Trust the media? Are you nuts?

The tribe that lives up a tree (for the BBC only)
BBC documentaries, Issue 1356
WHEN the BBC’s Human Planet series visited the Korowai tribe of West Papua in 2011, it revealed a tribe of people who wore no clothes, spoke their own dialect and used stone age tools. What really captured viewers’ imaginations, though, was Human Planet’s footage of the Korowai building their “new home”, a treehouse 30m off the forest floor.

“The Korowai are so adapted to life in the jungle, they’ve taken to the trees… teetering in treetops is second nature to the Korowai,” says the narrator.

Imagine the surprise of one documentary lover when he tuned in to his favourite Hungarian factual series, On the Spot, made by a team of young, award-winning documentary-makers, and saw that they too had decided to visit the Korowai. The team visited the same area and filmed some of the same people as the BBC – but their film was substantially different.

Naked tree dwellers
“When the visitors come here there are two things that are forbidden,” Jacob, the Korowai tribesman, tells the Hungarian team. “We mustn’t wear clothes and we mustn’t speak Indonesian.” When one man cuts into a tree with a stone axe, his friend shouts: “You can’t do it with a stone axe any more because you’re used to the proper axe.”

And what of the treehouse? In the On the Spot film, it looks rather dilapidated. The reporter says: “Jacob claims they were only built to please the film-makers. Nowadays they don’t even think of living that high.” At the end of On the Spot, viewers see the Korowai people back in their village of wooden houses, wearing shorts and T-shirts. A far cry from the BBC’s naked tree-dwellers.

This isn’t the only time the BBC has skewed documentary footage for greater effect, of course. Later in 2011 Frozen Planet shot a polar bear birth that appeared to take place in the wild but was actually filmed in a zoo. And in 2007 a trailer for a royal documentary falsely made it appear that the Queen had stormed out of a photoshoot.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In May 2010 the seat of Barking in Essex was won by Margaret Hodge for the Oppenheiner jewish family.
    Heres the real story.
    Tony Blairs New Labour promised Margaret a return favour and had the figures fiddled, the truth is the BNP just scraped through but Blairs next door neighbour Margaret Hodge had been a big party funder to New labour, and Aleister Campbell and Peter mandelson told Blair
    ” get her a seat “
    So the people of Barking are now rules by Mossad from Israel.
    All phone calls were monitored
    and many people are now privvy to what happened, so you think the media do not control us ?
    and who runs the media ?

    • Anonymous says:

      was their at the Barking count ..police was laughing ..Margaret Dodge Hodge ..Pedophile gate keeper..fraud voteing ….any way Nick Griffin was well paid to go in to Barking by ..yes you got it …….Labour …BMP Cons Ukip ..are a bunch off Weirdo …..poor people don’t have a clue ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a cousin whose a detective constable and he told me this at the time, so its true then ?
    Susan Foster

  3. Anonymous says:

    Justin Welby makes false claims without one word of elaboration.
    So just exactly what has the pope done to make him “hugely effective, an extraordinary man and quite brilliant in what he does, and in what way has he changed the sense of direction and purpose of the Church with his personal example and words”?

    What a load of tosh from the BBC!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Justin Welby? that the son of Gavin Wiener who just happened to spend his honeymoon in “you know where..the land that cant be criticised”?

    Beware false prophets, no wonder the churches are empty.

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