5th November 1605. The gunpowder plot. The day the Jesuits took control of Britain.

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Hi Tap, in the Comment I sent There was a problem with the active links, as you were aware no doubt, I cocked up the HTML for some reason, there was information included within these Links that was Relevant to the overall Points I made, I will look it out again, & Post it. I would also mention that there should be many Links to Vatican Assassins Pdf, as I have referred you to it many Times, over several years. The only Problem is Phelps refers to The KJV Bible, the one The Jesuits, substituted for the Geneva Bible, using their Coadjutor Agent Cecil, a Sneaky Little …., for a Protestant,he was very faithful to The Papists, & installed a Catholic King on The Throne. To Consolidate his Position, The GunPowder (Jesuit) Plot was Hatched, always meant to Fail, Gunpowder, Black Powder, even then was a Restricted Product, & very difficult to get hold of 

The Gunpowder was Bought from Cecil, & Stored in Cecil’s Cellar.
The Plotters were of the impression they would be Pardoned, but were Double Crossed by The Jesuits, & Ended up having Their Balls Cut off, Quite Literally “Just Pawns In The Game” & Expendable.

From That Time on The Jesuits took Total Control of the U.K., & Still Are.

Some very Nebulous Anon Comments, Jesuits can be derived from those of all “Flavours” but even if they were originally Yogi Bear Worshipers, they would only pay allegiance to The Jesuit General, Their Lord & Master. & have nothing to do with Yogi BearThat is why they are so Successful.

The Presence of {Fe[CN]6}(3-) even though in very small amounts confirms that Zyclon ‘B’ was used in such buildings, so shows Intent, & great care was taken to destroy any evidence.

Read Secrets of the Federal Reserve, The Fed & I.G.Farben were set up by The Jesuits viz Queeny.

Abject Anon Comments never contain any Real Information.

I Do Not Give B.S but you lot do, so even if you dismiss the Gas Chambers, You Can’t dismiss The Vatican Holocaust, or the Role of I.G.Farben.

Extracts Forensic specialist examines gassing victims
The victims were then ordered to strip and take a ‘shower.’ Outside the building, guards dropped in cyanide pellets. Then they’d blow the cyanide gas out and remove the bodies next door to the crematorium ovens………

I personally examined at Dachau were murdered in this manner. Still, medical facilities were totally inadequate. When people fell hopelessly ill and death was imminent, and when they grew so weak they could no longer work or function, they were taken to the cyanide room for disposal. The Nazi called them ‘mercy killings’ because there was no hope of them getting well. Actually, the Germans considered them a liability, and extermination was the answer.” MERCY KILLINGS – SOUNDS LIKE ADVANCED B.S. TO ME which some of you lot are Experts at Producing.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The actual ‘gunpowder in the gunpowder plot was decaying corn powder. The plotters weren’t double crossed by the Jesuits, it was a false flag event from the off.
    Seeing as one of the reasons of the plot was to crush Catholic influence and power within England, there’s no logic to it being a Jesuit plot.

    Tap, ditch this disinfo clown, he’s destroying all credibility to this blog and making it a laughing stock.

  2. Tapestry says:

    WASP is the best disinfo clown I’ve ever come across, if that’s what he is. That needs respect. Or if he’s right, he provides a fascinating other way of seeing our history, which I’m not tiring of as yet. In fact the lack of coherent argument against his posts, and the continual presence of comments such as the above, name-calling etc, only add to his authority.

    The plotters were the patsies as they ever are. Governments need plots, heroes and villains, to justify their power over the people. The GP is a classic example of media manipulation, which reverberates to this day, as it’s been carefully inserted into our psyche and culture by annual celebration.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Truth radio and several other good alternative news sites have said do not read Tap blog as there is much jesuit bullshit filtered in to it.
    Henry Curtis is said to be behind this and is a fellow traveller.
    If you read the above article you will understand

  4. Tapestry says:

    I’m the editor. If you’ve got some thing interesting to publish, let’s have it. There is no agenda. We just want to know who’s running the world. That seems a reasonable quest to me. The gunpowder plot has many elements that fit the Jesuit explanation of history. The endless attack comments which follow on from any Jesuit=the secret power posts tend to confirm suspicion rather than undermine it. It seems to get a big reaction every time.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Tap please do some homework so you can see yourself what tosh this man speaks for yourself
    hes been exposed asa slimy jew several times on Radio
    you are becoming a laughing stock,
    those jew who write this stuff along with those who rubbish whistleblowers are called by Mossad, “gatekeepers” this man is a gatekeeper.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I dont like it when people attack wasp, as a loyal jew hes only doing what hes supposed to.
    Jews never use their real name from hollywood to banking, they hide who they are under a christian name, take Tony Robinson Zoe Wannamaker David Suchet etc all pretend to be christians, thats why he uses WASP which means ” anglo saxon protestant “

  8. Anonymous says:

    There was no gas chambers even many jewish experts admit that now.
    This article is a total tosh and bullshit piece, many people believe that Henry Curtiss is writing this stuff because why else would he have it on an otherwise quite sensible blohg ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Truth radio has mentioned wasp and Ben Fulford several times as disinfo agents, but what is it all doing on this site ?
    makes me supicious.
    Maybe wasp should leave off blogging ad stick to boy/nobbing like the good little jewboy he is.

  10. Anon says:

    The purpose of Lord Cecil’s ‘Gunpowder Plot’ was to discredit Catholics and allow the government elite to continue taking money and lands off Catholics. Lord Cecil may have had Jewish origins.

    – Aangirfan

  11. Anonymous says:

    Whoever did or did not engineer the plot.
    It was a good idea gone to waste.
    If somebody could reconstruct the plot again and get rid of Parliament and its members in one go, they would have immediate support, and get peace prizes off the general public.

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