1997 8 31. She was pregnant.

This came in by email, titled as above.
ON the fated day, I got up late didn’t switch the telly on until 12.15
I phoned my friend Lord Brooke (Jeremy) who was the only titled person I knew at the time.
He’s dead now. Died in 2001 Cancer.
His first words were “They killed her” He told me that his friend the Royal Embalmer had phoned him from Paris and told him that she was two months pregnant.
At that time of day, No one knew that she had been embalmed, or it certainly wasn’t on the news at the time.
Thought you might like to know.
Name provided but not allowed to be revealed.

Adding – Say its a fellow blogger, who has run for parliament and is awake.   It was the point at which I woke up, properly.  Before that I was asleep like the rest of the population.

I think its time  to get the message out, but I’m up on charges,  If it comes to court I’ll do it in the dock under oath, and with the press present.  Should send a Royal Shockwave through the media.

From elsewhere –

 Princess Diana Prominent Tummy was photographedon Monday July 14, 1997 (Pregnant with Mohamed Al Fayed Baby) Killed on 31 August 1997 (aged 36)

Charlie Drake writes –  look at the picture – diana and her fingers.
Horns – nice capture as they say.   Looking at the depth of field i would say she was aware of the camera guy.   A message but for who?
(AP) Britain’s Diana Princess of Wales rests following her ride on a jet-ski at Saint Tropez, French Riviera,Monday July 14, 1997, where she spends a few days holiday in the Residence of Mohamed Al Fayed. (APPHOTO/Lionel Cironneau)
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Geomatria of the date 1997 8 31

    1997 8 31….1+9+9+6=26..2+6 = 8 (4+4)

    8 (4+4)

    31 = 3+1 = 4

    4 4 4 4 4

    The number 4 is the mark of the cabal. The five columns and the pictigraphic numerical symbol for a god (El). 4 is a very powerful number in demonic circles.

  2. julie says:

    Maybe she was pregnant. It is much more likely she was murdered because of her involvement in the anti-landmine campaign. The banking cabal & military industrial complex would not allow it. Winston Churchill’s grandson allegedly threatened her. “Prince Charles’s friend Nicholas Soames threatened Diana six months before her death and warned her to stop meddling in a controversy over landmines, the inquest heard yesterday”.

  3. charlie drake says:

    look at the picture diana and her fingers.
    horns nice capture as they say.

    looking at the depth of field i would say she was aware of the camera guy.
    a message but for who?

    code and it’s passing.
    sin bulls

  4. Chris Jones says:

    Catholic church now trying to sell New Age ‘Angels of light’ narrative as fact. Worth being weary of this cynical attempt to prepare for any kind of false heavenly intervention..’Angels’,UFO’s, demonic entities and military technology are highly likely to be connected. Don’t trust these false prophets


  5. Anonymous says:

    Nick Soames knows all about Churchills war crimes,
    some years ago when asked if he knew about Churchill lying us into two world wars, he punched the Daily Sketch reporter in the face.

  6. paul maleski says:

    She looks gutted to me. Now Dodi and his mum have been long suspected of being crypto jews. Di’s mum was a kosher Roche; and her dad James Goldsmith was only a kike on his father’s side, as his mum was a French Catholic. So all we can say with certainty; is this, that if Dodi/Di had a baby boy, a blood thirsty sucking Mohel would be paying him a vist after 8 days and that there are plenty of Mohels in California. Now, this begs the fundamental question: Why didn’t the BBC Royal Correspondent at the time–Jennie Bond inform the public of these facts; anyone might think she is a jew herself and that she was trying to hush things up!

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