Podcast about the population control agenda

Interview on The Mind Renewed, Julian Charles in Lancashire, England with Dr Stan Monteith in Monterey Bay, California.

Dr. Stanley MonteithThis week our guest is once again Dr. Stanley Monteith, retired 
orthopaedic surgeon, veteran Christian researcher and radio host, 
who joins us to discuss the thesis of his controversial article, “The 
Population Control Agenda.” Arguing that there exists a hidden 
agenda within elitist circles to reduce the world’s human population 
by over 90%, Dr. Monteith indicates ways in which he believes this 
agenda is being implemented in the world today.

Georgia Guidestones, AIDS, Margaret Sanger, Thomas Robert Malthus, An Essay on the 
Principle of Population, Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, Club of Rome, Mankind at the 
Turning Point, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Eric Pianka, Ebola Reston, Forrest Mims, Baxter 
International, Orth-Donau, H5N1, Jacques Cousteau, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Kissinger 
Report, National Security Study Memorandum 200, NSSM 200, immunologic adjuvants, 
aspartame, bisphenol A, BPA, tax-exempt foundations, abortion, overpopulation, 
underpopulation, neo-Malthusian, Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, 
Optimum Population Trust, Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt, James Lovelock


Stan – People are being killed every day in vast numbers.  The people doing it should be in jail but they hold the reins of power throughout the world, and will probably never be made to pay for their crimes against humanity.  He speaks very well and calmly.

In Russia they’re paying people to have children as population is falling so fast.  US has only 1.6 children per couple.  European population is falling as in Russia and Japan.  Overpopulation is not the problem.  It’s population collapse in developed countries.

Aerial spraying of ebola virus would kill 90% of humanity.  Viruses are being weaponised in laboratories.  They are planning a major war to kill hundreds of millions of people.  Stan is also concerned with what’s in vaccines, as no one knows what’s there.  They create panics to get people to get vaccinated.  People should be very very wary.  When they come up with stories about very scary diseases, be very wary.

The message of depopulation is Luciferian, as contained in The Georgia Guidestones – they want to maintain the population of humanity at ‘500 million in constance balance with nature’.  They want to ‘guide reproduction wisely’.  They want to ‘improve the level of fitness’.  The man who paid for their erection used a pseudonym R.C.Christian.  He said he was from a secret society.

The US vaccine programme, aspartame, modified food, water and toothpaste fluoridation all help to block reproduction.  Canned goods is liked with bisphenol.  This leads to cancer.  All plastics do exactly the same thing.  GM foods limit fertility and they promote cancer.

Vaccines contain mercury, aluminium which are put there specifically to limit reproduction.  In developing countries, family sizes are progressively falling.

Raise living standards.  People should have 2 children per family.

There are powerful spiritual forces behind the depopulation movement.  Look out for ‘None Dare Call It Genocide’ on the internet, or order the video from Radio Liberty.

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  1. NPP says:

    Great interview. Good website:

    I’ve transcribed some of the text for this should anyone find it useful:
    Anthropogenic global warming? Not according to Dr. Easterbrook.

    Well done Tap. Keep it up.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the links, NPP, as the above post. It’s a good refresher for Monteith followers such as myself.

  3. NPP says:

    Tap, cloer to your part of the world, populations out of control…
    Riots break out in Singapore. Think your country is immune?

    By the end of the evening, an angry mob had lit five police vehicles on fire, plus the ambulance, leaving the streets in a towering inferno.

    Singapore has had years of tensions building. The wealth gap is growing like crazy.

    And backlash against immigrants, especially from certain countries, is becoming an acute and obvious problem.

    Printing money with wanton abandon. Racking up the greatest debt burden in the history of the world. Doling out wasteful and offensively incompetent social welfare programs at the expense of the middle class. Brazenly spying on your own citizens. These are not actions without consequences.

    And if it can happen in Singapore– one of the safest, most stable countries on the planet, it can happen anywhere. Even in a sterile American suburb.

  4. dp says:

    Agree with the article and comments.
    – it explains why viruses do not exist.
    I would suggest that mycoplasma, bacteria, microbes and chemicals are used among the many included above.

    check – “There is no greenhouse effect” on facebook

    The ruse is far deeper and has been going on for longer than many imagine.

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