Diana murdered by Mossad in the back of the ambulance

Chris Everard writes –

JUST IMAGINE: You type your mum’s name into any search engine anywhere in the world and the first result (amongst millions of similar) says “They are planning a CAR ACCIDENT to kill me… Serious head wounds… It’s Charles” (Your father) who is organising the car crash that indeed kills your mother… And THAT exact event, predicted by your own mother in letters given to her lawyer and butler for safe keeping ACTUALLY HAPPENED…
That exactly describes the lives of Prince WIlliam and Prince Harry – surely anyone can clearly see that their mother, Princess Diana, had been given an inside tip-off telling her that she would die in a car crash. It is so OBVIOUS that their father, Prince Charles, ok’d the killing that it is laughable!!! How do they stop the young Princes from surfing google? I mean, they must filter the name of their mother from all search results presented in all royal residences!

A disgusting whitewash is being continued here. MURDER has been committed. The BBC has continued this ridiculous charade. Reports in several British Sunday newspapers in August had confessions from an employee of the BRITISH ARMY clearly saying that the secret SAS brigade had helped to organise the triple murder in 1997.

Princess Diana, the former wife of the Prince of Wales and the mother of princes William and Harry, was 36 when she was murdered in the back of an ambulance which took 1.5hours to make a journey of 6minutes… The killers were dressed as Ambulance workers – and were probably French or Mossad assassins.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Prince Harry seems to use every opportunity to get out of this country. He was reported in the papers some time ago as saying “England is shit” Perhaps he knows and doesn’t like being around his own family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Harry is not charles son, he is booked to be killed in action and given a heros funeral.
    An ex intel guy told me the day Diana died that it was Mossad, and OKd by our royas who are secret jews.
    The guy who told me had his life and that of his family and freinds made intoa living hell, and it must have been a relief for many when he died early this year

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lord Rothschild before and during
    W W II suppoted a Cambridge left wing group of homosexuals to be the ramrod as he called it for bringing communism to the UK.
    We dont have a UK any more but again the homosexuals are being filtered into high places in communist Britain to drag us to destruction, but not before they rob us of jobs and homes

  4. Anonymous says:

    Israel could not countenence a muslim such as Dodi Fayed married to Diana, that close to the royal line, her planning to visit Palestine was too much, she had to go.

  5. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Israel,Saudi Arabia,what’s the difference? The elites might get them to fight each other but they won’t be there themselves.Secret services are secret societies,the truth is always hidden.There’s a completely different take on Diana in “Is it me for a moment” by Matthew Delooze that’s well worth a look.

  6. Anonymous says:

    you have to dig further more to the truth. Please refer to the article related to Gold and Aliens.
    Aliens are among us and are the hidden power with human faces.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A very religious freind once told me the aliens are all perverts, maybe they are the gays we see on TV every single hour of the day ?
    makes you think dont it
    Ian Borrman

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed there are a lot more young gays than ever before. What is happening to the male race? If it continues at the rate it is there will be no need to cull the population as there will be no human race left, we’ll become extinct due to lack of reproduction.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Harry is not charles son, he is booked to be killed in action and given a heros funeral.

    Oh please No I hope not. I like Harry, he seems to stick 2 fingers up to the establishment.

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