What are the Chinese military doing in Hawaii on November 13th 2013?

Instead of the Chinese military doing a Fake Drill (helping a third world country after a disaster) in Hawaii, on the 13th, shouldn’t they go to the Philippines now and Actually help millions after the Typhoon?

The Chinese military are doing a fake drill on Hawaii, the 13th of November

The drill is suppose to be “helping a third world country after a disaster.”

Here is the question.

The Philippines just had what may be one of the largest disasters ever with countless of thousands killed.  The numbers are already jumping up to the tens of thousands.  There are villages that have ten of thousands in them, no one has heard from yet.

It is such a huge disaster where millions are affected and I can’t even imagine how they will even start to recover from it.  Look at how after Katrina in the ‘wealthiest nation in the world’ it took years for New Orleans to come back.   The Philippines consist of thousands of islands and it is not a wealthy nation as the U.S.

The strongest typhoon in recorded history has just devastated a country where millions need help.

I would think that the Chinese would now reroute their military that will be doing only a ‘training’ mission in Hawaii to now do a real live mission in the Philippines. 

I have two things to add to this in thoughts about the Chinese doing their training in Hawaii this coming week.

One, if Karen Hudes (world bank whistleblower) is correct and Jim Willies sources are correct and there are a couple of thousands of tons of Chinese gold in Hawaii.  Could it be the cover of the Chinese military there is to actually get the gold and it is not a ‘humanitarian’ drill at all?

Now, taking the above ‘conspiracy theory’ in consideration and add the information that the Typhoon was a HAARP created event (which there seems to be compelling radar information regarding that).  Is it the U.S. created that natural disaster so the Chinese would have to change direction and go to the Philippines for a ‘live’ event compared to a ‘fake drill’?

Could the U.S. have created it so the Chinese were not able to have the cover to get their gold and take it to China after all?

We shall see if the Chinese are forced to go to the Philippines instead of Hawaii to help out on what is one of the worst disasters ever.

One other thing, if this is a game being played out between fractions in the world over greed and control and they are willing to murder thousands through a disaster…… it is what the basis of evil and those who try and control the world are.

I may be going off in different directions and hypothesizing on things that have no relation to each other.   But I have learned there is so much more going on that we don’t even know about.  Things are not as they appear at all and one thing really does have to do with another.

My thoughts and energy are with the people of the Philippines in Love and Strength.

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2 Responses to “What are the Chinese military doing in Hawaii on November 13th 2013?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can they go & help out without prior training in dealing with this type of situation?

  2. Odin's Raven says:

    How would 2,000 tons of Chinese gold come to be in Hawaii?
    If the US has lost their own gold and that of other countries to the banksters, how can there be enough left to repay the Chinese?

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