These articles from today’s press amply demonstrate why the UK is a nation in decline

These article(s) from today’s press in Uk amply demonstrate why we are a nation in decline as per the plans and design of the NWO/eu. We are meekly surrendering our identity, our culture, our way of life, our traditions on the alter of liberalism political correctness and as a white proud english Christian i am mightily offended!  I hasten to add that i am in no way racist and believe that a welcome & inclusive practice works and i admire the goals and work ethic of the majority of most immigrants seeking a better life who come here, including Asians.  (Contd below)
UK Borders.
Due to our continued ruinous confinement/subjugation at the hands of the eu politburo, (a treasonous union under The Bill of Rights 1689) the british “prime minister” (sic) is reduced to desperate pleading and threats to protect our own borders and our own communities.  
as if ANYthing cast-iron dave says has any substance or carries any weight on the world stage!
Pedophiles and the establishment.

The following link demonstrates the abject corruption at the very heart of our society and this coupled with the ongoing 31 year cover up of pedophiles involved in elm house and other so-called “care homes” simply add to the consistently evil & rapacious behavioral patterns of the “ruling elite” who neither earn their grossly inflated salaries/pensions or indeed have any regards or any modicum of respect/caring for We the People.
On and on, and on, and on…

Shades of govt. ministers/establishment debauched practices and bbc cover-ups. 
Absolutely EVERYthing of importance to We the People is either suppressed, buried or whitewashed by successive governments and establishment figures. The scum at the top need to understand that truth will out and more and more people are awakening to the corruption and depravity which is drowning us. Unless there are numerous and ongoing resignations/disclosures from the guilty themselves, It will not be long before the people will take the law into their own hands as the establishment have obviously corrupted everything good and decent in this country and those same criminals will face peoples justice, whatever form that ultimately takes.

How many of these articles have we read, only to be duly informed “charges have been dropped’…..”his public service record speaks for itself’ and/or “his age” etc. etc.
The common man in britain today is assailed on all sides as “reward” for his loyalty, diligence and integrity which is hardly surprising as he or that personna in the face of unbridled political correctness rampaging through our culture, just cannot be allowed to exist and progress anymore due to the sea of filth with which we are all bombarded and forced to share with such despicable, evil people as those in control (at present) in “the establishment’


The Girl Guides are standing up, on behalf of us ALL!
The girl guides from Newcastle-on-Tyne who courageously refused (under threat of expulsion!) to abstain from using the word “God” in their pledge.  Shame on those organisers, who are probably common (eu funded 5th column) purpose trainees?
Contd from above…

However, if immigrants will not integrate and accept OUR way of life and respect our laws then they should be assisted to leave and be forever banned from returning. The same applies to the preachers of hate who unsurprisingly berate us from the same religion, the same soap box diatribes of being offended with almost everything on offer!  If this is such an offensive place then why would they not leave? (no hate preachers from Hindus, or Buddhists?!) and they expect us to allow and embrace sharia law!  Sharia law should be outlawed in UK along with FGM and other barbaric practices including halal slaughter of animals. 
In this and ALL other such articles on this subject of “grooming of white girls” which these days are all too regular, none of the msm has ever told the full truth and called the perps what they really are: i.e. Muslims!  BTW, ‘Muslim’ means one who practices Islam and is a religion NOT a race! 
To call them “asians” or “asian men’ in all such disclosures or publications is a gross insult to Asians everywhere. i have many friends from many countries including Asians who are decent, hard working people who just want to be an integral part of our british way of life….that’s why the majority of them come here so why oh why should we allow or participate in a concerted programme of “creeping’ change to accommodate a minority whose stated aim is to radically change our country and way of life to conform to suit medieval, racist, sexist, and often barbaric cult?  
Are we to believe that “Asians” of Indian/Hindu origins will accept to be collectively labelled along with these criminal muslim men as “Asians’?  How about the Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians, Mongolians, and others who are sometimes referred to as “Asians” Are they not worthy of respect and some consideration?  These grooming gangs have 2 things in common and they are: Pakistani and/or of Pakistani origin and muslim. That’s all we need to know,  Yet everyone including politicians shy away from the elephant in the room.  The same politicians who claim to represent US along with their police lackeys will never tell it like it is.
 If, as some muslims claim, as justification in committing such acts including rape, honour killings /murder that they are inspired & diligently, faithfully following the dictates of the quran then we have the right to demand of our govt that any such believers in those practical applications, should be forever banished from this country because at some point they WILL adhere physically to those teachings.  This crime as mentioned today has NOTHING whatsoever to do with “council house girls” but the fact the villains are PAKISTANI MUSLIMS so the police shy away from confronting them in case, yes youguessed it…..someone or some group is offended!  Yes they are Asians but it’s a travesty to brand all Asians or indeed the majority of Pakistanis in the same way, but facts are facts and must be faced head-on if we are ever to stop this vile practice.  We as indigenous people should be engaged and involved in our communities along with the Muslim/Pakistani communities themselves to stop this. We the people need to take direct, networking and supporting action as the govt./police/courts never will!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was a good article except it fell into the trap that is laid specially for us to divide christians and muslims, this trap over the centuries is always jewish in origin, and dont forget we are having to change all our ,oral codes to allow homosexuality and pedophilia, because its permitted in the Talmud for the jews, and now we are a jew ruled country, there must be no child protection for the goyim

