The alternative media is corrupted.

The enemy is smart, and populate the alternative media with planted opposition.

The plants reveal 80% of the truth but stop short of revealing all that is known, and build up a huge following. It’s what they don’t talk about that gives them away. Noam Chomsky for example is a Zionist gatekeeper. They develop areas of specialty and keep to that track. You need to be discerning and discriminating.

You want to believe and trust someone. The mind is a pain-avoiding mechanism. Denial is the result. People think,’if that’s true, then my whole world’s upside-down.’ Yet the world is already upside-down. The people who killed JFK are now in power all over the world.

Coup d’etat in slow motion’ is the book former Swedish journalist Ole Dammegard (pronounced Dammergord) wrote.  Here he is being interviewed by Jeff Rense.  Here is his website.


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In another interview linked to from his blog (top right on home page), he says he became interested in the subject of conspiracy when he saw the Zapruder footage of the JFK assassination.  He spent years reading books and studying that event, also RFK, MLK, Lincoln and even Julius Caesar’s assassination, and he found there was an assassination template which was followed in all cases.  Then he was investigating the killing of Olef Palme the Swedish Prime Minister, meeting witnesses and realising the Police were covering up details.  He had to leave Sweden after two of his friends were murdered, and he realised things were getting too close.  He now lives in Spain.

He has a lot of information he’s found in his researches.   An important source.  He says the patsies they choose need to fit well with the media, and look like bad guys, and have elements in their past which make them look ‘woo-woo’ in the media.  Operation Fordy(?) was a group of assassins set up by Nixon in the 50s to carry out assassinations on a worldwide basis to take out inconvenient people.    The same names keep coming up involved in mutiple killings and ‘terror’ events, including George Bush senior.  This family is central when it comes to these things.  GHWB was the funder of Operation Fordie.  David Morales who killed Che Guevara was involved with Fordie, was at JFK and RFK’s assassination.  Same guys over and over – Bay of Pigs, Watergate.

The CIA, the mafia are two sides of the same coin.  GHWB was in the Deltex building when the shots were fired, as was the Head of the Chicago mafia.  Bush is involved with assassinations on a global scale.  Many of the people present at the assassination of JFK were later present at the assassination of Olef Palme in 1986.  The same power elite who took out JFK are still in power to this day, affecting our lives dramatically.

Sweden has gone to be a militant right-wing country after Palme, where before it was left wing.  In Sweden, cash money has almost disappeared, and it is being used as a test bed.  That is very scary as the money issuers have so much power.

Lennon ‘s killing also had Fordy connections.  Why do they use the same people all the time?  He asked a contact.  The reply was ‘they’re a winning team.’  They have a problem with people who stand up and speak the truth and talk for peace.  This causes the problems.   Bob Marley.  Lennon.  Diana.  Ghandi.  Beatles were a Tavistock creation.  They paid young people to do the screaming, as when the Beatles were met at the airport.  The songs were not written by them.  They wanted a music group to destabilise society and used the Beatles to promote drugs.  They use diversion also, things like Monica Lewinsky.  The Beatles were used in America to take attention away from the Kennedy assassination.

Paul McCartney died in a car accident in November 1966 after picking up a girl who went crazy and grabbed his hair and he was killed in the crash.  The new Paul McCartney does not have the same skull, eye colour, teeth or voice.  Why would so much effort go into making such a cover up?  George Harrison and John Lennon were not keen on the new guy, and laced his lyrics with references to Paul’s death.  Harrison called him Faul, not Paul.  Lennon was going to go public with Paul’s death and double and had said so a week before he was killed.  Harrison’s villa was broken into and nearly killed Harrison who wanted to go public on McCartney’s death.  George died of cancer, like Bob Marley, cancer another way they kill.  Marley’s death is also connected to Operation Fordy.

Ole has a Youtube channel which includes information on the death of Jimi Hendrix, and many others..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bob Marley …..let me tell you onething ab ..him …he didn’t work for them…His mrs Did……and Someone very close ….someone….who ..worked ..for the JG …in JA …he…worked for CIA like Rita …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ben Fulfords video was pulled some while back but he spoke out about how high level jews kidnapping and performing satanic ritual sacrifices of christian kids usually boys.
    He names Kissenger Vanessa Feltz Zoe Wannamaker Menachem Began and several others i cant remember

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alternative media is a minefield with all these Trolls and bloggers who are also police and State agents. These people are paid to discredit activists campaigners and whistle-blowers. They rant, insult and discredit.
    They are also engaged on discrediting the truth they do this by mixing pure fantasy up with the real story. Something easy to disprove so it discredits the true story
    You find these Trolls and bloggers everywhere engaged on discrediting and harassing real activists and campaigners. Spreading lies about them, their families and friends . The purpose is to silence the activist because they are getting too close to the truth.

    We have to take care not to encourage these twisted trolls and bloggers who work for paedophiles and murderers

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