Conspiracy theorists are disturbed individuals who threaten society and the government

The best measure of how much effect people who question the news propaganda machine are having, is to see how much response we get.  Here is a very disturbed individual attacking someone for being a conspiracy theorist, without actually naming him and saying what he specifically did.  It’s good to see them panicking, and trying to punch back at the fact that no one believes them any more.

John Kaminski — via Rebel News Dec 4, 2013

The latest strategy of the corrupt U.S. establishment’s war on freedom of speech has been defined.
CNN, the Jewish network, deployed its star homosexual anchorman, ex-CIA spook Anderson Cooper, to introduce one of its many shill flunkies to declare that “Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential ‘Suicide Warriors’ and Are Mentally Disturbed”. Observe the following short video.
In non-media reality, it is CNN and the U.S. government who are mentally disturbed, not to mention pathological liars and psychotic killers.
The CNN video illustrates how the Jewish-controlled news media has ramped up its campaign to criminalize 9/11 skeptics, peace advocates, Occupy Movement participants, and those who realize that Israel and the Jewish bankers utterly and ruthlessly control U.S. politics and finance. The Jewish-controlled American government, through its Frankenstein creations of the Department of Homeland Security (97 percent of whose grants go to Jewish interest groups fighting “anti-Semitism”) and the Transportation Safety Administration (which harangues innocent people at airports and on highways) already have targeted dissidents for special handling.
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This so-called expert was none other than executive editor of the CNN program, “The Daily Beast”, and author of the book “Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking the Country.” Were this CIA cutout John Avlon reporting honestly, he would be talking about how the neocon lunatic fringe has hijacked the U.S. government, plundered and poisoned the population, and conducted a string of illegal wars based on the monumental lie of the 9/11 false flag attack on its own citizens, which the kosher psychopaths in Washington used to trigger an endless series of wars throughout the Muslim world and around the globe.
Avlon, it should be noted, was a former speechwriter for corrupt former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani, a principal co-conspirator in the 9/11 coverup.
Spewing such freighted labels as “frightwing politics” and the “hatriot movement”, Avlon described the focus of their venom as a “real wakeup call for all Americans”.
It’s a wakeup call all right, a clarion call for all Americans to not tolerate these criminal misrepresentations one more day.
In keeping with the unprofessional journalistic ineptitude that typically characterizes CNN’s propaganda screeds, neither Cooper nor Avlon ever mentioned the man’s actual name nor the crime he is accused of committing, meaning that this broadside was meant for anyone who opposes the criminal behavior of the Jew-bought perverts running the U.S. government in Washington.
It is warmongering crap like this blatant Jewish BS that CNN has lost almost half their viewers in a single year.
The people who are being savaged and defamed in this CNN are the very people who are trying to reclaim America from the Jewish monster that has twisted history for more than a century, the Jewish bankers who have stolen all of our money, poisoned our food supply, turned doctors into drug peddlers and teachers into brainless automatons spouting false history.
Our justice system doesn’t work, our soldiers have been turned into drug-addled killers, and these mental defectives are no longer allowed to own their own firearms unless they sign on with some deranged law enforcement agency after promising they will help abuse poor people and protect the property of the bankers. And these stupid cops don’t even realize that they also will be eliminated after they have done the bankers’ dirty work.
This is the present state of your country, and CNN stresses that’s a good thing. People who stand up to the lies we’ve been told are “suicide warriors” and “mentally disturbed”.
But the real question, upon which our future hinges, is what will you do about this?
If you don’t understand that all these bought-off politicians, insatiably corrupt bankers, smug doctors who knowingly prescribe poison medications, media charlatans who earn big paychecks peddling cynical lies, and anybody who supports these Jewish American mass murderers of millions of people both at home and abroad — they all need to wind up bleeding profusely in the nearest dumpster, where they can be a windfall feast for the vultures and the jackals.
If we don’t do this, this will be our fate instead.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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17 Responses to “Conspiracy theorists are disturbed individuals who threaten society and the government”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are you a conspiracy theorist? If not, perhaps you should be. Yes, there have certainly been a lot of “conspiracy theories” over the years that have turned out not to be accurate. However, the truth is that a large number of very prominent conspiracy theories have turned out to actually be true. So the next time that you run into some “tin foil hat wearing lunatics”, you might want to actually listen to what they have to say. They may actually know some things that you do not. In fact, one recent study found that “conspiracy theorists” are actually more sane than the general population. So the next time you are tempted to dismiss someone as a “conspiracy theorist”, just remember that the one that is crazy might actually be you. The following are 16 popular conspiracy theories that turned out to be true…
    Read more;

    Those to whom information is presented must deal with their personal unwillingness to hear new facts.

