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  1. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who do not believe the gvernment is killing us, look at what our government did to the German people in W W II, to hide this up they invented the story of the holocaust.
    A whistleblower told us some time back that the government experimented on gas attack sprays on its own citizens on the london underground and in East anglia in particular, and how it aded toxins to vaccines and is changing us to GM foods

  2. Anonymous says:

    Their seems to be a lot of immune system breakdown problems across UK and Europe at the moment. I’m hearing from people all over relatives and friends going down with this illness. They are being prescribed daily vitamins and injections every 3 months for the rest of their lives.
    This can’t be just coincidence

  3. Anonymous says:

    Should newspapers ban climate deniers like Reddit’s science forum?

    This “educated” guy is just not real! I only need to look at my weekly local rag and there I find weather and temperatures 50 and 100 years ago exactly as they are now, i.e. we’ll be going into January in a fortnight and in January we (UK) can expect average temperatures to be + or – 2 degrees Celsius just as they were 50 and 100 years years ago.
    And bye the way, take note of the date of that old foto of the river bed at Bretagne Bridge. This is just like posting a foto of parts of the dried up Thames river bed in the hot summer 1976 then posting it years down the road with the cry, Humans cause Global Warming!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    At different times i asked 3 seniour US airmen and they all gave diferent explanations for chemtrails,
    they are all liars and its time the USA people went home

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