Why Have 10 Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Suddenly Roared To Life?


Ten major volcanoes have erupted along the Ring of Fire during the past few months, and the mainstream media in the United States has been strangely silent about this.  But this is a very big deal.  We are seeing eruptions at some volcanoes that have been dormant for decades.  Yes, it is certainly not unusual for two or three major volcanoes along the Ring of Fire to be active at the same time, but what we are witnessing right now is highly unusual.  And if the U.S. media is not concerned about this yet, the truth is that they should be.

Approximately 90 percent of all earthquakes and approximately 80 percent of all volcanic eruptions occur along the Ring of Fire, and it runs directly up the west coast of the United States.  Perhaps if Mt. Rainier in Washington state suddenly exploded or a massive earthquake flattened Los Angeles the mainstream media would wake up.  Most Americans have grown very complacent about these things, but right now we are witnessing volcanic activity almost everywhere else along the Ring of Fire.  It is only a matter of time before it happens here too.

Sadly, most Americans cannot even tell you what the Ring of Fire is.  The following is how Wikipedia defines the “Ring of Fire”…

The Ring of Fire is an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. In a 40,000 km (25,000 mi) horseshoe shape, it is associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and/or plate movements.  It has 452 volcanoes and is home to over 75% of the world’s active and dormant volcanoes.

An easy way to think about the Ring of Fire is to imagine a giant red band stretching along the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean.
And yes, that includes the entire west coast of the United States and the entire southern coast of Alaska.
10 major volcanoes along the Ring of Fire have suddenly roared to life in recent months.  The following are short excerpts from news reports about those eruptions…


Indonesia raises volcano alert level to highest

MEDAN, Indonesia –  Indonesian authorities raised the alert status for one of the country’s most active volcanoes to the highest level Sunday after the mountain repeatedly sent hot clouds of gas down its slope following a series of eruptions in recent days.
Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra province unleashed fresh volcanic ash and gravel as high as 16,400 feet and searing gas down its slope up to 1.2 miles, said a government volcanologist, Surono, who like many Indonesians uses one name.
The 8,530-foot-high mountain has sporadically erupted since September after being dormant for three years.

“We are in a situation of high alert due to the danger of searing gas,” Surono said, adding that authorities had urged people to stay at least 3 miles away from the crater.
About 12,300 evacuees from eight villages around the mountain were packed Sunday in crowded government camps away from the fiery crater, while more than 6,000 others fled earlier to temporary shelters in 16 safe locations, said National Disaster Mitigation spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho.

Transportation Ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan said airlines had been notified to avoid routes near the mountain.

The volcano’s last eruption, in August 2010, killed two people and forced 30,000 others to flee. It caught many scientists off guard because it had been quiet for four centuries.


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4 Responses to “Why Have 10 Major Volcanoes Along The Ring Of Fire Suddenly Roared To Life?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Many other volcanoes have burst into life around the world also recently…

    Nibiru closing in? end of days? or is the cause something closer to home I wonder!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12:49, I hope you are not thinking HAARP might be involved, after all they have hidden all the information about if they are running or not.
    We cannot even see ISON for all the deliberate Chemtrailing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:00pm, it would not surprise me at all. Maybe it’s intentional maybe it’s not.
    When interfering with something as deadly and unpredictable as weather using the planet as a spring board there is no predicting what sleeping dragons might be woken in the process.
    Science is a work in progress, learning all the time by trial and error. Who knows what errors have been made by haarp and covered up.
    We are told the chemtrails are to block the suns rays and to cool the warming planet so as to prevent the ice caps from melting and causing global flooding. Then today I read that the UK is facing the longest and coldest winter on record..?? Doesn’t make sense does it!
    That’s because the chemtrails are nothing to do with climate. They are for use by the military hence why they don’t chemtrail all over the world only certain countries.

  4. Samadhi Maithuna says:


    The secret space programmes have advanced technologies to stop or reduce the cataclysmic effects of volcanoes and help clean the air of ash.
    These efforts will have to be stepped up more in the near future though

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