    We have to make a serious effort to distinguish between the expression of an unfounded theory and the disclosure of verifiable information and facts.

    They absolutely refuse to accept even the most convincing proof because they dare not admit to themselves that they have been lied to by officials in whom the placed their trust.
    Read more;


  2. Anonymous says:

    We are very lucky here in Liverpool because we have several whistleblowers in this area and we can get to see them at talks.
    Becuase of the high level of UFO sightings, Gary Mc Kinnon had many fans here, but what got us was how many of his so called supporters attackd him and wanted him convicteda man named Ellis Tailor
    was said to have it in for whstleblowers and was said to be behind several hate attacks on Gary and others

  3. Anonymous says:

    The title ‘conspiracy theory’ is very ambiguous. There are two definitions of the word theory..

    1) a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained (Oxford Dictionary)

    2) A scientific theory, which is based on careful examination of facts. It is much different from the non-scientific use of the word.

    There is either a conspiracy or there’s not. The theory is about the the reason for and/or who is behind it.
    Seeing as most conspiracy theorists research and analyse facts available surely that brings it under the catagory of scientific theory, (see above) Therefore surely the title should be…’Scientific theorists of a conspiracy’ but I’m guessing they wouldn’t like to call people that as it suggests the theorists know what they are talking about.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Definition of insanity is society.

    99% of the population controlled by an unelected 1%.

    Waving flags and paying homage (not to mention taxes) to a Queen, standing out in the pouring rain to catch a glimpse of a probable double of that Queen. Having a Queen surely reduces humnaity to insect level?

    Worshiping football and sports “heroes” as if they are gods, obliterating rational thought for sport related non talk.

    Abdicating ones personal and loved ones safety and self preservation by giving the power to unelected faceless individual and organisations, governments (why do self determining individuals need to be “governed” ?)

    Signing over our children to arms manufacturing gangsters so that they can be killed in wars of no importance to the majority.

    Going along with the whole charade in the first place, and certain insanity for not questioning those who seek to control us further.

    Those and a thousand other reason define inasanity to me.

    I must be nuts then? and the ziogangstas parasiting off my back paragons of virtue tolerance and fairness..right.

  5. Anonymous says:

    History IS conspiracy. Anyone who denies that you really shouldn’t bother with quite frankly.

    When people ask me if I’m a conspiracy theorist I always reply “I deal in facts not theory.”

    There are many ways to deal with people on the attack against truthseekers. You can effectively destroy their argument very quickly. The following link is a good way of dealing with an anti conspiracy theorist:

    Finally, we will see an even greater concerted effort by the establishment to control the populous yet more.
    Endgame is so very close for ‘God’s chosen’. There are only two Islamic countries left that oppose Israel. Syria is being attacked and Iran is, at the moment, at peace. Jews control nations through control of governments, msm, judiciary and academia. They’ve subverted all culture bringing in their political correctness. They have indoctrinated people to accept mass immigration, homosexuality and soon paedophilia. They do have a clear run left to the finishing line.

    The very fact, muppets like the man in the video are on mainstream proves my final point. As Tomato Bubble says (anti conspiracy theorist link):

    “I’m not saying that governments don’t lie, but a conspiracy like that would have to involve 100’s of people. You can’t hide something like that.”

    RESPONSE: “You’re absolutely right. I agree with you 100%. It is impossible to totally cover up a conspiracy so massive. That’s why I know about it! What you must understand is that they don’t have to cover it up totally. Even a bucket that has a few  leaks can still do the job of carrying water from here to there! They only need to fool 80% of the public, which isn’t hard to do when you control the major networks and newspapers. The 10-20% that do figure it out (and the fewer still who will dare to speak their minds about it) can be very easily marginalized with the propaganda label “conspiracy theorist.” The 80% +  never take us critical thinkers seriously because they want to be part of the majority. This is known as groupthink.



  6. Anonymous says:

    I like this harbinger, he gets my vote.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this harbinger, he definately doesn’t get my vote. get him on Hitler that will make you laugh


  8. Anonymous says:

    Neutrino, what is Harbinger saying that you don’t like.
    Our Politicians in the UK should be looking after the majority not the minority.
    Instead they look after themselves, looking to the well paid jobs in the future, such as directors or bankers.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know who decides what is ‘normal’ and what is a ‘mental disturbance’? Did the person establishing the difference guage it by his/her own mental function? If so how do we know that person wasn’t mentally disturbed themselves?
    Just because someone says x is normal but y is not does not mean they are right, surely it’s just their opinion. If it’s based on Freud’s work he was an opium addict so his opinions can hardly be taken seriously

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, what I like about this blog is that it has a large element of truth in its content.
    Myself I just like to read ideas about what happened, then make my own mind up.
    Comments readers make like, building 7 falling faster than freefall speed.
    This comment made me look into the speed of a falling object, sure enough, it could not have fallen at that speed without outside help.
    We have to look at FACT not the biggest lie.

