US TV: Mercury is great for your kids’ health

Sometimes I think I’ve seen it all.

Then I watch US TV.

A medical journal in the US has come
out with the criminally fraudulent claim
that…get this….mercury is GOOD for the
brains of young children.

This is where we’re at now.

Drug  companies can not only buy
garbage research from corrupt scientists,
they can get medical journals to
publish it and the news media to
report it uncritically.

See it with you own eyes. I could not
make this one up if I tried:

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4 Responses to “US TV: Mercury is great for your kids’ health”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So that’s why workers were ‘as mad as hatters’ when they were making bowler hats.
    Because mercury was good for them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Notice, “may improve behaviour in mental performance.” Sure it will because the mercury will destroy the brain to such an extent that the child becomes permanently docile.

  3. issac cohen says:

    this is good science my dad works for ge and he cannot wait for europe to get on board with the gmo program.

    he works on fruit and veg that can take heavy metals and radiation out of the air and soils and trap the waste inside.
    we can then sell the fruit to russia and africa and to the arabs.
    he especially wants to feed it to the arabs because they refuse to leave greater israel.
    such an exciting time to be in the medical industry.

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