Hague and Cameron knew Assad wasn’t involved in gas attack

from Sovereign Independent.  
This is a reflective expose of cameron/hague in the aftermath of the gas attack in Syria and the subsequent attack hysteria and would appear to suggest that the criminals in UK were in full step, complete compliance, and cooperation with the criminals in the USA in their attempt to unlawfully attack Syria.  
I say again, these acts surely qualify as treasonous?

William Hague offers a pathetic non sequitur in order to justify British military intervention in Syria.

Black Elk –
William Hague offers a pathetic non sequitur in order to justify British military intervention in Syria.
Militarily, industrially and economically Britain is in no position to become embroiled in another war and yet the apperently delusional   Cameron and Hague appear to be working flat out to provoke one. Considering the lack of hard evidence fingering Assad messers Cameron and Hague who are jumping the gun and banging the drums of war should be seen as murderous, trecharous fools.
The question must be posed. Are we being set up to lose this forthcoming war  ?
Little Willy and Cameron seem to be preparing the ground to act  before Parliament has been given the opportunity to dicuss the matter. In so doing they shine the spotlight on the increasing tendancy of  the UK executive to act dictatorially and apparently beyond authority. How reminiscent of Blair’s sofa government.
The constitutional separation of powers is intended to hinder the ascent to power and limit the actions of a despotic UK regime, do Hague, Cameron and their co conspirators  represent exactly that ?

Telegraph :

Britain faces a choice between military strikes against Syria or allowing tyrants around the world to use chemical weapons “with impunity”, William Hague has said.
He denied any difference in approach between Downing Street and the White House, insisting that Britain, America and France were united in their determination to act.
However, Mr Hague risked angering MPs by suggesting that it may not be necessary to recall Parliament prior to launching military action.
Hague logic implies that only tyrants use chemical weapons, now who do we know that has recently used with impunity so far the indiscriminate WMD chemicals   Depleted Uranium ( gas upon explosion  ) and  the WMD phosphorous  ?
Who supplied Saddam with his nerve agents and chemical weapons delivery systems ?

Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

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