Radiation alerts hit U.S. cities – Fukushima suspected source

Fukishima cited as suspected source of increasing threat

A private organization that monitors data from thousands of government and other network points for radiation across the United States issued email alerts today for two western U.S. cities, Reno, Nev., and St. George Utah.

The alerts come from the the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center, which explains its mission is to provide radiation monitoring information from hundreds of sites, including those run by the Environmental Protection Agency, across the United States and Japan.
The warning pinpointed an area “of concern” in St. George, Utah, where it said background radiation levels more than doubled today from the typical reading.
It also named Reno, Nev., for concern, where “the current background radiation level has increased suddenly by more than 200 points from the typical average.”
The report said the “counts per minute” at St. George reach an all-time high of 456, where the average is 222 with a normal deviation of 55.
At Reno, the county suddenly surged quickly, although the CPM was only 462, where the all time high reached 542. There the average is 279 with a deviation of 56.2.
NETC.com founder Harlan Yother told WND that he’s seeing more and more surges of radiation, where levels rise along the West Coast of the United States, then move across the nation from west to east. This always follows by two or three days a rise in monitor levels in Japan, home of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster in 2011, he said.
In fact, a previous alert, from Nov. 26, specifically cited the Fukishima, Japan, nuclear disaster, where a power plant was struck first by an earthquake, then by a tidal wave created by the undersea quake.

(TAP – not to mention an Israeli nuclear device which blew up the plant, housed covertly in a CCTV pillar.)

The organization reports that several of the individual reactors at Fukushima melted down and exploded, releasing massive doses of radiation into the air and water.
Yother said the records show that Seattle, which once was one of the lowest radiation reporting sites in the nation, has been rising ever since the disaster.

Will life on earth be extinguished?


Interviewer: …Severe consequence for future generations?
Bertell: It will have consequences. I have done a lot of work on the Marshall Islands where they got the fallout from the weapon testing. And the Rongalap people are people that are dying out, that whole clan.
Interviewer: …Marshall Islands- example
Bertell: It increases infertility and inability to have children. They went for about five years without even being able to get pregnant. Then they started having spontaneous abortions, what they call jelly-fish-babies. It is a pregnancy of something like a tumour, a child is not formed. It is a molar pregnancy. Then they started having deformed birth. But the birth rate is dramatically down at this whole clan of people and there next generation is physically less fit. Their birth rate is down, they die younger, in the 30s and 40s. So it is obvious that this whole line of people is dying, it is not going to survive. What I think we are doing is that our generation is making a decision on how many future generations there will be. How much in shorted depends on how careless we are. So we already shortened future generations because whenever you introduce genetic defect then this line will eventually die out. But some will go two generations, some will go seven generation.
When you are talking about constant low radiation exposure, what you are doing is introducing mistakes into the gene-pool. And those mistakes will eventually turn up by killing that line, that cell line, that species line. The amount of damage determines whether this happens in two generations or in seven generations or 10 generations. So what we are doing by introducing more mistakes into the DNA or the Gene pool is we are shortening the number of generations that will be viable on the planet.
We have shortened the number of generations that will follow us. We have shortened that already. So we reduced the viability of living systems on this planet, whether it can recover or not. We don’t have any outside source to get new DNA. So have the DNA we have, whoever will live on this planet in the future is present right now in the DNA. So if we damage it we don’t have another place to get it.
There will be no living thing on earth in the future that is not present now in a seed, in a sperm and the ovum of all living plants and animals. So it is all here now. It is not going to come from Mars or somewhere. Living things come from living things. So we carry this very precious seed for the future. And when you damage it you do two things. You produce a less viable harmonized organism with the environment; at the same time we are leaving the toxic and radioactive waste around. So you are going to have a more hazardous environment and a less capable organism. That is a death syndrome for the species, not only for the individual. It is going to be harder to live. And the body will be less able to take stress and you are increasing the stress at the same time.

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    Commonly known in the bible as – The Evil Wind

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    Which bible? Sitchin?

    “a third of the living creatures in the sea died.” Rev. 8.9

    “A third of mankind was killed…”

    Rev. 9.18

    We stand on the verge of WW3 whereby Israel will wheel out it’s false messiah (Antichrist) to bring an end to all wars and unite the nations under Jewish authority.


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    False Messiah not coming from Israel but coming from UTAH!!!

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