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 12:27. With respect this writer has not fallen into the “trap” as you put it. You need to re-read the article carefully and you will see that i am not branding all muslims or all Pakistanis with the same label. Those law abiding Muslims of whatever nationality who demonstrate their willingness to integrate and accept the british way of life are very welcome. There is however a minority who dabble or engage in extremism and preach sedition who need to be engaged/confronted and if they still fail to integrate/comply with the majority they should be deported if foreign born, and banished if british born. If we leave this growing problem to the govt. then the situation will only worsen because of the usual dereliction of govt duty. As an individual of broad outlook and tolerance i want to see cooperation, understanding and harmony between our immigrants and indigenous population for that is in the best interests of us all. “Divide and rule” is a classic and time used strategy by the british govt to foster & maintain animosity between races/religions etc……it most certainly is NOT mine. reiverdave

  3. Anonymous says:

    Reverdave i hold you in the utmost resepct, but in every instance of muslim extremism you will see the hand of MI5
    Dont forget israel runs both UK and USA intelligence, and both GCHG
    MI5 and mi6 are overseen by “malcolm the poof” as he is known Malcolm Rifkind

  4. sovereigntea says:

    I quite agree with the comment above.
    The asian paedo gangs have been permitted to exist and even when clearly identified the police and social svcs have failed to investigate or prosecute allowing the problem to persist and expand. I know a vulnerable young mother who was deliberatly placed at risk in the Alms Houses Redditch Worcs. She was groomed, given drugs and raped multiple times at a nearby asian owned hotel opposite a pub on Mount Pleasant. Despite pubic hair of the culprits being attached to her person the police did not take any further action or perform DNA testing. She was returned to her family still in the forensic white suit. The situation was further engineered and the family undermined by social services leading to the young child who was in now custody of the family being stolen by social services employing the ruse of temporary “respite” for very stressed and tired famiily members. Soon after being placed in the “care” of social services the child recieved a broken arm, as the result of an accident allegedly. There are many other similar instances onvolving young mothers at the same location. People being set up to have their children stolen. The paedo gangs have been tolerated and fostered by the establishment to provide cover for their own evil activities and deflect the eyes of the public. The asian gangs serve to provide deception and cover, a propaganda tool for those wishing to foster a Muslim Christian conflict. Thus getting the goyem to eliminate each other and not identify the real problem the enemy within. As for Sharia Law what utter tosh the real issue is the attempt to undermine Common Law replacing it with EU Talmudic Aquis Communitaire /UCC / Napoleonic / Admiralty Law and with it go our rights and protections. Sharia Law actually has quite a lot in Common with Common Law for those that wish to educate themselves. PS I am an Englishman and a non-believer.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    There is also mention of “barbaric practices including halal slaughter of animals.”

    Yep to eat it you have to get the beast dead. The kindest way is to shoot it with a well placed kill shot from a distance in the field no warning no stress the meat tastes better that way too.

    There appears to be little difference between Halal and Khosher neither animal is stunned before it has its throat cut and bleeds out. We are more “civillised” and stun the beasts first .. this is a far from 100% process and as far as I see things irrelevant and in some instances worse.

    FYI – Not for the squeemish

    The Humane version stunning first

    Kosher killing

    Halal Killing

    Meat eaters should note that all the animals somehow panic and “know” just before the truck takes the last few corners to the slaughterhouse even upwind.

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Forgot to say mostly a good article but as commenter no 1 says falls into the Zionists trap.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 1:19 and sovereigntea @ 1:36.

    Guys, you both need to re-read what i said.

    I have no doubt that spooks run the extremists, media, opposition parties, “antigovt. organisations etc. and will continue to do so UNTIL we the people fully engage with each other on all fronts. (as previously stated) This is the ONLY way to normalise relations and move forward as a single cohesive people and nation. AS PREVIOUSLY STATED if we leave this to the govt, the situation will only worsen.

    To say that sharia law has ANYthing in common with Common Law of 1689 is total utter tosh!! Nowhere in Common Law does it stipulate the practice of: amputations, rape, sedition, “to catch your enemy and bind him tightly and cut his neck”, Nowhere does Common Law advocate honour killings/murder, mandatory death sentence for apostasy and nowhere does it advocate death by stoning for adultery! Common Law does advocate “lawful rebellion” in the event the govt has become unjust/corrupt. However Lawful Rebellion is not violent and mirrors the Mahatma Ghandi method of passive resistance. Sir, if you actually believe these stated points relating to sharia in comparison to Common Law then i suggest you Educate yourself first…..with all due respect. reiverdave

