Once you learn how to be ‘a man’, you can defeat the government in court.

Start watching at just past 57 minutes. Are the government your servants, or your captors? This man has been down the road of battling with government a very long way, starting a few days after his son was born. The government took away his child and kept him for six years, because he refused to sign a piece of paper. He tells his story. Karl Lenz.

His mother worked for the Federal Government tax department,  which gave him a lot of knowledge as to how the system works.  He knows the Constitution, and believes in God.  He knows how the legal system works, the shibboleths which the judges listen out for.  Once you know the difference between a person and a man – a person is a legal entity, while a man is not.  There is a separate procedural system running inside the court.

In open court you’re in grave peril.  The Queens Bench works on common law.  They always have a duty judge 24 hours a day.   QB Courts are open 24/7 365 days a year.  But you need to know this, or you’re fobbed off.

Brits are too orderly.  Americans don’t take No for an answer too well.  His website is ‘uncommon law‘.  He does a word for the day.  The first slide he shows is ‘capitalisation’.  He wrote a dictionary.  Don’t use capital I.  Use ‘i’, a man in lower case.  i, a man Karl Lenz.  Man created government.  Man created the courts.  No judge ever created a man.

There are only twenty to fifty words you need to know.

They have no right to know his child’s name.  He went to court saying his child was his own property.  The court has to restore property.  A lot of families have used this claim method and managed to get home to their parents from government capture.  He files at court the phrase – ‘I require the restoration of property‘.  Courts have jurisdiction over children.  They have no jurisdiction over property.  Where children are concerned, you have no rights.

That which is ‘proper and exclusive for me to use and enjoy exclusive to all other members of society‘.

Can you point out the woman who took your property?  I demand of you (to the judge) to restore my property.  Never challenge the evidence, or the facts.  Don’t worry about their case file.  20 affidavits no trouble.  You don’t need a lawyer.  They say – why don’t you want to work with us? Why would I want to work with a robber.  I require the restoration of property.

This is not legal advice.  This is common law.  Queen’s Bench.  Make a two sentence claim only.  Don’t say anything else.  Don’t give kids’ names.  Show a photo.

Courts are a deceitful system, running two codes.   The man in the black robe doesn’t make the orders.  The plaintiff makes the orders.  A person is a man who has an obligation to society.  A man does not.  Take your case as a man.  You have rights.

Be a man.

Evoke the common law, the supreme law of the land.
The judge says ‘do you want me to call the witness?’ say No.  Say, ‘I require of you to call the witness.’  You stay in control of the black robe.

There is no such thing as ‘The Police’.  There is Barrie Rose, the man who happens to be wearing a Police uniform.  The QB knows that a man has the same rights as the Queen.  A man is above them.   A man created them.  A person is not.

You have to make a case against the CPS.  Don’t respond to the case against you.  It’s their case. You bring a case to QB, and bring it to the court.  This is my case.  You have to reply to mine.

Why do courts run two systems?  asks Brian Gerrish.

Corrupt judges are rife in Britain.  No real reply.

There is no definition of the word ‘man’.  The legal system can’t define its creator,  just like we don’t know for sure who created us.  Once you know how to act as man in common law, the creator of the court, you can win.  You’re like the owner.

The government is trying to strip away common law and replace it with statute law.

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4 Responses to “Once you learn how to be ‘a man’, you can defeat the government in court.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the very thing that freemen, those trying to control their strawman and those seeking to create their own communities use. They use common law to fight against the use of legal law (not a law, but in fact legislation, that which only has the power of law if you you choose to be governed under it) in a courtroom.

    The more people understand about this the higher the chance the system loses its complete control over society. They don’t want this to happen. They know that their goose has been cooked. They can see people are now seeing through the deception and about time too.

    I would like to see the immediate imprisonment of those who deceive and call for nothing less than a complete removal of all their assets and life (meaning life) imprisonment. I do not believe in killing and actually jails as well, but unless there’s an island we can exile these people too, to live out their lives, away from causing harm to people again, I see no choice.

    regards Harbinger

  2. Anonymous says:

    The freeman concept is meaningless for one simple reason, the justice system in the UK is comprehensively corrupt. They have no respect for the law. It runs wholly on politics and you will only find that out when engaged in multiple judicial dealings. Just as the judge considers himself the law, civil servants consider themselves the law. It is termed expediency.


  3. This is what I have found out. The QBD has outliers at most county courts known as district registries. I cannot get access to these courts because the clerks refuse to let me . They quote the civil procedure rules which are contrary to what Karl promotes. How does one access the courts? anyone know?

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