This picture was removed from my blog. Why?

Cameron lost the vote on Syria.  Driving around Westminster that day was a mobile ad which shook Conservative MPs.  UKIP was going anti-war, and would be able to throw them all out over endless wars, as well as the EU and immigration.

After this Farage was presented in many reports as a Hitler moustache-wearing man of great evil.  He had hit them hard and they didn’t like it.  Hell!  They even take this picture down off blogs like The Tap – sure sign that Farage made an impact, and UKIP kept Britain out of yet another war.

Then in the next week, this started happening…….

Nigel Farage pictured with ‘Hitler moustache’ in BBC appearance.

A poorly-timed pixel fault occurred on the BBC big screen in Media City in Salford as the Ukip leader appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning.

TAP – the only way it would be an error would be that they’re using subliminal imaging to make Farage seem like a NAZI on television.  Tell – lie – vision.  This time the image didn’t appear for a subconscious only brief appearance, but was left on too long.  They use subliminal techniques all the time.  That’s why you should never watch TV.  You never know what someone’s putting into your mind.

You think it was a mistake?  They did it again two days later..

More evidence Farage made an impact.  They put up Paddy Ashdown to argue against him thus….

Farage differs again from the government line over Syria, saying we should take in war refugees, which Cameron is refusing to do –

Nigel Farage calls for Syrian refugees to be allowed into UK

Nigel Farage says the UK should honour its obligations under international law
The UK should take in some refugees from Syria’s civil war, UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has said.
He told BBC News Western countries should agree to take an allocation, but he did not specify numbers.
Mr Farage, who has led opposition to allowing open immigration from Romania and Bulgaria in the new year, said refugees were “a very different thing”.
The UK government has no plans to accept Syrian refugees, saying it is better to offer financial help.

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8 Responses to “This picture was removed from my blog. Why?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Poor fellow …

  2. Anonymous says:

    The NWO media did exactly the same with Oswald Mosely, and robbed Britain of perhaps its greatest ever leader

  3. Paul says:

    Working class Britain is waking up fast, people are seeing through the lies of these corrupt perverts in the government and behind them every day. Just talking to people in queues, in the street and over the garden fence, or in the pub when I get adventurous, or to parents at school when I go to get the children, are waking up. They see they are getting shafted by the liblabcon lie.

    I just hope this translated to them getting kicked out in the next 2 years elections and although I know UKIP are not good on everything, they are a darn sight better as they are for the people of this country first, second and third.

    I just hope enough people see this and we can get this done peacefully, as I feel this will be the last time we get a real vote on anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well i stood for ukip in o6 …lol people just don’t get it…wake up ..THEY are no different …don’t be Mugged off by them for someone independent ..that would F them all …its all politricks ..

  4. Chris Jones says:

    ‘The Roman empire rules’ video. One of three explaining the alleged role of the Vatican including how Zionist jews and crypto jews provide a lot of the smokescreen as being the only bad guys. Cheaply made but very informative

  5. Anonymous says:

    Any one that unnerves the the lying, self important child molesting warmongers running this country at present gets my respect

    Humble One

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bloody hell just seen this,
    how low will those evil jew bastards sink ?
    its time they were all kicked out
    Did you know the board of british deputies is a government withina government ?
    yes in our country they have their own courts rules etc, and to them greville Janner has not committed any sex offences as sodomising young boys is ok by them

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