Bloomberg denies vaccination the primary cause of autism – yet US courts are paying out MMR victims

Mayor Bloomberg Dismisses Anti-Vaccination ‘Crazies’

Mayor Michael Bloomberg this morning dismissed critics of his administration’s last-minute effort to mandate annual flu vaccinations for many city kids, labeling them “crazies” touting lies.
On Wednesday, Mr. Bloomberg’s Board of Health voted unanimously on new rules that will require yearly flu shots for all children aged sixth months to five years enrolled in licensed day care and pre-school programs–drawing fury from a small group of ardent autism and anti-vaccination advocates.
“We already do vaccinate kids. It’s required for measles, whopping cough, chicken pox and mumps. Flu, unfortunately, kills more than all of those things put together in kids … So we required it for children five and under at licensed pre-school and daycare centers to get flu shots,” Mr. Bloomberg said this morning during his weekly radio show with WOR’s John Gambling.
Advocates who protested the measure this week argue the Bloomberg administration is exaggerating the benefit of the flu shot and underestimating risks, citing allergic reactions and the controversial claim that links vaccines with autism, which Mr. Bloomberg quickly shot down.
“Somebody some place, I forget who it was, might have been an elected official,  I forget, said, ‘Oh, it causes autism.’ … It is just literally not true,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “I can tell you what does kill kids is no flu shot. And  you know, it’s one of these things that there’s some crazies … And without thinking … you know, I don’t know whether they think it’s cute to go out and yell and scream, but you really hurt people.”
Mr. Gambling pointed to one anti-vaccination mother who’d told him she felt the vaccination should be her personal decision. “I thought to myself, ‘You’re not thinking about this. Because it really isn’t your decisions because you’ve got hundreds of thousands of other little kids.””
“Your kid can impact other kids by transmitting a disease and bringing it home,” concurred Mr. Bloomberg, who pointed to the First Amendment as one of many areas where people routinely trade personal rights for the benefit of the greater good.
“We’ve done this for an enormous amount, long long time. And this is just one other disease,” he added. “These things don’t ever go away. And when people stop vaccinating, then some kids get it. And afterwards they say, ‘Oh, you know, if I’d only known.’ Well, that’s why you have scientists. Are scientists always right? No, but they’re right a lot more than you and I are as civilians, or whatever non-scientists.”
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has yet to say whether he supports the measure, but a spokeswoman suggested he is on board.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Similarly Monsantos roundup sprayed on crops leeches Glyphosphate into the water suppiles.
    This chemical gives cancers very quickly to all animaks experimented on with it.
    Monsanto refuse to answer accusations that it is being used to experiemnt on cancers with human beings
    ANSWER grow you own in your garden or allotment

  2. Anonymous says:

    Non GM or hybrid seeds here;

    10 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group, United States – 2010

    Note; Influenza & Pneumonia in age groups.

    Those touting flu vaccination are clearly fear mongering to increase their profits at 50 bucks a shot.
    If they were so concerned about your health they would ban all GMs and processed food production. After all, they have the power to do it, but don’t…. Why?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Supply and demand… create the demand, produce the supply…PROFIT!
    It’s all about the money
    Just as the reason they are trying to get people to pack up smoking is to transfer the profits from tobacco companies to pharmaceutical companies by selling e.cigarettes and patches etc which increase the addiction to nicotine.
    Every single smoker I know that has tried these things have all said their need for nicotine increased when using the e.cigarettes and made it harder to pack up. Not one of them now uses them, they have all gone back to tobacco cigarettes to cut down. Strange!

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

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