Society exists. It’s just insane.

Definition of insanity is society.

99% of the population controlled by an unelected 1%.  (TAP – .0001%)

Waving flags and paying homage (not to mention taxes) to a Queen, standing out in the pouring rain to catch a glimpse of a probable double of that Queen. Having a Queen surely reduces humanity to insect level?

Worshipping football and sports “heroes” as if they are gods, obliterating rational thought for sport related non talk. (TAP – sport as religion, part of the control system)

Abdicating one’s personal and loved ones’ safety and self preservation, by giving the power to unelected faceless individuals and organisations, governments (why do self determining individuals need to be “governed” ?)

Signing over our children to arms manufacturing gangsters so that they can be killed in wars of no importance to the majority.

Going along with the whole charade in the first place, and certain insanity for not questioning those who seek to control us further.

Those and a thousand other reasons define inasanity to me.

I must be nuts then? and the ziogangstas parasiting off my back –  paragons of virtue tolerance and fairness..right.

Anonymous in reply to ‘Conspiracy theorists are unstable individuals, dangerous to society’.

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