Loretta Fuddy: The Most Unlucky Person of 2013 – or was she killed to cover a big lie?

21st Century Wire says…

Are the White House plumbers at it again?

A Cessna crashes in Hawaii, and eight survive – but one woman, for some reason, could not be rescued. Her name was Loretta Fuddy, she was 65 years old, and she happened to be the Hawaiian health official who released the notorious copy of President Obama’s long form birth certificate.

A political storm erupted when a PDF birth certificate appeared on the White House’s website back in April 2011. Although ridiculed, and blacked out by the mainstream media, the issue has not gone away. This latest tragic accident’ will only increase interest in the story of Obama’s true roots, and what may have been done to cover up the truth.

Officials also say that the reason the plane went down was a “mystery”, but it landed on the water and passengers even had time to collect and put on life jackets. NBC also reports the following:
The flight was due to travel from Molokai to Oahu. The pilot was among the survivors, and the rest of the passengers were treated for “non-life threatening injuries”. Most survivors have already been sent home.

This tells us the crash was not fatal – because no one sustained any real injuries. But Fuddy still, disappears.

Strangely, initial news reports provide detail on every technical thing about this incident, yet say nothing of what actually happened to Fuddy. Do authorities need time to sure-up their story?

The US Coast Guard supposedly post this picture (below) of the “rescue” on Instagram, only it shows absolutely nothing at all. So why post it in the first place?


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6 Responses to “Loretta Fuddy: The Most Unlucky Person of 2013 – or was she killed to cover a big lie?”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    No its just a coincidence, she must have wandered off and got picked up by little green men.

    The global homosexual gangster cabal are doing so many things in plain sight now, their confidence knows no bounds. Lets hope they are heading for a fall.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Its open season on whistleblowers
    Holywood is full of homosexuals and they are the fron runners in the attack on the west, just as Victor Rothschild said they would be in the 1930s.
    Starting in August 2013 the smearing and character assassination is the start for those who do not listen murder is the next step.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I could not care less what adults do in privacy but when my 7 year old son comes home from school and tels me they are being taught how to commit buggery in the homosexual studies class, i get very angry,
    kids dont need to be taught this

  5. Anonymous says:

    As anonymous says above, the cabal (Jews and their shabbas goys) are just whacking anyone who crosses them. Obama and his ‘kill list’ by drone utterly beggars belief.

    If you’ve been smeared by the msm and your character assassinated, very likely removed from your job I’d be very careful with what you eat, where you go and whom you associate with.

    It is believed that Paul Walker (2 fast 2 furious star) was whacked (car crash) because he and a friend had discovered a plot by a western relief organisation to supply victims, of the recent typhoon in the Phillipines with a prototype ‘PERMANENT’ birth control drug.

    With Walker and his friend dead, all evidence they have has been destroyed, no proceedings will be taken against the organisation and this will remain as another one of those ‘loony’ conspiracy theories. Although, safe to say, if the birth rate in the Phillipines plummets, then we’ll know whom to blame and charge with murder.




    Teaching kids about buggery at seven years old, at school, is conditioning them for homosexual pederasty. The only way that they’ll be able to bring acceptability of it and not punishable in a court of law is to play on the man/boy love aspect and to promote it [buggery] as perfectly acceptable behaviour.
    Of course it isn’t or natural behaviour. Kidney infections and Hepatitis B are one of the many risks of unprotected anal sex, let alone the man made A.I.D.S. virus.


    Interestingly, while researching, I found a link to the kinsey confidential website regarding anal sex which they of course promote. To quote:

    “As far as we know, regular anal sex – when practiced comfortably and safely and without risk of infection – is not likely to damage a person’s anus or rectum or to cause significant health problems. [Emphasis mine]

    This is simply not true. Regular anal sex can weaken the muscles there.
    The argument that’s given to promote anal sex is that the anus has lots of erotic nerve endings
    there. However, it’s there to heighten the pleasure (and relief) of passing faeces. If they weren’t there and pooing was painful, we wouldn’t want to poo.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, does anybody know Loretta Fuddy, who would have a name like that, rhymes with duddy.
    Seems they are having a laugh at us, would a fuddy duddy make mistakes.
    Obama who came from a mau mau family, is more likely to be British than American.
    We are so used to having fiction changed into fact, that we do not have a say in what is right or wrong.
    The one world gang control everything, including truth.

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