss the thesis of his controversial article, “The Population Control Agenda.” Arguing that there exists a hidden agenda within elitist circles to reduce the world’s human population by over 90%, Dr. Monteith indicates ways in which he believes this agenda is being implemented in the world today.
[Georgia Guidestones, AIDS, Margaret Sanger, Thomas Robert Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eric Pianka, Ebola Reston, Forrest Mims, Baxter International, Orth-Donau, H5N1, Jacques Cousteau, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Kissinger Report, National Security Study Memorandum 200, NSSM 200, immunologic adjuvants, aspartame, bisphenol A, BPA, tax-exempt foundations, abortion, overpopulation, underpopulation, neo-Malthusian, Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, Optimum Population Trust, Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt, James Lovelock]
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    Podcast 041 : Interview : Dr. Stanley Monteith : The Population Control Agenda

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    Sorry Stan but you say “The Moslem faith is a Satanic religion. There is a demonic element in the Moslem faith.” You leave out the demonic side of Christianity. Christian Zionist, why did you fail to mention this and the Jewish influence on the NWO. Shame on you. Israel is the ‘little horn’, the whore, part of false prophet along with false Christians. For some reason you don’t get it! Are you really that blind? I do not think so.

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