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Forgetting Apartheid regime to get piece of Nelson Mandela

By Steven Walker
Forgetting Apartheid regime to get piece of Nelson Mandela. 51787.jpeg

Source: Itar-Tass
Rolihlahla Mandela (Nelson was given to him by the white teachers at the church school he first attended)  was rightly honored in December 2013 after a long period of ill-health. But what was striking in the worldwide publicity around his death, commemoration and celebration of his achievements was the absence of some simple facts. First, he was a life-long member of the South African Communist Party with Socialism informing all his pre-imprisonment days as a freedom fighter. The other fact was that he qualified as a Lawyer.
So we can note the odour of hypocrisy and re-writing of history by global politicians who seized upon his death to try to bathe in his reflected glory. Everybody wanted a piece of Mandela as his last days beckoned. Politicians from the developed World wanted a photo-opportunity to associate themselves with him. They represent countries who supported apartheid and broke United Nations  sanctions, undermining efforts to persuade the South African white state to stop segregation and discriminating against non-white citizens. The Capitalists were doing good business on the back of racism so why change things? And the apartheid regime took their lessons from the Americans who found slavery, segregation and discrimination could somehow be wrapped in a Legal Constitution that laughably talked of ‘all men being equal…and inalienable rights’.

Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair, Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy. (Part Two.)

Nelson Mandela’s life, included violence and controversy but he “walked the walk” paying the price of twenty seven years in jail for the racial equality he fought for South Africa. For all the country’s complexities, imperfections and astonishing betrayals (i) the concept of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission surely averted a cycle of vengeance which would have dwarfed the country’s continuing turbulence.
Felicity Arbuthnot
In death, however, he has uniquely highlighted the monumental paucity of integrity, intelligence, introspection and vision of a swathe of Western politicians.
On Monday December 9th, four days after his death, eight hours of tributes were paid in a special sitting of London’s Houses of Parliament. Mandela’s statue stands just yards away, in Parliament Square.
Prime Minister David Cameron led the session reminding: 
“We must never forget the evil of apartheid and its effect on every day life. Separate benches, separate buses, separate schools … Inter-racial relationships criminalised, pass laws and banning orders, a whole language of segregation (expressing) man’s inhumanity to man.”
He might ponder on his words when he, his Foreign Secretary or Party Members next jet off on a Conservative Friends of Israel junket to that apartheid State, which behaves as he described, additionally seizing lands, demolishing homes, that “temple of the family”, as described by David Halpin (ii) who nearly lost his own life at Israel’s State hands in his commitment to Palestine. Olive and apricot groves are razed, as orchards, farms, livelihoods. Even fishing is restricted and fishermen shot from Israeli gun boats – in Palestine’s territorial waters. 

Why global warming science is nothing but fraud

By Gary Novak
Why global warming science is nothing but fraud. 51666.jpeg
There is no real science to be found in the subject of global warming. Modern studies of global warming could be traced back to Charney et all, 1979 (http://www.atmos.ucla.edu/~brianpm/download/charney_report.pdf). This paper was produced by a study group created by the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Climate Research Board, USA, charged with the task of producing an assessment of the “carbon dioxide/climate issue”.

The paper of Charney et al , 1979, consists of nothing but modeling. It’s exactly the same as dozens of other modeling studies on the complexities of the atmosphere, each having its own peculiarities on minutia. Such modeling is nothing resembling science. Numerous factors are admitted to be too vague to be included. The factors which are included are so complex that the numbers used are nothing but guesses. If politicians want the best guess possible, that doesn’t make it science.

Modeling is the opposite of science, as it is a method of imposing subjective motives onto people. Science has the purpose of putting an end to that fraud.

The most significant fact about these studies, and hence the rest of global warming science, is that there is no valid starting point. Before a model can be created, a number must be used to represent the heat produced by carbon dioxide. That number is not even mentioned in the papers describing the models including Charney et all, 1979. To not mention it is scientific fraud.

Washington Drives the World Toward War

By Paul Craig Roberts
Washington Drives the World Toward War. 51757.jpeg
Washington has had the US at war for 12 years: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and almost Syria, which could still happen, with Iran waiting in the wings. These wars have been expensive in terms of money, prestige, and deaths and injuries of both US soldiers and the attacked civilian populations. None of these wars appears to have any compelling reason or justifiable explanation.  The wars have been important to the profits of the military/security complex. The wars have provided cover for the construction of a Stasi police state in America, and the wars have served Israel’s interest by removing obstacles to Israel’s annexation of the entire West Bank and southern Lebanon. 
As costly and destructive as these wars have been, they are far below the level of a world war, much less a world war against nuclear armed opponents.  
The fatal war for humanity is the war with Russia and China toward which Washington is driving the US and Washington’s NATO and Asian puppet states.  There are a number of factors contributing to Washington’s drive toward the final war, but the overarching one is the doctrine of American exceptionalism. 


Clueless or Evil U.S. Media Attacking Russia?

