More newborn babies die from Hepatitis B vaccine

TAP – Hepatitis B vaccination is given to newborn babies worldwide.  A disease which almost exclusively affects prostitutes, their clients and drug users.  How come this vaccine is given to newborn babies all over the world, killing and injuring large numbers, and having other not yet known longterm effects, such as sterility?

Latest reports – Guangdong worst affected by ban of hepatitis B vaccine after more baby deaths

Zhuang Pinghui
Several provinces have scrambled to find a replacement after a Shenzhen manufacturer’s hepatitis B vaccine was banned nationwide over a suspected link with seven infant deaths.
Guangdong health authorities revealed on Sunday that three more babies died this month after receiving the vaccine produced by Shenzhen-based Biokangtai. That came two days after the Food and Drug Administration issued a statement saying that four babies in Sichuan , Hunan and Guangdong had died. Another baby in Hunan became ill after an injection of the vaccine.
The administration banned the use of two batches of the Biokangtai vaccine following the deaths of two babies in Hunan on December 13. It extended the ban to all the hepatitis B products by the company on Friday after the reports of new cases.
Health authorities are still investigating the cases.
Founded in 1988, Biokangtai is the largest manufacturer of hepatitis B vaccines in China, according to its website. A woman who answered the phone at Biokangtai said the company was involved in an investigation and would not comment.
An earlier statement from Biokangtai attributed the babies’ deaths to coincidence, saying that three million shots were administered to Hunan babies every year and all were fine.
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