Beware the flu shot

Nurses Boycott Flu Vaccine

UK Nurses are also saying that the flu shots are unsafe and have been reluctant to have the vaccines. A report on the website Nursing (4) states that unvaccinated nurses taking part in a survey said that they did not have the flu vaccine because of safety concerns. The report states:
When asked why they had not had the vaccine, the majority of unvaccinated respondents highlighted concerns about vaccine side effects.
The Nursing Times stated that researchers had found that concerns about side effects and efficacy were the two most frequent reasons for nurses refusing the flu vaccine.
If nurses are not having the vaccine through fears that they are unsafe, then surely this must indicate that these vaccines are unsafe? Could the reason for this be, that they are seeing a higher than average number of adverse reactions coming into the hospitals?

Senior Flu Shots Are Proving To Be Exceptionally Dangerous

If you still feel that the vaccines are safe then I suggest you take a look at an article written by Dr Mercola which was highlighted this week. Dr Mercola (5) stated that the new flu vaccine being give to seniors is proving exceptionally dangerous. He says that according to the CDC there are more frequent reports of side effects after the High Dose Fluzone vaccine.This is the vaccine which is being given to seniors. Mercola wrote:
“The safety profile of Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is similar to that of regular flu vaccines, although adverse events (which are also reported after regular flu vaccines) were reported more frequently after vaccination with Fluzone High-Dose.
The most common adverse events experienced during clinical studies were mild and temporary and included pain, redness and swelling at the injection site and headache, muscle aches, fever and malaise.”
Mercola continued:
A total of 6.1 percent of seniors injected with the regular Fluzone vaccine experienced a serious adverse event, compared to 7.4 percent of those receiving the newer high-dose version. According to the package insert the SAE’s reported during the post-approval use of the vaccine include:
• Thrombocytopenia (abnormally low platelet count, which can result in abnormal bleeding)
• Guillain-Barre syndrome
• Myelitis (spinal cord inflammation)
• Optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve)
• Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes)
• Facial palsy (Bell’s palsy)
• Paresthesia (numbness/tingling of the skin)
• Itchy skin
• Anaphylaxis (life-threatening whole-body allergic reaction)
• Stevens-Johnson syndrome
• Vasculitis (inflammatory destruction of blood vessels)
• Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
• Chest pain
• Brachial neuritis (excruciating unilateral shoulder pain, followed by paralysis of shoulder)
• Pharyngitis and rhinitis (inflammation of the throat or pharynx, and the nose, respectively)
• Convulsions, fainting, dizziness
I feel that if doctors and nurses are avoiding these vaccinations they are doing so for a reason and if the vaccine manufacturers are writing lists this long on their information leaflet, then they are writing it to cover themselves should anyone have an adverse reaction. Let’s fact it how many pensioners would actually ask to read this leaflet before they have the vaccine?
I have decided that given the evidence stating that flu vaccines are proving unsafe. I will take my chances and not have either of the flu vaccines; one thing is for sure if I do get the flu I have a better chance of recovery than I would from the side effects mentioned in the list above.

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4 Responses to “Beware the flu shot”

  1. Anonymous says:

    would you like a retired doctors views on this ?
    prepare to be shocked

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes please…tell …i tell everyone Not to have them ..even the GP as most of them ant got a clue yet they are prepared to stick poison in people …most are uneducated legal drug dealers …with smiley faces ..urrr ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Question is, how much do the Doctors get off the Government for each flu jab they give.
    Twenty years ago my GP said he got £40, I said “just say you gave me it, put my name down”.
    Three friends of mine died after a flu jab, they would not listen to reason.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My good friend almost died from a Meningitis shot when I was a kid. He passed out in mins and his brain swelled up. He is lucky to be alive. Now I find out my dads best friend almost died from the same shot too. He was paralyzed on side of his body for months.Lucky he survived too and almost totally reocvered.

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