US academia boycotts ‘Apartheid’ Israel

More academic bodies must join Boycott Israel: Analyst

American students call for the academic boycott of Israel. (file photo)

American students call for the academic boycott of Israel. (file photo)
Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:47PM GMT





More academic associations must follow in the footsteps of the American Studies Association (ASA) in its endorsement of a widespread boycott of Israeli universities, an analyst says.

“It (Boycott Israel movement) must be expanded into a full-scale assault on Israeli lobby subversion of America to rip it out by the roots,” Jim W. Dean wrote in a column for Press TV on Sunday.

“We will never be safe as long as they can operate freely. If they are to be victims, let them be victims of their own stupidity and treason toward the rest of us,” he said.

Dean noted that “the Boycott Israel movement got a major moral shot in the arm recently” following the ASA’s endorsement.

He said the Zionists have “run extensive academic espionage operations here on the old communist model.”

The campaign to cut off ties with Israeli academic institutions dates back a decade, but it was not until April that an American academic group of any size endorsed a boycott.
The boycott calls on American schools and academic groups to ban collaboration with Israeli institutions, but individual Israeli scholars who do not represent Tel Aviv would still be able to attend academic events in the United States.
On Friday, Israel’s former ambassador to US, Michael Oren, warned that more organizations are likely to boycott Israeli academia.

Dean said “Israeli operatives” have been “subverting” US institutions to “serve special interests that is putting wind into the sails of the anti-Zionist movement now.”

“Militant Zionists and their 5th column in the US have a growing concern of the increasingly open opposition to their long record of crimes against humanity and ongoing cover-up. They know they have done these things and have pumped massive resources into stacking the deck to block any justice being served upon them,” wrote Dean.

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12 Responses to “US academia boycotts ‘Apartheid’ Israel”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, the sooner we get rid of Israeli cameras that don’t work, the safer the UK will be.
    After the cameras should follow any equipment with computer chips, designed or made in Israel.
    Any Israeli computer products are a doomsday death threat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Publisher Robert Maxwell said israel had a beack door in every computer it made, that is home PCs and national defence computers.
    BTW has anyone noticed that since all the attacks on truthers this summer no one puts there name on anymore, just signs in as anonnymous ?
    that kind of fear is a shame.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Mr O’s the head psychopath. There are many good Israelis, just as there were good Germans, and bad Brits in WW2. Propaganda needs simplicity. Reality never fits. Israel is a country built on immigration, although very carefully selected.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As to anonymous above (4:35am), I always sign as Harbinger on every reply. I chose this pseudonym because it’s far more effective than my own name. But ironically, you say it’s a shame that people no longer use a name, yet remain anonymous.

    As for the boycott Israel (to Tap & all), I’m somewhat perplexed here. It is known that academia in the USA, especially the Ivy League, is under the heavy control of Zion, courtesy of Frankfurt Marxists inflitration back in the 1930’s. My only conclusions to this are:

    1. Jews within see the growing anger against Israel from an American people gradually becoming disillusioned with the Zionist controlled msm and have rallied up the students within in order to stop all out Jew hatred within America. Let’s face it, the whole concept of ‘student associations’ is overwhelmigly Jewish controlled and manipulated. Even at school they need to have authority over others.

    2. The ASA has overthrown their Jewish leaders and a genuine awakening with the ASA and American people is going on regarding Israel, Zionism and Judaism.

    So draw your own conclusions.

    I’m tending to drift far more towards point one than two, simply because I see the Jewish defence mechanism kicking in as they see history repeating itself (again….) that hatred of Jews always comes about because Jewish perfidy.

    However, that said, maybe there is a change happening within the anti Zionist Jew. Maybe a rift is growing between the Talmudists and Torah followers. Who knows we may even see a situation occur again of the warning of the Ashkenazi from the Sephardim as what happened in France under Napoleon.

    More importantly this is a good thing and hopefully will bring about an end to despicable Israel (and Zionism), founded on lies, terrorism and massive bloodshed. My only concern is Israel will not bow out peacefully, activate the Samson policy, send its Nuclear weapons flying to capitals surrounding, even Europe! This would eventually open the eyes and ears of the world to evil Zionism but at a very heavy cost to the world’s population.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 4.35…You comment on people signing in as anonymous since the attacks on truthers and go on to say that kind of fear is a shame. Are you aware you have signed in as anonymous?
    I sign in as anonymous as I don’t have a url,openid, blog, website or google account. I don’t use facebook myspace or any other social network. I am just an ordinary human being with a family that is trying to see through the illusion by reading blogs like Tap. I am no expert on any subject apart from 25 years research into the history of religions, everything else I am still learning and extremely grateful to all who contribute on here. You have all educated me, thank you.

