Jesuits and Jews, working as one, have many crossovers, thinks Julie

Hello Tap

I don’t know as much as WASP about the subject of Jesuits versus Jews.  I think they
are both mafia and have waged war with each over  power throughout history, sometimes
to their mutual benefit.
Today, I think the Jewish mafia have the upper hand.  Here are a couple of links, food for thought..
Jesuits were financed by Spanish and Dutch Jews:
The Jesuit order is a Synagogue of Jews:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yes I agree strongly!!!
    what they are is. the physical jews are the ANTI-CHRIST and the jesuit catholic church is the FALSE PROPHET. they work twoards the same goal but are NOT really a team. they are the 2 hemispheres of lucifers spirit there is always 2 sides to EVIL
    that is how you know it will come to an end some day very soon.
    these 2 halves will end up fighting each other for the finnal prize and will destroy each other in the process!!! it’s ALL in the bible you just have to study it to see it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Jesuits are Jews.
    The Pharisees, Roman rulers, European aristocracies – generally all in charge are Edomites.

    Have a read about the Jesuits.



  3. Anonymous says:

    To add….

    It is clear for those who have read that the the Jews were different altogether when they came back out of Babylon.
    It is also clear that those in charge; the Pharisees, the Sanhedrin, the Levites continue to this day, hidden away, but it begs the question: what about the rest?
    Well, considering that 80-90% (numbers vary) of Jews aren’t technically Jews but Yiddish speaking Turkic Hun origin people in positions of power the whole ‘Jewish question’ becomes even harder to fathom, however, that said, we must not forget that apart from being raised as ethnocentric supremacists, they wield power that’s vastly disproportionate to their size in any western nation they inhabit.

    The Jewish question isn’t so much ignoring the whit elephant in the room, but his whole herd!

    Now Tap will no doubt come on and say something in the lines of “the usual suspects come on to talk about the Jews” while supporting WASP’s belief that the Jesuits are behind it all, but in saying that I’m still waiting for Tap and/or WASP to explain why the Jesuits were founded by Jews and attracted many into its order? The Jesuit Order was created as a safety net for Jews who knew they had to convert to Christianity or face expulsion from Spain yet who desperately wanted to remain Jewish.

    The questions that then has to be asked is why didn’t the Jews leave Spain and keep their religious beliefs? Are people so naive to believe that they would simply give up their beliefs and convert to a faith they’ve been taught to despise? Are Christians not renowned for standing by their faith even when horrific death is the resultant outcome of their choice? We forget the persecution of the Christians by the Romans, who were peaceful, but the Jews? Agent provocateurs and terrorists, not forgetting supremacists the lot of them, but have successfully managed to take the crown of persecution all for themselves.

    It is the Jews and always has been. After all name me another faith who’s core tenet is supremacist beliefs and whose members wield massive power in ALL business completely disproportionate to their size?



    • Anonymous says:

      ‘The Romans, who were peaceful’…what total and complete nonsense,this negates everything else you say and maybe everything else you’ve ever said, or will ever say..!*?!*!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not scripture but historans tell us the romans did not want to crucify christ, but did so to appease the Jewish rabble.
    Publisher Robert Maxwell claimed several times that 400 years after the death of Christ the jews re wrote christianity the way they wanted it to be, worshipping the man they killed on the cross and celebrating his death more than his life, having to give away what they had and turning the other cheek and not fighting back, ths fell into the jews hands beautifully.
    Menachem Begin the man who more than any other got the BBC to protect saville said ” wherever you find bloodshed there you will find us, where ever you find conflict and confiscation there you will find us, where you hide in you homes and your beds we will be there and you will find us “

  5. Tapestry says:

    At last a proper reply giving good arguments the other way. The usual responses do nothing but antagonise. This is far better, Harbinger. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the answers the this question, and others, are in a book called World Revolution by Nesta Webster, which is available in PDF as a free download.David Icke? The man’s demonically inspired, he gets all his info. from ‘the guys’, as he calls them. I realise many people consider reading as ‘hard work’ but, if you expect to get closer to truth and deepen your understanding, you just have to do it..!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I read all these comments no one said the romans were peaceful but several historians have said the romans did not want to crucify christ and even pontius pilate the governor of the province publilcy washed his hands of the jewish murder of the holy man.
    see josephus and works of bede
    they prove this
    * BTW they say that the jews introduced porn the keeping of little buboys and debauchery which brought down the roman empire, this same thing is being used again by the jews to ruin us all, this is why hitler banned child abusers and jews

  8. Anonymous says:


    they all work together julie


  9. Anonymous says:

    I was going to write my piece but Harbinger says it all so well theres no point my repeating.

