Why did Jackie K kill JFK?

Anonymous said…
What did the wife of JFK have to gain by shooting him.
Can understand the other reasons, not that one ?
9:13 pm 

wasp said…

Hi Tap, i give Anon @ 9:13 pm this Explanation


A similar incident of “Do it or Die” was portrayed in The God Father.  I believe that was what it was.

Had she not, she would have countermanded Kolvenbach’s Orders, which as a Catholic, & Jesuit Coadjutor would never happen.

She was considered to be a Valuable Asset, so they gave her The Choice.

Had she refused, they would then have both been taken out any way, but that was not the Message they wanted to send, to those who might Challenge The Authority of The Latent Ones.




Watch carefully.  What’s that in her hand?
Why did she push him away in the seconds before the fatal shot?
What’s that she puts down behind the shot President?
Why did she climb onto the trunk?

It’s all explained in this excellent website.

Later the same day, Johnson swears in as the new President

A little later that same day, 22nd November 1963, on board Air Force One, Johnson was sworn in as U.S. President in his home state of Texas, with a composed Jewess, Jacqueline Bouvier, faithfully by his left side and another Jewess (Johnson’s wife, Ladybug) on his right side.  She had just returned from a three month stay with Onassis.

Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, Ph.D.

Toad Hall sends –  Convenient Deaths

1963 – 1976

In the three year period following the assassination many witnesses died – mostly of unnatural causes. Many rumors crawling around about the high death rate during these years. They are supported by the mostly suspicious circumstances the victims died under. For a unknown shooter or even shooters, all these deaths have on thing in common: they are very convenient to those assassins since these witnesses took their knowledge with them into the grave. But see yourself and decide whether these deaths are purely coincidently:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Job done…but they will never omit to that …all fighting for power …

  2. Anonymous says:

    If jackie wanted to kill JFK she would hardly do it in front of millions, this is too ridiculous for words
    Its this pro jewish crap which is losing the Tap blog so many supporters.
    Mordechia vanunnu and Jonathan Pollard along with Moshe Solomons are 3 mossad officilas who have admitted the jews killled JFK

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer (JFK’s Lover & Confidante)



  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you wasp for the explanation about Jackie wanting to live.
    After reading the ‘ convenient deaths ‘ the penny has dropped.
    Never in my life did I realise how important the event was.
    So the convenient deaths after 9-11 must fit in the same plan, hidden in plain sight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    E Howard Hunt was the first to show the tracking of the bullets and where they came from.
    This has now been done 7 times and in not one case is there the suggestion thata shot came from inside the car,
    At first i thought ita cruel hoax,
    but on reflection its an evil thing done to skew blame from the jews who controlled the CIA at that time

  6. Anonymous says:


    The first day of those meetings actually occurred in a private railway car on the evening of November 22, 1910. When the Jews took over America’s banking and monetary system in 1913, they took over the country. Not all coups involve tanks in the streets. It was no coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 which was the 53rd anniversary


  7. Gary orGibby says:

    She did indeed fire the kill shot. Why?…


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