    It is a shame that decent honest people have to hide in the shadows because all they want is the truth and honest justice but that is the only way it seems. If all the whistleblowers and truth tellers stood proud in the open they would be sitting ducks and the rest of us would be left in the dark. I for one respect the risks they take and ask for no names if they choose not to give them.
    The humble one

  6. Anonymous says:

    “I sign in as anonymous as I don’t have a url,openid, blog, website or google account. I don’t use facebook myspace or any other social network. I am just an ordinary human being with a family that is trying to see through the illusion by reading blogs like Tap. I am no expert on any subject apart from 25 years research into the history of religions, everything else I am still learning and extremely grateful to all who contribute on here. You have all educated me, thank you.”

    Ironically (again) the very fact you do not use myspace, facebook, twitter….. etc does in fact NOT make you an ‘ordinary human being.

    Normality today is the automatic tuning into social networking sites in order to divulge everything about yourself to the secret services behind them; to be nothing more than a Pavlov puppy as is expected. Although writing a blog is generally one of the first steps in rebellion.

    You are most correct in your last paragraph, although I do predict, unless a mass awakening occurs that is, complete control over the internet and the end of anonymity.

    By coming here and other such sites you instantly join the ranks of the truthseeker as you are, after all, seeking the truth.

    I wish you well on your journey down the rabbit hole. I don’t know long you’ve traversing its gloomy depths, but one who has been, for a while now, I will say the truth becomes even more unbelievable and unbearable the deeper you go; testament to the huge network and foundation of lies our society runs and is built upon, but that said, you will find enlightenment and peace…..eventually – lol. The truth will always set you free.



  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Harbinger, I appreciate your comment very much, you understand me very well. You’re quite right of course, I guess I’m not a normal human for those very reasons you stated. I never realised not being on a social media site is looked upon as suspicious although I understand why now you have pointed it out, that’s something else you have just taught me.

    What a sad world we live in when preferring old fashioned forms of communication is frowned upon, albeit, comments boxes are very handy. Also, I’m always wary about commenting to start as I’m always the novice amongst the experts and I do get shot down in flames sometimes so to speak but it’s a learning process and I’m getting there thanks to people like yourself and blogs like Tap.

    I’m trying to wake up the people around me also as I travel the rabbit hole. I’m researching stuff like mad from links provided and it can be very depressing sometimes but valuable.
    I guess I’m awake but still in shock at the enormity of the illusion I’ve been living under.

    The humble one

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree ..i deleted my fb …really didn’t find it good thing to be on ….its strange but FB creeped me right out ….felt like ya being watched !!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Humble One,

    Mark Zuckerberg, they say is the man behind Facebook. He isn’t. He’s the grandson of none other than David Rockefeller and Facebook is the creation of the NSA/CIA/FBI. He’s merely a front. They no doubt chose a young man in order to draw in the younger generations.

    From this very blog:

    Mark Zuckerberg Is Claimed To Be Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg.

    Social networking sites are nothing but data gatherers for the state. Moreso, they’re also there to program people into giving up their privacy and be brainwash them into believing that “If you’ve got something to hide it isn’t legal”. In other words, it’s there way of destroying privacy and bringing in a totally controlled society.

    I do not have a mobile phone. I have a landline but very few people have my number. I have an email but very few people know it. If I need to speak to people they know where to find me and when, a certain day of the week in a certain pub in Scotland. I am 42. It is sad that the older forms of communication are lost but it’s the way it is.

    Don’t be wary commenting. Say what you have too. There are some who will attack you but there are others who won’t. It’s just the way things are. Many people within the truth movement are frustrated at the ignorance of many, so it’s why some attack. Then again, look at it from their perspective? They’re attacked all the time for their views, albeit correct, but nonetheless ridiculed for trying to educate the people into their own demise of their own doing. I am often attacked and worse, my mental health state is always attacked because I have views that people see as utterly unbelievable. These people, I’m sad to say, have done no research into the topic they discuss. They know only what the msm and academia has told them, which isn’t much.

    As for waking people up, well, some friendly advice there – don’t. When you first uncover the truth you will want nothing more than to shout it aloud from the rooftops. However, it will not be welcomed. There is a very high probability that once you uncover more and more, you will become a social pariah as you will move away from the material, false and superficial facade that passes for reality. You will become angry. It happens to us all. You will provide proof and it will be ignored and thrown back in your face for the most part. Just plod on and you will eventually find like minded individuals.



  9. salty says:

    Israeli Labour Party adopts full apartheid plan

    10th February 2016.

    The Israeli Labour Party on 7 February endorsed a plan for a full apartheid regime and the theft of what remains of the Palestinian territories occupied in the 1967 war, the French news agency AFP reported.

    The plan was first proposed by party leader Yitzhak Herzog at a conference at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies on 5 January.

    “I want to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as fast as possible,” he told the conference, the right-wing Jerusalem Post reported.

  10. salty says:

    ‘We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa’:
    A report from Israel’s first national conference against BDS

    March 29, 2016.

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