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Wanted: Reporters. Apply Within
AFP Warned in June: “Iraqis Uncover Sarin Gas Lab With Ties to U.S. Ally in Syria;” Pulitzer-Prize Winner Seymour Hersh Confirms – See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=11173#sthash.vx7dSeUK.dpuf
Israeli To Officially Take Over as Vice Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve Bank
Warning: Some viewers may find this distressing. Gordon.

Scientists Insist Iraq Nuked by US

‘Fake’ Mandela memorial sign language interpreter provokes anger

Mom With Cerebral PalsyTransformed By Pot (VIDEO)

Read This Before You Take That Statin
Former ambassador: Netanyahu is not welcome in South Africa
Alon Liel, Israel’s former ambassador to South Africa, says PM made right decision by not attending Mandela memorial but not for high travel costs
I am against the Hegelian dialectic Divide & Conquer
All the U.S. presidents who died in office were all killed by the same mysterious people for the same mysterious reason — control of the money supply.
The Devil’s Motorcade: Will new footage of ‘second shooter’ reveal who killed JFK?
According to reports, it is alleged that Hollywood producer and real-estate developer namedStephen Bowen owns unreleased footage depicting a “second shooter” on that fateful day in Dallas, November 22nd 1963.
Did the Philippines become a target of Weather Weapons?
In a United States Department of Defense transcript from April, 28th 1997, then Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, shocked the public by admitting that weaponized weather has been created through the use of “electromagnetic waves.” The Weather Modification Association has admitted that governments have been altering the weather since at least 1950.
Philippines Typhoon linked to ‘Man-Made’ Microwave Pulses
Fuku Death: 98% Of Pacific Seafloor Covered In Dead Sea Creatures 145 Miles Off The Coast Of California
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