  8. Anonymous says:

    The common denominator between the paedophiles, rapists and grooming gangs is…SEX. Not race nor religion. These people are weak, they lack inner strength, they cannot control themselves. Their actions are driven by the need to obtain gratification for their abnormal sexual desires. They do not possess the strength to control their sexual fantasies nor their sexual urges. They are very weak people.
    The grooming gangs and paedophile rings see this and cash in on it. Knowing these weak people have no inner strength to fight off the abnormal desires when opportunity to get gratification of that abnormal desire is placed available to them.
    Yes there is a difference in some cultures attitudes towards the female gender being classed as ‘a non person’, ‘ a lesser person’ ‘a possession to be used’ etc but it the WEAKNESS and insecurities of these humans that are the cause.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 2:36

    I agree in part with your comments but in principle, i was replying to specifics and that is the case of the grooming gang as mentioned in the press today. To glibly afford them the mantle of “weak” is an insult to and further demeans the girls they abused. I don’t agree with your simplified and gentle approach in saying they are “weak”. Under THEIR OWN self-professed, preferred laws/code of conduct they should be executed. That is sharia! The problem is that these minorities actually believe they are entitled and therefore empowered to carry out such acts NOT from anything to do with Common Law but due to teachings from the Quran and further supported by Imams who usually and very openly preach the importance of adherence to such tenets. I am not and have never said we should stop or impair Islam but rather we must control and/or remove from our society/country those followers who interpret Islam is such a way as to contradict our own culture, our own way of life, and our laws by flagrantly disregarding same and then claiming they didn’t understand or were only following their own dictates and conscience etc. The clean-up can only be accomplished by all people working together and where possible to the exclusion of the govt. The pedophiles infecting our society should not be classed as “weak” either but as the most vile of human beings and must be pursued until justice prevails. They should be brought to justice under Common Law no matter who they are or whatever role they play in our country. No-one is above the law. reiverdave

  10. Anonymous says:

    Some exceptionaly good and intelligent comments here, i should say in Leton East LOndon a Group of jewish failies cameoin just before W W I from Germany hoping to avoid natonal service.
    So although they have been here since 1913 they still speak no English and no not buy from English shops, they travel to Stamford hill some 22 miles to shop
    Jew do not integrate, this caused big trouble in Poland before W W 2

  11. Anonymous says:

    Things can work the other way too.
    Until all the mud throwing and shit spreading i had never heard of Chris Spivey England is ours or T Stakes, but now i find i enjoy what they say very much.
    PS today Chris Spivey mentions Greville Janner in more pedo cases.
    lets hope this time they get the b*sted

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you reiverdave completely.
    I was referring to the underlying lack of self discipline in these people or perhaps a better description would be lack of self respect as well as lack of respect for others. Perhaps I was a bit vague in my previous comment.
    When I said weak I mean it in the sense these people have no substance of humanity within them, no strength of spirit or courage. They are empty of all decency and soulless. They are the cowards and bullies of any society and they preach and breed their failings as humans to others so as not to be exposed as the inadequate beings they really are. They are in every culture some have more than others.

    You are quite right in the fact they shouldn.t be allowed to infect society with their poison, they need to be stopped or removed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I fully support Chris spivey as genuine, i used to listen to the truthnews radio show and in particular my favourite was Chris Cooper, now there was an awful hit piece about his being a fake and whatnot, so i rang the show, it turned out that these hate articles were by someone calling themselves Elis Taylor, Chris Cooper had never met him and never heard of him, so it looked like this Ellis Taylor was just making it all up to get his name on the net as some sort of useful idiot

  14. julie says:

    How many people have died in the UK through Islamist terrorism? NONE, NONE, NONE. In my opinion 7/7 and Woolwich were both orchestrated by the State. If I thought Sharia Law was imminent, I would be shouting from the rooftops against it.

  15. Anonymous says:


    I fully agree with you on your comment relating to terrorism even including the so-called IRA bombings.

    However, i think you need to go up to the rooftops today! Sharia is in practice in UK today. This was acknowledged some 3/4 years ago by the govt. after it began covertly. from the UK press on 14th dec..
    Leicester University caves in to demands that muslim students be segregated during lectures.
    that is the whole point about sharia. It starts off quietly enough and often without fanfare but it “creeps” and with unlimited funds behind it to further the cause, it is a real and growing threat. Read it and weep! reiverdave

  16. Anonymous says:

    TAP some superb comments here thankyou for not erasing them.
    Did you know that the ony reason the jews have not yet collapsed our economy is because muslims who will not permit usuary, and use home safes and their own building societies ( non profit )
    and this means there is so much money still i circulation that the jewbankers cant snatch
    so we owe these guys for something

  17. Tapestry says:

    ..or maybe it’s something else – the refusal to panic of the British, sangfroid.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In agreement

    Here in the states we now have a lot of anti nationalist British sounding media types on our airwaves. I resent their presence. Not because of them sounding British, but because of who and what they are really representing. It also gives me a real insight into the garbage that they are feeding the people in the UK

    I sure hope that I used “British” and “UK” properly in this post. Please forgive me if I err

  19. Tapestry says:

    I’m glad we provide insight. In turn we’ve received masses of insight over here from over there, people like Edward G.Griffin, Dr Stan Monteith and others too many to mention. Brits are so easily programmable and don’t easily stand against conformity. We’ve a lot to learn yet. UK and British correctly used.

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