  11. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I don’t believe in Conspiracy Theories,but I do believe in Theories that fit in with All The Known Facts, If they are correct then there will be no Deviation, so will fit in with known Past Historical Events. It is Important not to be Myopic, & go down the Path of “CARGO CULT THOUGHT” which is all too easy to do.

    This is Evidenced by those Coadjutors Involved in The Global Warming Scam, The Purpose of which is to Sell The VATICAN’S CARBON CREDITS.

    GLOBAL WARMING OFFICIALLY, CONFIRMED AS HAVING STOPPED, c.a. 20 years ago I believe, but the Majority still believe in it.

    Kaminsky in my opinion likes to be on the Side of The Majority, those who still think The JEWS are The ones in Control. Nothing could be further from the Truth, & Epitomises The CARGO CULT THOUGHT PROCESS.

    No One Could Ever Acuse Me Of Wanting To Be On The Side Of The MAJORITY, Coul They?

    I have told you they are The Papal Puppets. I have given adequate Evidence of This, that very few of you accept, due to Myopia.

    I would suggest if you are interested in learning the Real Facts, & don’t mind being in the Minority, you reference my Link to The Power of The Vatican, & The Three City States.

    The Vatican is of cause controlled by The Jesuits, headed by The Jesuit General.
    Hitler was just another Catholic Jesuit Controlled Puppet.

    Fr Stalin S.J., The Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini to name just a few are examples of charismatic leaders who achieved ultimate power by harnessing the disaffected, those convinced in the evils of their own “democratically elected governments”

    Himmler who was a Spy for The West, was the most Senior Nazi, above Bormann, who was Stalin’s Spy. Their Purpose Was To Mop up ALL THE GOLD, & Carry Out Mass Genocide of Christians & Jews., et.alia. Gas Chamber weren’t the only method, many more were starved & worked to death, by Jesuit Controlled I.G.Farben.

    The only one who out ranked Himmler was Jesuit General Halke von Ledochowskiwho was in overall control, which has been proven to be Historically Accurate, & was in Total control of The Entire SS

    No one ever proves the Facts I give to be wrong, one Smart Arse threw up the name Kaganovich, as a Jewish Exterminator, & one of The Powerful in Stalin’s Russia, in an effort to prove Stalin was controlled by The Jews. True he was a Jew , a very lucky Jew on many occasions, Fr. Joseph Stalin allowed him to survive out of a 1,000 similar Jewish Executioners, who were themselves Exterminated when their Job had been Completed, I believe he was Stalin’s Son in Law, but his luck ran out when he refused to carry out orders related to Germany.

    Just For The Record:- Stalin was given special dispensation to MARRY TWICE by the Jesuit General, STALIN HATED JEWS, another fact Glossed over, Lenin, Marx & Trotsky were Jesuit Coadjutors.

    All Nation States, including America, which is controlled by The Vatican are being Destroyed from Within. The Technique is as Old as The Hills q.v. Marcus Tullius, “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. …..”


  12. wasp says:


    There is far more to it than this, but most of you can’t even understand the Basics, so you wouldn’t have a “Snow Balls Chance In Hell of Learning about The Actual Agenda.” That is known to many, which just goes to show where many of the so called Conspiricist Theorisers are at.

    With The Present Rate, of your Readers Critical Analytic Deductive Reasoning. The Jesuits are Safe for at least another 300 Years Tap.

    When they grow up I might send some more Challenging Stuff, they can get to Grips with, but untill you can take on board that The Largest Corporation in The World is The R.C.C.,/ Vatican, who control B.I.S., America, I.G. Farben & The Federal Reserve, & all The Intelligence Agencies,etc. just for starterss, together with Vatican Controlled Banking Assets of Megga Trillons of $. The Custodian Rothschild, a SMOM is a Convenient way of Hiding some of it, but he is Just another “Pawn in The Game”

    If you haven’t referenced any of The Links & Pdf’s I have refereed to in The Past, You Won’t Have a Clue,of What I Am On About.



  13. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t post if you are going to be anonymous what’s the point. No reply forthcoming


  14. wasp says:


    10:46 am

    So Who In God’s Name Are You?

    Why Don’t You S.T.F.U.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Nice response Wisp.

    I’m a person who doesn’t believe

    All the best


  16. Anonymous says:

    Soo what? don’t believe ..who told you to ? or who says you have to ?.

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