Police Now Taking Blood and Saliva from Drivers Across the Nation

WASHINGTON, DC — A federal program that began in Texas has now spread to an estimated 60 communities across the nation and shows no signs of stopping.

Police throughout the country are continuing to stop Americans at checkpoints to extract their blood and saliva under the direction federal government contractors,according to reports.
The agents responsible for the program claim that the extractions are being conducted to “reduce drunk driving” and that they are “voluntary.”
But citizens and civil liberties activists are deeply critical of the program, stating that drivers are tricked into submitting their fluids and that the program is fundamentally coercive.
The checkpoints are operated by armed agents in uniform, giving the appearance of the threat of force.
As far as the drivers know, if they do not stop at the checkpoints, they may be chased down, arrested, or worse.
Tom Neer, a sheriff of St. Charles County, said that his department was duped into participating in the program.
A subcontractor with the U.S. government reportedly paid six of Sheriff Neer’s officers to man the checkpoints and collect the bodily fluids.
“We will not cooperate with these federal checkpoints again,” said Neer.
“In essence, we got duped, and shame on me,” he added.
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), the agency behind the federal program, continues to insist that it’s “voluntary.”
Many consider that to be a lie, however, given numerous reports about the appearance of force and economic coercion.
When approaching these checkpoints, motorists are randomly stopped and instructed to pull over.
If they initially refuse to cooperate, they may be offered up to $100.
For unemployed drivers desperate to survive in hard economic conditions, the offer of $100 becomes a heavy economic pressure to comply.
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  2. Anonymous says:

    The recent checpoint shooting incident will have been staged to keep the fear of being gunned in the drivers minds, if they resist.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Utterly obscene to say the least – forcing people to give them their bodily fluids is terribly wrong. The police and the rest of the security services are completely out of control.



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