4 Responses to “Australia suffers crime surge after gun ban. New crime of home invasion. Armed robbery up 69%. Murders 21%.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Austrailia, be warned, you Austrailians have built the Country up, it’s now time to leave.
    The writing is on the wall, don’t be caught like the Boer’s.

  2. Gee, brave anonymous, as Aboriginal people only comprise about 2% of the population after being effectively exterminated and half of them are in jail I’m sure the majority are quaking in their boots.
    Trying to equate the relatively MINISCULE violent crime rates in Australia with Amerika’s grand passion for gun crime and murder is drawing a very long bow.
    Google ‘how the NRA and pro-gun Americans abuse Australian crime stats’ or see https://theconversation.com/faking-waves-how-the-nra-and-pro-gun-americans-abuse-australian-crime-stats-11678

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  4. BobbyNatural says:

    You dear Aussies often point to America’s shootings as proof guns cause crime. The places where honest people may keep and carry them at will have almost NO CRIME. Where the restrictions are greatest, coincidentally the locus of racial minorities, is where our own government (CIA) brings in large quantities of heroine, to give the street punks something to fight about. Just like alcohol prohibition caused gangs to flourish (and a gang scion to enter the White House), narcotics causes crime, but also funds many expensive projects the government would be ashamed to tax us for, secret projects experimenting with high-tech weaponry of biological, meteorological, seismic, IT and data collection, and psychological nature, in addition to massive underground construction, secret space programs, black operations (false flag attacks), and general psychological warfare against – us. Please read the CIA’s greatest hits, by Mark Zepezauer, and understand how much money goes into The Mighty Wurlitzer, as the “Company” boys call their controlled mass media mouthpieces. Then you may understand America a little better. We are decent, Christian people, but mislead by “education” and mass media, so we elect illegal immigrants and drop bombs on inoffensive (to us) people, while submitting to a draconian police state never envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

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