Another weather record tumbles – in Cuba this time

Downpours in Havana Collapse 49 Buildings

HAVANA – The torrential rainstorm that on the weekend lashed the northern coast of western and central Cuba caused at least 49 buildings to partially or fully collapse in the capital and forced the evacuation of more than 400 families, local media reported on Sunday.

The bad weather on Friday and Saturday severely affected Havana and set a new 24-hour rainfall record for the month of November – the previous record was set in 1909 – with the Casablanca meteorological station recording 228.3 millimeters (8.99 inches) of rain between Friday and Saturday morning.

By Saturday afternoon, 49 building collapses – eight of them complete collapses – had been reported in the capital, according to the official daily Juventud Rebelde.

On Saturday, it was learned that two people had died in one of those structural collapses.

The provincial Government Defense Council vice president, Juan Montalvo, warned that when the rains end buildings weakened by the water tend to collapse and he called for more preventive measures in homes and the most prone areas to such damage.

According to the latest bulletins issued by Insmet, the island’s weather forecasting center, the rains began to lessen on Saturday afternoon.

Nevertheless, the government’s Special Warning No. 6 did not rule out that intense squalls and downpours could continue across the region periodically on Sunday.

The storm was caused by an almost stationary cold front positioned over northern Cuba and the northeast wind that carried clouds and rain over the island from the Atlantic.

The cold front remained stuck over Havana for about 36 hours, although it drifted slightly over the country’s western and central zone, authorities said.

TAP – weather fronts have become just like military fronts.  Intentional damage deliberately caused.

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  1. I remember reporting the heavy chemtrailing in Cuba back in April.
    Maybe geoengineering will win where US sanctions failed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails are for military use…

    Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030
    Michael C. Boger, Major, United States Air Force

    The United States needs to incorporate the defense against directed energy weapons with the same
    intensity used developing anti-ballistic missile defenses. One of the major drawbacks to optical or directed
    energy systems is the inability to penetrate clouds or dense fog. Advances in technology are beginning to
    bring weather phenomena under our control. Greatly increased computing power and micronized delivery
    systems will allow us to create specific perturbations in local atmospheric conditions. These perturbations
    allow for the immediate and lasting ability to create localized fog or stratus cloud formations

    See the full paper here…


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