June 2013. Media kept lid on Mandela’s death.

Originally posted on June 28th 2013.  The question is why?  Could it be that with elections coming up in April 2014, the sympathy for Mandela can be harvested?

COMMENT below –  Please note, as per your last sentence of your post, Mandela is/was not a humanitarian. He was a cold-blooded murderer who was supposed to be hanged for this!

The man may be dead, but the myth lives on.  The media does not concern itself with realities.  Heroes can be created out of villains and used for the agenda of the elites.  Their deaths are inconvenient facts that need fitting into the mythology, and not instant reporting.

Rumor has it; Plug Pulled and Mandela Is DEAD at age of 94?

A reliable source has revealed that Nelson Mandela’s life support machine was shut down and he has died in hospital aged 94. According to the source, the iconic Mandela died last night while he was still in hospital for the recurring lung infection that left him in critical condition for several days.
Rumors have flooded the newspapers and the internet with several sources reporting his death days earlier in a cruel attempt to fool the public and to upset the many people who have respect for this great humanitarian. The loss of the great man will be felt across the world.
Earlier today one of our writers, Laura Oneale, wrote an article questioning whether or not Nelson Mandela was still alive. He had been in the hospital 19 days for a recurring lung infection. As speculation surrounding his health continued to grow with many asking whether he was still alive or if, in fact, he had died. Until recently authorities would only confirm that he was on a life support system and remained in a critical condition.
Authorities have confirmed that Nelson Mandela has been taken off his life support machine, adding fuel to the speculation that he had died. Because of this, the rumor has been spreading that Nelson Mandela died last night and that the government and his family have “kept a lid” on the news because of American Present Obama’s upcoming trip to South Africa. Obviously, the president’s visit will be overshadowed by the announcement of the Noble Prize wining Mandela.

The Noble Prize winning humanitarian Nelson Mandela had his life support shut down after he died last night aged 94 at the end of a long battle with illness that ended with his hospitalization and finally his death.


Mandela was a myth

Mandela was a myth

The Mandela myth was a long time in preparation.  The former ANC terrorists spent twenty years in jail where he was trained by MI6 to assume a statesman role on his release.  How do I know?  Because a classmate of mine had the job of retraining him, who worked for MI6, getting him ready for his role in South African and world political theatre, now nearly over.
The classmate was recruited out of school by the history master, who was an MI5/6 recruiter.  He hand-picked boys from his history students to work for MI5, and the trainer of Mandela was one he recommended.  Top stream, not the brightest in the bunch, and a chip on his shoulder.  Ideal material to do whatever he was bid to acquire status.  Creating media myths doesn’t take a genius, just someone who can follow the foreign office handy elder statesman instruction guide, enjoys the feeling of being a cut above the others, and talks with an unnecessarily posh accent.  Traitors were always so.  The history teacher knew how to spot one.
It was interesting to listen to Michael Tellinger on the hidden history of South Africa, going back hundreds of thousands of years.  Why did the history teacher never mention such things at school?  Even now the media will never touch the real history of mankind.  We only get a load of drivel imagined by the MI5/MI6 myth departments, like most of our news.  Don’t be taken in.
An earlier media impression before the senior statesman was created

Mandela mocks idea he was MI6 man

Such claims show ‘a contempt for Africa’, says anti-apartheid leader after spy-book allegations
  • Anthony Sampson
  • The Guardian
Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, has reacted angrily to a claim that he was recruited as an “agent of influence” by British intelligence and that he visited MI6 in Britain to thank them for their help in foiling assassination attempts.
“I never visited the headquarters of any intelligence service,” he told the Guardian yesterday.
The allegations were made in the forthcoming book, MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations, by Stephen Dorril, a lecturer at Huddersfield University, and they were met by strong denials earlier this week from Pretoria.
“False and nonsensical allegations against Nelson Mandela appearing in the British media and emanating from shadowy rightwing forces have been repeatedly made in a futile attempt to tarnish his image,” the government said.

TAP –  That hardly describes Stephen Dorril, a respected authority on Intelligence Services.  Stephen Dorril is a British academic, author, and journalist. He is a senior lecturer in the journalism department of Huddersfield University and is director of the university’s Oral History Unit.[1][2][3] He has written a number of books, mostly about the UK’s intelligence services. With Robin Ramsay, Dorril co-founded the magazine Lobster. He has appeared on radio and television as a specialist on the security and intelligence services. He is a consultant to BBC‘s Panorama programme.

John Pilger writes – Apartheid never died.

Oddly enough when I heard that Mandela had died last night on the news – UK time – I recalled having heard the same back in June of this year.
Further to your post I have done a little investigation and come up with some interesting answers which you may wish to check out for yourself – just to confirm that your not doolally. 

Nelson Mandela died 26/6/2013 according to Guardian Express

Nelson Mandela Dead at 94? Update)
June 23, 2013: Family summoned to hospital. Presidency announced on Sunday that the 94 year-old icon’s condition has worsened and become critical in the last 24 hours.

June 24/25, 2013: Johannesburg – The DA is saddened by the news of the former South African president’s declining heath. Democratic Alliance spokesperson Mmusi Maimane releases a statement on Monday saying, “The news from the presidency that former President Mandela is now in a critical condition came as a blow to all South Africans.” Media begins reporting on funeral plans.

Qunu family meeting with elders of village discuss gravesite preparations and sensitive family matters. Grandson storms out of the meeting. That same day,

The Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba, joins the Mandela family at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital where Mandela was being treated.

Gravediggers at grave site and streets in Qunu being repaired.

June 27, 2013: Report that Mandela has died and the government cannot announce or confirm as it would overshadow American President Obama’s visit to the country. Mandela’s death would create a security nightmare, as crowd response would most likely emulate the public reaction to Chris Hani’s death in 1993. Mandela’s daughter visits gravesite in Qunu.

June 27, 2013: Danish newspaper reports Mandela’s death and within minutes pull the article. Australian politician makes public apology for stating that Mandela has died. Mandela family lash out at media and accuse them of being insensitive.

The Guardian Express, who reported Mandela’s death has website attacked by a South African Source.

Grandson Mandla in family dispute over burial and a court interdict filed.

Reports that the Pretoria Military Chapel has been equipped to receive Mandela’s body in preparation of funeral.

So there we have it! It would appear then, that Mandela died on 26th June, 2013. but his death could not announced because of Obama’s visit to South Africa.
Now on the subject of Obama I picked up this little titbit that Mandela’s war cry, so to speak, was “Together we can” while Obama’s first inaugural war cry was “Yes we can”. This then begs the question, did and does Obama model himself on Mandela. After-all they do appear to have a lot in common, apart from being Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Hope this helps,

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4 Responses to “June 2013. Media kept lid on Mandela’s death.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    its true one man may be a criminal scumbag in one country yeta hero in another, take Jimmy saville, a rapist andallegedchild killer inthe UK
    buta hero to the israelis
    see below


  2. Anonymous says:

    The mai reason the world bank wants a war on iran
    how many stupid soldiers will actually go ?


  3. Neha says:

    A legendary personality , a true icon for peace and humanity,, the person who lived his entire life for africa and specially who din’t live his life with a greed for money is no more….. REST IN PEACE SIR,,,,, U HAVE OUR RESPECTS and we never going to FORGET YOU SIR……

  4. Anonymous says:

    Neha, what is the death rate from drunken fights in Jo’berg every night.
    Read this article properly and take off those rose tinted glasses.
    Mandela was a mau mau terrorist, a man who was later trained by MI6 to look after the Elite.
    Look at the birds of a feather he flocked with.

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