Israel flooding Gaza

Did Israel Deliberately Flood Gaza?

by Richard Edmondson
It has been reported in the past several days, by Ma’an News and on several websites including this one, that Israel may have opened one or more dams resulting in the severe flooding we have seen in Gaza and further exacerbated conditions already made dire by the onslaught of winter storm Alexa. This at any rate is the charge that has been made by the Gaza government’s Disaster Response Committee and its chairman, Yasser Shanti.
So far I myself have heard no official response from Israel either confirming or denying. However, the following is reported by the Middle East Monitor:

According to Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the rainfall led to a lot of excess water which couldn’t drain away, so “the Israeli authorities resorted to discharging the excess water into the Gaza Strip.”

I could not find this reported on Ynet’s English website, but it’s possible it was reported in the Hebrew edition. So was a dam released? All we have to go on is the statement by Shanti, accompanied, of course, by the shocking images we have seen of inundated streets, flooded homes, and people paddling in boats. But I did come across this video and thought I would share it. If it turns out that a dam or floodgate of some sort was deliberately released, it apparently would not be without precedent. The following was reported by Press TV in January of 2010—and take special note of what the reporter says regarding the flooding and its coinciding with the one-year anniversary of the close of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead.
If Israel did this in 2010, does it begger belief they would have done the same thing again this past week? If they did, the question then becomes did they do it out of a) a need to divert flooding from their own communities in Israel, or b) pure malice?
The question of whether a dam was opened or floodwater in some way diverted is addressed in a report on the Gaza flooding published at The Ecologist, anenvironmental website:

Amid the chaos it is impossible to verify the accusations. The heavy rain has also affected bordering areas of Israel and whether or not dams have been deliberately opened, drainage systems in Sderot and other cities were certainly overwhelmed by the volume of water.

What is certain is that low-lying Gaza, on the coastal plain, lacking functioning drainage and sewage systems, would in any case suffer most severely from the rainfall. Moreover Israel already stands accused of deliberately running down basic santitation services in Gaza in order to make life unlivable for its residents.
And as Gaza resident Fidaa Abuassi points out: “Unlike their neighbors in Sderot Gaza’s refugees have nowhere to flee when heavy rains flood their 25-mile occupied territory, blockaded by land, air, and sea.”

Even as the floodwaters recede, there may be worse to come. The report warns of what most likely is an “impending health catastrophe” in the making, with a flare up of respiratory and skin diseases brought on by constant exposure to sewage water and lack of medical supplies.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This was no accident and was digussed for some while at Shin Bet HQ, similarly it comes on top of Israel re routing sewage in palestine homes, now the sewage is carried on top of the water several feet high, the israelis have already poisoned the wells, and they have blocked up the tunnels so bottles of drinking water could be smuggled in
    This is a major crime against humanity and one of the reasons why we have the israeli boycott.
    * Notice over 300 letters to the middle east envoy Tony Blair have been ignored, and many in the UK want to see him up on charges at the Hague

  2. Anonymous says:

    readers may know the jews have declared war on Chris Spivey, and floods of hate mail have been crosisng the net, but a poor guy on facebook with the same name is pleading that he has nothing to do with news blogs and is an innocent man whose family is undergoing real torment, its like that guy in the phone book whose name wa sHarry Potter, poor sod had his life made a misery, sorry i know its not really funny but i had to laugh

  3. Anonymous says:

    Trouble is the Jews have taken over every Government by cunning, it will be a battle to get rid of them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And the rest of the world remains silent…..

    It’s disgusting that the daily persecution and murders of Palestinians continues and nobody in western governments does anything about it.


    Well, considering that it’s all pretty much controlled by Jewry with the monarchy believed to be crypto Jews (see a very Jewish royal wedding) as well; Cameron being Jewish along with next PM Milliband and the most powerful bankers in the world, the Rothschilds, the family behind the empire and Israel their ‘baby’; with America and most other major European countries in the same position, it’s hardly surprising that they allow Israel to behave as they do.

    The only way that there will ever be any justice for Palestinians is when the Jewish fifth column is utterly smashed, all Israeli ambassadors are expelled and the west does what it should have done a LOOOOONG time ago and declared war on Israel.

    However that will never happen until the monarchy is disbanded and the Jewish indoctrination of the ignorant goyim, courtesy of the msm and academia is eventually wrestled out of their hands once and for all.

    Once you’ve finally uncovered the truth about Jews, Judaism and Jewish activity, it becomes obvious as to why they’ve been so hated throughout history and why they were booted out of every land they’ve been in. Simply put, they (Ashkenazim) are unable to live alongside non Jews without attaining authority over them.

    They truly are an odious, scheming, manipulative and controlling bunch.



  5. Anonymous says:

    some years back there was a little guy who took on the jews and gave them a bloody nose.
    he was an austrian with a small moustache, we need to ask him to come out of his retirement home in Argentina and sort them out again, and this time no hold barred….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is Hitler in a retirement home in Argentina? I’d have thought he would be dead from old age by now

  7. Anonymous says:

    The hitler in argentina is a jewish joke and not meant to be taken seriously.
    i like what this harbinger says, In W W II many British servicemen knew the truth that Hitler was the good guy but could do nothing, but now we can
    and its time we did

  8. Tapestry says:

    Read Grey Wolf by Simon Dunstan? and then report back which piece of evidence you don’t support. There is masses. Hitler lived beyond the bunker.

  9. Gabi says:

    There are NO dams – only water reservoirs and some shallow 1 meter high walls around them, that do not OPEN or CLOSE – around Gaza, and even Haaretz makes it clear in an article authored by Amira Hass:

    “Nemia Shahaf, the Israeli municipal official responsible for the drainage system in part of the northern Negev, said there was one dam in the area, a one-meter cement structure in the Tze’elim area that directs water to a reservoir in Israeli territory, but that it could not be opened or closed. Shahaf said the water level was so high that the dam couldn’t stop it from reaching Gaza. Not much of the water goes to the reservoir because most of it seeps into the ground beforehand, Shahaf added.”

    Here’s the kind of “dam” we are talking about:

    So, please correct the story you are reporting and remove the assertions of “intentional flooding”. Also, unless you can provide an actual link, please consider removing the paragraph which quotes a nonexistent article in Yedioth Ahronoth, as saying: “the Israeli authorities resorted to discharging the excess water into the Gaza Strip.”

    Thanks in advance!

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