next false flag mo?

US: American Fighters in Syria a Security Risk

Federal officials say Americans are joining the bloody civil war in Syria, raising the chances they could become radicalized by al-Qaida-linked militant groups and return to the U.S. as battle-hardened security risks.

At a Senate homeland security committee hearing this month, Sen. Thomas Carper said: “We know that American citizens as well as Canadian and European nationals have taken up arms in Syria, in Yemen and in Somalia. The threat that these individuals could return home to carry out attacks is real and troubling.”

Outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller told ABC News that he was concerned about Americans fighting in Syria, specifically “the associations they will make and, secondly, the expertise they will develop, and whether or not they will utilize those associations, utilize that expertise, to undertake an attack on the homeland.”

The State Department says it has no estimates of how many Americans have taken up weapons to fight military units loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad in the conflict that has killed more than 100,000 people over 2 ½ years.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The USA has always only ever seen the short term, the jews war on germany brought in the USA against the german people, not recognising that the real enemy was the soviets, to cover this blunder jewish puppet winston churchill then had to mke the famous iron curtain speech.
    Military intell said for years and Neville Chamberlian said the same thing, let the germans and the soviets fight it out, and the winner will then be no match for us.

  2. Lucas Moore says:

    Oh!!! dear again the war. I do not know what they get by fight. Well i hope very soon this will also get the good result.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The british government got round discussing or recogising this
    by constatly discussing homosexual marriage. I cant imagine any would want to as most gay relationships last just 10 minutes according to statistics.
    The government who supports gay lifestyles and cultures aims at escalting the number of homosexuals in the population at 5% per year, and claim it is well on target for next months figures

  4. Anonymous says:

    More likely more and more troops are joining Assad and fighting the terrorists.
    This is the real reason for fear.

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