Your charitable donation goes down the neck of the Directors

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Just a quickie! I had look into the charity WSPA that I give £3’s a month to and to my horror saw what they pay certain members when I accessed the2010 annual report on page 44.  Goodness me I have phoned up and cancelled straight away, but was told by telephone sales lady  that they have to pay competative salaries, I will let you judge how competative the rates are below!  
The emoluments of members of staff, including benefits in kind within the range;
£60,000 to £119,999 are:
£60,000 – £69,999 – 3
£70,000 – £79,999 4
£80,000 – £89,999 1
£90,000 – £99,999 1
£100,000 – £109,999 1
£110,000 – £119,999 1
The pension costs paid in respect of these employees amounted to £30,632 (2009 £20,891).
Now I know lots of charities  pay huge payment to directors but I just thought I would highlight my case.
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4 Responses to “Your charitable donation goes down the neck of the Directors”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no law on how much of your donations goes to charity (it could literally just be 1% and it’s still legal). Charities just have to show on the books that *something* is going to the cause. That’s why I never give to charity… because some leech will be creaming off the top.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hence the Bono charity gave 1%, and kept 99%.
    Never give to any charity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Iv know this for years…for every pound u give 99p spent on ad min ..staff ect …come back dick turpin …..Charity my aaaa …

  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember the appeal for money by Bush Jr & Clinton for Haiti? exactly 0% of the donations went to the people who needed it & most if not all went to building a nice new 5* hotel on the island (not open to islanders), the rest is sitting in Bush & Clinton’s respective bank accounts.

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