    What I will add is that those in control know full well that they have been exposed and in any thinking persons eyes have fallen from grace-I ask those interested in the subject to look back twenty years and they will recall that only the far right ever mentioned the Marxist/Communist or zionist. Only the virtually brain dead far left “academics” defend the undeniable, now everyone else no matter their politial leaning or background, who has eyes that can see through the matrix knows or at least suspects who is really in control. Ironically the far right who carried the banner when no one else wanted to hold it has been infiltrated and infiltrated and redirected to support that old enemy of mankind.

    This Jesuit nonsense started to make the rounds a few years ago (not saying they dont exist). Its damage limitation, deflection and disinfo.

    And that its never up for discussion, dare question and you will be immediately villified in a very elitist and superior tone, which in my book again exposes the character of person behind the aricles.

    So mote it be indeed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymoua (10:35),

    “The Romans, who were peaceful,”

    They were most certainly not, I agree, but it was simply a grammatical error. “Who were peaceful” should have been before Romans and right after Christians.


  11. Anonymous says:

    It looks very likely that the Pharisees were manipulating nations as far back as the Romans, and I’m sure I read that Pontious Pilates wife refused to speak to him for a long time after.

    Was it not the Pharisses that blackened the name of the Philistines for all eternity after they had defeated them?. Shows who had the power of the spoken word (media?).

    I also agree that they have created moral decline in every nation they settle in, a quick web search of the main movers in the porn industry will show this very clearly. Even the sex aids shops such as Anne Summers, have a quick look and see who is behind them.

    Destroying nations from within is a speciality, for example immigration and inter racial mixing has been encouraged by them (although not practiced!), an example being the “merchant” slave owners (oh and that also their forte although the white man gets the blame) of Portugal who imported many Africans, then encouraged the population to miscegnate-in less than a century the Portugese went from being a proud sea faring nation into obsurity. Sound familiar?

    There was a band called Celtic Warrior (I think) that had a song called Sorcerors of Evil. It sticks in my mind whenever I hear of the this subject.

  12. Anonymous says:


    “At last a proper reply giving good arguments the other way. The usual responses do nothing but antagonise. This is far better, Harbinger. Thanks.”

    Every response that paints any group of people in a negative light will always antagonise.

    A friend of mine said to me he felt uneasy at the thought of demonising a people because of their destruction of mankind and their cultures, but found out that no matter where he looked, the trail always led back to them.

    As I said to him; the Jews are not a people like the Asians or the Africans, although they like us to believe they are. They are many races of people whose common denominator is that they worship the Torah and the talmud. The absurdity of Jews classing themselves as a race would be like saying the ‘Christian Race’.

    Judaism is a religion. It is this religion that indoctrinates the young to believing they’re superior to all those outside of their religion. It’s teachings are supremacist at its core and it’s because of this (along with others) that’s the reason people have fallen foul of them throughout history.



  13. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous (2:05pm)

    “I’m sure I read that Pontious Pilates wife refused to speak to him for a long time after.”

    Pilate’s wife told him to ‘wash his hands’ of the whole affair. However what the Sanhedrin had done was to place Pilate in a position that would have been bad for his career had they refused, as it would have shown his incapability at governing the province of Judea.



  14. Anonymous says:

    Tap grumbles when we insult wasp for his stupidity, but if we all know what hes up to how come tap doesnt ?
    tap please read up on this stuff, we notice you do make a lot of errors your ideas on Hitler for one
    thanks tony

  15. Anonymous says:

    On Pontius Pilate:

    “Pilate examined Jesus. He then sent Jesus back to the Jews declaring he could find no fault in Jesus, nothing worthy of death. But the Jews sent him back, with the threat that if Pilate did not find Jesus guilty of destroying the peace and sentence Him to death, then the High Priests and Sanhedrin would themselves report Pilate to Rome as being indifferent to the threat of Roman security in the region. Pilate tried to avoid the issue of having the visiting Herod make the decision. But while Herod would amuse himself with the well-known prisoner, Herod was not going to make an unpopular decision when Jesus was really in Pilate’s territory.”


    In Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” he portrayed the Sanhedrin correctly (and bravely) for what they were – a bunch of wicked, scheming, conniving and murderous Jewish overlords. They destroyed him for that, or should I say, it set about their plotted downfall against him.

    What’s the population of America’s Christian population to its Jewish one – something like 2% Jewish and 80% Christian? Why no uproar? Well who owns the msm? It shows no matter how large the population you seek to dominate, as long as you control key positions (establishments), no matter how small your group, you will win.



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