6 Responses to “Britain’s debts rising only £100 billion a year”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its not our debt its the governments,
    similarly we are not reponsible for the governments wars, and if soldiers are that stupid they go to fight for government politics, thats down to them.
    They really should be fighting for us the people who pay their wages, in our war against a corrupt jew government

  2. Anonymous says:

    Coach loads of Rumanians are coming to Slough tomorrow the Rumanians are being kept seperate from the Bulgarians and the Albanians who dislike them because of the constant thieving.
    5 thousand houses were rushed through the building process with 3 thousand still being bult
    in all 19000 houses are to be provided on old agricultural land.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A spark to WW3?


    Rockets from Lebanon struck northern Israel today, causing no injuries but sparking an Israeli shelling reprisal in a rare flare-up between the two states.

    Residents of the northern Israel town of Kiryat Shmona awoke to two large explosions. Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said no injuries or damage were caused from the rocket fire. Shortly after, the Israeli military said it responded with artillery fired toward the source of the launch.

    Devil found Deep in Scotland


    Rest or Battle B4 WW3?
    Princes play in charity football match

    The Duke of Cambridge and Prince William were on opposite sides


  4. sovereigntea says:

    Israel Firster Agent Cameron leader of the Zionist government of occupation lies again for his financial masters.

    Oh look Israel our enemy has usurped the US Government

    “give me control of a nations financies and I care not who makes its laws”


  5. arsefacebogey says:

    Re above:

    Devil found Deep in Scotland


    I’ve seen Jocks looking just like that in Glasgow pubs…

  6. boredNYE says:

    They are waiting until the debt is so big that it’s unpayable, then they will suggest the only solution is for the nation to turn over ALL real wealth to them..!
    REAL, TANGIBLE ASSETS land, property, gold, etc – in exchange for their shitty corporation paper notes that they just printed up and dished out to us..!
    The corporate rent-boys we know as politicans have a lot to answer for…
    The whole system will be crashed and then they’ll usher in their New Age
    GOD cannot allow this to go on for much longer…

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