By Xavier Lerma
Last December 12, President Vladimir Putin reiterated his stance about the importance of conservative and moral values and that to choose otherwise will lead to chaos. Russians understood what he said because most Russians are conservative.  Putin was recently voted person of the year. Last December 19th Putin held a news conference where most reporters answered their own questions much to Putin’s delight and amusement. However, the president had to show Grandfatherly patience when an American reporter asked a question that everyone in the room but her knew the answer to. She and her western colleagues in the media have yet to see Russia in her true light.  On the other hand, perhaps they do see Russia clearly and are still set to destroy her as the Bolsheviks did in 1917. 
She said she had lived in Russia but obviously did not learn a thing while there. In this information and jet age she was seeing Russia from her own point of view or from the view of her handlers. Jill Dougherty from CNN asked Putin why religion and moral values are so important now. “I don’t remember it being like that”, she said. If she had talked to the Russians there or noticed the rebuilding of the churches as many did she would not have asked such an idiotic question. We know that the colleges and universities have been conquered by the Communists in America but surely she has heard about the millions of Christian martyrs that were murdered along with the Tsar’s family. Having lived in Russia she would have heard about the religious Christian foundation Russia was set upon 1025 years ago. Are Jill and the western media that stupid or just ignorant like Obama who keeps making the Soviet mistake?
“Why is it so important for you to criticize Western values?” she asked defensively. Unrepentant sinners always attack those who are trying to obey God’s will. Putin calmly responded, “The issue is not to criticize someone but to shield us from the rather aggressive behavior of certain social groups, which, in my opinion, not just live the way they like, but also aggressively impose their views on other people and other countries.” Putin swore an oath to protect Russia and he has done so successfully.

Read more: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/23-12-2013/126456-us_media_attacking_russia-0/

TAP – I’m still not sure about the Putin hero worship tendency.

Obama Deploys First Group of US Troops to South Sudan

21st Century Wire says…

Mission creep? More like a ‘new dawn’ for Africa.

obama-africomIndeed, famous last words of many a US President, now coming out of Barack Obama’s mouth today:

“These troops will remain in South Sudan until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed.”Watch this space, as US AFRICOM’s first major set piece in the new Africa – the partitioning of Sudan and South Sudan – begins heating up this month.

Off the wire“The US has deployed 45 troops to protect US personnel and assets in South Sudan amid ongoing fighting between rebels and government forces, the White House said. President Barack Obama sent a letter to Congress, saying the group of soldiers was sent Wednesday, AFP reported. The small force will remain in South Sudan “until the security situation becomes such that it is no longer needed,” Obama said.“Although equipped for combat, this force was deployed for the purpose of protecting US citizens and property.”

U.S. Federal Reserve Celebrates 100 Years of Failure

James Hall
21st Century WireResearching economic publications on the first century of the Federal Reserve System provides a wealth of financial information that attempts to explain the way the central bank works.

Rarely will the academic studies and official reports address the raw nature of a money creation by a private banking monopoly. The common practice of disparaging sources outside government or corporatist business circles, attempts to avoid addressing, much less confronting the plutocracy that controls the debt created money system.

One such source list of the ownership of the Federal Reserve, compiled by Thomas D. Schauf appears on The Federal Reserve Scam! However, before getting to the particulars of the actual families behind the central banking cabal, it is important to go directly to the source of the primary chronicler who investigated and exposed the scheme. The late, Eustace Mullins – Secrets of The Federal Reserve, video reveals the entire sordid background.
Now review 25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve You Need To Know, from ETF Daily News that advises investors. The way these items play into the central banking model practiced by all 187 nations that belong to the IMF, demonstrates that banksters of the most select rank, are behind continued debt bubbles that are strangling the world.
by Matthew Bell
with Jim Brandon
author of Weird America 
As daylight dwindles and even the chill of autumn begins to seem to us a warm memory, we are beset from all sides by bad news. From relentless Centers for Disease Control flu alarmism to the repeated warnings of the imminent threat of economic catastrophe – on this, the 100th “birthday” year of the Federal Reserve – we are, it seems, infected with the dreaded “seasonal affective disorder.” To put it less clinically, our spirits flag and winter’s icy fingers extend from their polar stronghold to tighten their grip on our collective neck. Oh, “…[r]espite! Respite and nepenthe…”.[1] Exasperation drives the question: “Lord, to whom shall we go?”[2]
When, “what to our wondering eyes should appear” but that endangered species of architectural burlesque, the contemporary Cathedral of consumerism that is a shopping mall.
Hundreds of poor wretches scramble inside. On each heart is the hope of exchanging a wad of rapidly devaluing cash for just a little taste of Christmas cheer.
But, Lo! Who is this in the midst of this hustle-bustle, serenely enthroned, on a garish chair, in an ostentatious bright ruby-red getup?
In “normal” circumstances, such an apparently dreadful fashion sensibility would alert the style-conscious mavens of 21st-century America to the presence of mental disorder. Forthwith would commence a predictable process of social ostracization – punctuated, perhaps, with 50,000 volts bursting forth from the taser of some excitable police rookie or rent-a-cop charging forward toward the red menace like an enraged bull after a muleta.
Here however, amongst the surrounds of this luxuriantly festooned galleria, the figure decked out in a brilliant scarlet and snow-white outfit has all the animal charm of a living lodestone. The crowd is scattered about him, transfixed – like bits of iron frozen under the invisible influence of a tremendous red magnet.
And the children – how they throng the open space! Each tiny form draws slowly and inexorably in towards the jolly fat man, like a doomed little planet caught in the gravitational field of a red giant star. Most remarkably, on impact, they spill their little guts, some sobbing wildly, while others whisper secret desires into this stranger’s ear!
Is this the latest in the Nefarious Surveillance Agency’s bid to keep tabs on Americans? Is this some secret agent masquerading about, donning this absurd disguise and proffering an assumed name? Is it a modern retelling of the age-old tale of a wolf going hunting in sheep’s clothing?
No! It’s Santa Claus, of course. Alias Kris Kringle.[3] Alias Father Christmas.[4] Alias…Saint Nick! So check this out as “the jolly old elf” is cartoonized into a predatory cat licking his chops over delectable mice – or kiddies? – from Santa skeptics at MGM as early as 1935. (You may need to turn up the volume a bit on this one. Also, be sure to check the endnote to see what those movie folks were doing at their own studio Christmas parties. Adults only, please!)[5]
Who is Santa Claus, really?


