Did Glasgow helicopter run out of fuel?


I drove into the city center that night around 7.45pm. There was a huge police presence at Bath st/ Pit St down to the corner whee the Griffin pub is. No one seemed to be doing anything though, just standing about with 2 streets blocked off, and their emergency response truck sitting doing nothing. There were also more police around the Glasgow Green area at the Barras, doing what? I don’t know! But they were definitely there! I just found it strange and even mentioned it to my Mrs when I got home around 9pm. An hour or more later and I was seeing the news reports. I don’t know about false flags etc, but could this have maybe been a police exercise that unfortunately went wrong because the helicopter ran out of fuel?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anon, this is the information we have been waiting for.
    Have any of your friends mentioned anything similar.
    Thought the story was strange from the word go.
    Helicopter dropped form a great height yet still intact ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    The helicopters that I have been on have all had a sort of check panel on the dash which goes through a series of checks on things like oil, fuel and other mechanical and technical stuff and the pilot doesn’t take off until each item has gone from red light to green light then moved off the list, denoting the check is complete and all is working. I have been on helicopters when something has stayed red and the mechanics have been called out to do the necessary repairs.
    Surely the same would apply to the police helicopter that came down. The pilot must have checked there was enough fuel unless there was a leak but I would have thought that would show on the check panel. Unless it was shot at in the air of course in which case there would be nothing the pilot could do apart from land quickly. Maybe that’s what he was doing.
    There must be some helicopter experts that know what could cause that copter to come down like that why haven’t they been asked to give a report or is it they’ll find the truth which someone doesn’t want any one knowing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s interesting the start procedure. Anon4:38.
    Do you know if a Helicopter can autogiro down if it runs out of fuel ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anon 7.41
    No I don’t. I only know about the check panel from observation. I became aware of what it was the first time there was a problem one trip, the ‘oil chip’ light stayed red and remained lit on the panel after all the other items on the list had turned green and gone off.
    The pilot explained to me what the panel was for and how it was a safety measure for pilots to indicated any problems and where the problem was. He said he couldn’t take the copter up unless all the items on the list had turned green and gone off. Which tells me the police helicopter must have been working normal when it took off.

    I did have a thought at the time of this police copter incident, and this is only my opinion. I wondered if it had been targeted by an energy weapon of some sort shutting all it’s electronics down. I’ve been reading a lot lately about DEW (direct energy weapons) I included a link on here a week or so ago about chemtrails being a screen against energy weapons. It was a report written by a major in the US airforce. It mentions energy weapons in that. If you want the link I’ll try and find it again.
    There was also been ocassional reports of planes falling out of the sky in bazarre circumstances, again I wondered if it’s all to do with these DEW’s

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see Aangrifan has picked your story up, more readers the better.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Interesting stuff thanks – Mentioned on previous article – maybe here – that when the Beeb stated the copter fell at 2225 hrs that it may well prove to be 22.22 hours given the dark side’s obsession with numerology (others pointed out that the date, 29th Nov also added up to 11.11 = 22) and someone since that it is the 333rd day of the year). Apparently it has now transpired that the copter disappeared from radar at – yep – 22.22 – in a report from – the BBC.

    Curiouser and curiouser.
    And some sort of pulsed weapon is looking favourable.
    Together with the one falling out of the sky outside of Mi6 earlier in the year – are we to take it that various factions of said dark side are turning on each other? Particularly if reports are true that the pilot taught Prince Willy to fly. Veiled threats?

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