The mysterious death of John Denver

The singer and musician John Denver, real name Henry John Deutschendorff, was the son of a test pilot at Roswell New Mexico, but John began to become an activist for peace singing many protest songs but it was his involvement with protests over oil drilling in the arctic on a natural wildlife reserve and his letters during the 1996 election which angered some powerful lobbies.

He began his musical career with a guitar bought as a present by his grandmother and played first for the Chad Mitchell trio until 1968 when he struck out on his own. From 1969 until 1975 John Denver was the top selling US recording artist and was made entertainer of the year by the Country music assoc. and won other awards from the American Guild of recording artists, he also acted in “Mc’Cloud 1970 and with comedian George Burns in the hit comedy “oh god” in 1977.

John Denver’s popularity was such that he was approached to allow pro Vietnam subliminals into his records and John refused, anonymous items appeared in the gutter press that he was an alcoholic, a homosexual, smoked weed 24/7, his plane was unflight worthy and other smears.

John’s interest in environmental matters had begun to worry some big political players, and the fear was that John would team up and support presidential candidate Ross Perot, the only man that was not owned by the syndicates.

The United States Presidential election of 1996 was a contest between the democrat ticket of Pres. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, and Vice Pres. Al Gore of Tennessee and former senator Bob Dole of Kansas, Ross Perot ran as a candidate for the reform party who wanted to clean up US politics, but was largely sidelined by the controlled media.

The Clinton’s were investigated by several people who had mysterious deaths, let’s look below at some figures now 12 years old.

Murders- 12
Suicides- 9
Plane crashes- 6
Car crashes- 7
Skiing- 2
Unexplained deaths- 6 and mounting.

Now it was well known that Mossad put the beautiful young Monica Lewinski up to honey trap Bill Clinton, or “sweet William” as he was known to the C.I.A. and Clinton fell into the trap, we all remember the ” I did not sleep with that woman ” episode, and the constant film being removed from the internet of a naked Hillary romping with very young girls, when politicians are corrupt they attract yet more corruption until they are owned body and soul by foreign powers, exactly as occurred to Barack Obama.

The Clinton entourage did not like a fresh faced Christian Anglo Saxon musician criticizing them and particularly supporting Ross Perot, so John Denver’s plane nosedived into Monterey bay on October 12 1997.

Reports by Donald Smaltz were seized by the FBI, microfilm of which parts later appeared in Tel Aviv, along with the quote, ” when people get in the way of politicians shit happens. “
John Denver may have gone, but his music and his message lives on.
T Stokes London

John Denver – Anti War Protest 1971

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    You Gotta Be Insane to Fly In Small Private Planes – Mojo Nixon for a very long list of “accidents”.

    Odd how searching for the lyrics seems to be futile and there is no youtube version of this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never knew they killed him ? i used to play his music when i put my kids to sleep when i lived in Missouri, i loved this guy.
    Wasnt the author the British guy
    who had the amatuerish hatchet job done on him a while back, and they mixed him up with someone else ?
    hilarious you Britsh just slay me ! happy new year !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why does Monica Lewinsky look like a Greenberg actor.
    In fact where is she now ??
    Come on you American sleuths where is she.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Tap publishes whatever seems sense on the day. Readers have to form their own opinions. Nothing is guaranteed to be true or correct and no checks are done as to sources. It’s all down to your judgement. There’s not time or money to do anything else.

    Some sources are shills giving 80% correct information building up a following which they send to nowhere. Potential opposition is neutralised.

    Other sources are well-meant but don’t know all that much.

    Occasionally you get a well-informed well-meant source who knows a lot about a particular aspect of the worldwide conspiracy. No one knows it all or is perfect as a source.

    In the end of the day you have your own instinct as to who to believe and who not to believe, same as me, and that’s it. If you find that hilarious, then that’s fine by me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hhhmmm food for thought here tap, i read these several times and i gotta admit it does seem like these guys were done in.
    makes you kinda very very careful about what you say somehow….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amy Winehouse had personal difficulties, and used drugs and alcohol, she was scheduled to go into rehab and told her mananger she wanted out at least for some months, they had a heated row and the manager said i have a lot of money riding on you for upcoming gigs you dont retire now you bitch,
    well she did and she was dead a week later

  7. Anonymous says:

    Amy Winehouse killed herself. She was a chronic alcoholic and drug user. The first time I saw her was in the Peacock Bar (now the Big Chill Bar) just off Brick Lane. I would see her more frequently in The Hawley Arms in Camden. Every time she’d be off her tits.

    I’m not denying the possibility of malpractice as there’s always a chance but the two prominent factors that make this very less likely are:

    1. Unlike Paul Walker, the star of 2 Fast 2 Furious, believed to have been whacked for uncovering a permanent birth control drug to be administered to Phillipinos after the recent disaster, Winehouse was nothing more than a ‘wino-junkie’ with a good voice. You don’t murder a superstar who’s going to make you alot of money because she wants to take some months off to be healed.

    2. Not only was she a Jew (Jews don’t whack fellow Jews unless they’re a serious threat) but I remember images of Winehouse, looking like a character from a George Romero film. Worse still you could see blood stains on the front of her shoes where she’d injected the ‘brown sugar’ in various newspaper images. In other words, she burt the candle at both ends regarding her drug and alcohol use. You don’t neck bottles of vodka and not expect serious health issues afterwards.

    Sad for any parent to lose their children, but when you’re young and hit the big time as Amy did, every desire is catered for along with a never ending entourage of ‘friends’. There was nothing her parents could have done. She was a walking train wreck.

    Verdict: accidental suicide through alcohol & drug abuse. The NWO had no need to remove her. She was a great ambassador to them. I wonder just how many teenagers she turned into junkies and winos. Moreso she epitomised the ‘wigger’ with her Jafaican accent.



  8. Anonymous says:

    Amy Winehouse lives on in her screen double Lady Gaga.
    It was reported lady Gaga is to play Amy in a new film about her life and times.
    There will be some new records in the film that were ‘canned’ before her demise.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have the utmost respect for harbinger who writes a very good asessment, but it comes from those close to Amy Winehouse that she was done in, one of many i am afraid.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anyone read “Inside the LC” about Laurel Canyon? Many alleged “accidental overdoses”/”suicides” aren’t, especially in Hellyweed. Same goes for car and plane crashes. just sayin…

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