Item from Australia’s Got Talent. A young man whose life was a write off with drink and drugs until a serious car accident awoke his true spirit

The battle between hope and despair goes on in all of us. The world gets nastier and more controlled by the year, so it’s great to see someone who was once crushed by it all, find incredible release and energy which he expresses into dance.

The facts we deal with on this blog can get depressing at times. But underneath it all, we are beings of emotion who need to feel hope and joy to live and prosper. However hard they try to crush the human spirit, this kid/man has captured the essence of the irrepressible beings we truly are. I found it very moving.


Julie doesn’t agree.  All TV is shit!!!!!!  And she’s right.   I was taken in by an old friend in Sydney sending me the link.  Even an old cynic like me has to let go occasionally!

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11 Responses to “Item from Australia’s Got Talent. A young man whose life was a write off with drink and drugs until a serious car accident awoke his true spirit”

  1. NPP says:

    Lovely. Simple. A change is as good as a rest Tap. Like it.

  2. julie says:

    No, it’s not lovely. Got Talent is a Simon Cowell production DUMBED DOWN for the proles. Syco is owned 50% by Cowell and 50% by Sony. Look who the “special advisors” are – yes more Jews. You would do well to look at a photo of a link another commentator put on earlier. It’s ALL SHIT and you are promoting it! What’s up?

  3. A10Sean says:

    Julie – Of course you are correct – and that links to a great pic !


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sure got an overload of Satanic horned hands starting with Tommy at 5.51 where he is called “brother”.

    6.02 “People don’t have control” MK Ultra?

    6.06 Audience copying horned hands.

    6.46 Another horned hand in audience.

    6.48 Make up your own mind.

    6.59 Horned hands from judge.

    7.02 Horned hand from contestant.

    7.18 Horned hands from judges.

    7.28 Horned hands from off stage staff.

    7.29 Horned hands reply from contestant.

    7.50 We all need a bit of that”.

    Talk about programming!

    As above a pile of Luciferian indoctrinated poop with (Sarnoff)Jew backers.


  5. Tapestry says:

    Jeez, I’m a mug! I saw some of that but didn’t want to take it in. It’s having kids myself, makes emotion take over the brain entirely sometimes! Thanks for putting me right, Julie, RabbiT and Sean.

  6. charles drake says:

    handy jewish masonic communications.
    energy harvesting
    this saturn stuff is not life affirming it is control and death.

    it is a 80 years of tavistock mind control and thousands of years of satanic bulls excrement.
    rock and roll fingers back to hell ginger spice and take tommy satyr goat boy with you.

  7. charles drake says:

    look at the wide eyed wonder on the faces of the young.

    some would call it rapture others raptus it really is all just a horrible kind of rape.

    the amount of code in this tiny clip is mind boggling.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Pretty much sums up the music industry

  9. NPP says:

    Ooh, such serious anger and disgust!

    It’s lovely. A chap enjoying himself… yes, let’s analyse it till the cows come home, in mind controlled cow land. Each to their own. Mind you, boiled eggs and beards… not recommended.
    The vitriolic response is bizarre; have you forgotten your Holographic Universe lessons? Judgement and belief. Have you all been watching too much TV? Now c’mon, you can tell me… all that love, peace and wonder across the internet suddenly gone in a puff of smoke.

    Generally I cannot abide the TV and rarely watch it, though there are exceptions:
    BBC’s Match of the Day when Arsenal win and
    Max Keiser on Russia Today, which of course is available online, but I get a kick out of seeing on the box. So sad of me? It’s simply part of the earthly experience.

    But, now I am an officially signed up member of the Cowell Made a Mug of Me Club, let’s sits comfortably and Jeanice will begin: Once upon a time…

    “TV Sigal Magik and Mind Control” John and Bonnie Interview with Jeanice Barcelo:

    The bulls eye is just here: NPP. Take aim, fire and release your thunder upon me… ouch!
    Now now, you Jews and Jesuits playing up at the back there, I’ve told you before, behave, or we’ll smother you in love… the positive energy that is responsible for interaction between particles, thus connecting everything with everything else in the universe. So everything in the universe is interdependent. X

  10. Tapestry says:

    There are so many levels, NPP. The rational alone is never enough to explain who we are, and why we do things. The AGT stuff is designed to crack open the emotions. We should not be surprised that it sometimes does, and that doesn’t take away from more rational and objective assessments about the media either. Both are right.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Check out this site. It got lots of amazing stuffs about entertainment industries. I’ m hooked on it.

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