Pope Time Magazine ‘personality of the year’

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I was going to have a rest from all this, but scrolling through the TV news a couple
of hours ago, I saw Al Jazeera were reporting that Time have voted the Pope as 
“personality of the year!”  They didn’t talk about Ratzinger, but that’s another story.
Not knowing too much about Time Magazine and it’s history, I had a little look.
Founded by Henry Luce and Briton Hadden in 1923.  Henry Luce  was described as:
“the most influential private citizen in the America of his day”.  Henry Luce was a protestant
and married Lila Hotz.   In 1920 Lila met Henry Luce, a young journalist, while on holiday in Rome. The following day she wrote to her mother: “His name is Luce – don’t know his first name, or where his home is – or anything. Yet I do know what he thinks about many things!

 They continued to see each other over the next couple of years but it was only after Luce successfully launched Time Magazine that they were given permission to marry. The wedding took place in December 1923. Henry Winters Luce assisted at the church service. Afterwards they had a separate Skull and Bones wedding. The couple had two sons, Henry Luce (28th April, 1925) and Peter Paul Luce (18th May 1929).

Apparently Time Magazine (Time Inc.) in now under Jewish ownership..



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  1. NPP says:

    The Pope on Time. Some how so predictable. Gerald Celenet and Jeff rense have commented how poor Time & Life Magazine are now… Celente says: New Trends Journal – Beyond LIFE, Ahead Of TIME.

    This is worth a look Tap, 35mins, freshly recorded this evening. I’ll leave it here:
    Keith Allen talks to Sonia Poulton about his film in which he looks at the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, an inquest of the inquest.
    From http://www.thepeoplesvoice.tv

    They mention this in the interview:
    Reactions to Princess Diana First Unlawful Killing film screening in Galway:

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