Sunday, December 22, 2013 18:48
I would like you to think back to March of 2003. That was the day that the war in Iraq started. According to our President it was because Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction.  At the time the  TPTB said that he had tie’s to al cia da. Today we all know this is not true. I have a link where George Bush said the attack had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction.  http://www.democracynow.org/2006/8/22/president_bush_admits_iraq_had_no
Then why did we go to Iraq. Well it is tied to a news story that just came out.
Chances are you did not hear of this. As it was buried by the Corporate machine known as the main stream media. Aliens attack Ft Worth Armory and not a peep. The above video shows in vivid detail multiple U F O’s.  The U F O’s pounding the Fort Worth, Texas Military Reserve Armory for almost 3 hours with directed energy weapons that made no sound. So, you are probably saying what has one got to do with the other. Perhaps some of you have heard about  the space craft Vimana (UFO) Found In Cave In Afghanistan | jimmyprophet 8 soldiers disappeared while at an attempt to remove it. Gone, Kaput, History, never to be see again. 
Its all about the same thing. What was the first thing U.S. Troops went to when they got to Bagdad?  The Museum. Why the Museum? We are talking about the cradle of civilization. And when you talk about civilization you must talk about the aliens that cloned us. Cloned us so we would be better gold miners. 
The U.S. military removed from the museum ancient artifacts used by the aliens. Artifacts as I understand were weapons of war. Aliens did not want us to have them. They knew they would not be used in peace. The Aliens warned the government on numerous occasions to turn over what they had taken. The arrogance of the NWO decided that would not happen. As a result the Ft Worth Armory and anything inside is no more. 
I knew this from people a week after the war was started. And if you recall much ado was made of the artifacts stolen from the museum. I had to wait 6 years to write this story as I know with no evidence I could not write it. As recently as 2 months ago an alien craft crashed in Thailand. It was collected by the Thai Air force, which is probably men with kites, you know where the ship went. Well you have to ask the TPTB as they bought it. They buy all downed craft and Obama get’s an alien update every day. I think that speaks volumes.  SO WE BLEW UP A BUILDING, STOLE THE GOLD IN THE BASEMENT, KILLED 3,000 TO GO GET A TOY FROM IRAQ. And a whole lot more went missing when the two buildings went down. I don’t watch TV if anyone saw the attack in FT Worth please make a note.
Kind regards,

Hi Tap,

I’ve been doing a follow up to that last story I sent you about the Vimana found in Afghanistan  http://beforeitsnews.com/space/2013/12/i-have-waited-a-long-time-to-tell-this-story-but-i-knew-i-could-not-tell-you-the-truth-about-the-iraq-war-sit-down-it-was-not-wmds-we-sought-we-did-get-what-we-wanted-2472630.html and came across Steve Quale’s take on it on Coast To Coast radio. I think you’ll find it very interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84u00FXVY5w
Kind regards,
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    Ok i just did a net search for ellis taylor and he is a talentless muckraker who constantly asks people to contribute money to his website. There are others like him, if a man is a doctor like Dr patel
    working voluntary in third world countries then hes Ok in my book

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    I ama devout Christian and just as Christ who was the first whistleblower and was then attacked ridiculed and killed by the jews, so today we see the same where those who bring us the truth, e g whistleblowers are again attacked by the spiritually devoid and those who follow the rules of the pharisees and jews.

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    ellis taylor is an anagram of Troll Say Lie

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    another good one is
    ellis taylor
    e lies tailor
    He lies Tail law
    law of the tail
    e g he talks out of his tail
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